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Who Make KES Faucets? – Everything about KES Brand

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Who Make KES Faucets?

As one of the most popular faucet brands in America, KES manufacturers provide almost everything an average home owner would want in a bathroom or kitchen faucet. They mostly also have brass or stainless steel construction for durability purposes. They are affordable – Despite having top ratings, KES faucet is amazingly affordable. In this post, we are talking about who make KES faucets and show you everything about KES brand.

Who makes KES faucets

KES is a brand of China’s Heshan manufacturer Keshili Sanitary Ware, which sells its faucets in North America mainly through Amazon and other websites hosting third-party sellers. These designs are largely modern, but some traditional faucets are included in the mix. The faucet is of reasonable quality and reasonable price, but the one-year warranty is weak, which seriously affects the worry-free purchase.

The KES faucet has been tested by an independent laboratory and found that it meets all the reliability and safety standards governing the installation of drinking water faucets in North America, including the very strict North American lead-free standard.

Only faucets certified to meet North American standards can be legally used in drinking water systems in any state or territory of the United States or any Canadian province.

However, it has not yet met the water-saving certification requirements of the US Energy Policy and Protection Act (EPCA). EPCA prohibits the sale of faucets in the United States unless the required certification has been submitted, which means that undocumented KES faucets may not be legally imported, advertised, sold, or delivered to Canada. Sales in Canada will not be affected.

Pros and cons of KES faucets


  1. KES faucets generally have excellent designs-most of the faucets reviewed above look stylish and attractive. For durability purposes, most of them also have a brass or stainless steel structure.
  2. They are affordable-despite the highest ratings, KES faucets are very affordable. Some of them are indeed lower cost than some plastic brands.

They are efficient-the high flow rate and consistently reliable characteristics of KES faucets make them value for money. They have also hardly been criticized for their performance, it just shows how good they are.

  1. They have a money-back advantage-it allows you to guarantee that if the KES faucet is disappointing in the first few days, you can return it at any time. Fortunately, these faucets are made of the highest quality materials, so they hardly disappoint.


  1. They have very few functions-compared to most top modern faucets, KES faucets have very few functions. Most of them have almost no convenient functions, such as spray bars or soap bars.
  2. There are design flaws that affect most KES faucets. The hose connection at the bottom of the faucet is recessed, making it almost impossible to screw the hose tightly enough to prevent leakage.


Although KES faucets mainly have fewer convenient features, they are reliable tools for anyone on a tight budget. For example, if you have a small kitchen, but need a beautiful, efficient, but affordable faucet, then KES tools should be a great choice for you. Finally, as stated in the KES faucet review above, the performance and structure of the tool should be more important to you than convenience or style. Although there are few convenience features, the highest ratings of these faucets indicate this.

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