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WOWOW Top Rated High Arc Single Handle Brushed Nickel Kitchen Faucets with Pull Down Sprayer SUS 304 Stainless Steel


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This kitchen faucet with pull down sprayer is made of fine copper casting and lead washing. SUS304 is environmentally friendly and healthy, and our health depends on our guardian. It can be adjusted by hot and cold rotation, easy to replace, easy to install, classic and elegant, and is suitable for various bathroom and kitchen decoration

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WOWOW Top Rated Pull Down Kitchen Faucets Single Hole

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Pull down kitchen sink faucets 2310301

Choosing a kitchen sink faucet, one of the most important features is your health and environmental protection. Kitchen sink faucets that are not made of solid and high quality materials, might affect your health because of toxic residue that mixes with your drinking water. The pull down kitchen sink faucets of WOWOW are made of brushed nickel and high quality materials. In combination with stainless steel components, these pull down kitchen sink faucets offer you the best value for money in terms of quality, durability and resistance. The high quality ceramic disc valve of these pull down kitchen sink faucets can last at least 500,000 water cycles completely drip-free. This exceeds any industry standard. Above all, pull down kitchen faucets of WOWOW save water because of its innovative spray head. Definitely you will notice this on your water bill!
Besides health, the functionalities of these pull down kitchen sink faucets are diverse as well. The multi-functionalsprayer can be used in two modes: a hard stream when you are filling a pan with water for example, and a hard spray for cleaning dishes for instance. The single handle kitchen faucet makes it easy to adjust the amount and the temperature of the water. On the other hand, the swivel spout can turn 360 degrees for maximum comfort. And last but not least, the single-lever sink faucet features a pull-out hose of 1.5 m to provide you with a larger washing area of 80 cm. That is especially handy when you have a double kitchen sink, but also with a single kitchen sink these pull down kitchen sink faucets of WOWOW can be handy. Not a single place in or around your kitchen sink cannot be reached with these pull-down kitchen sink faucets of WOWOW.

Stylish pull-down kitchen sink faucets

Besides health and functionally, of course, you want stylish pull-down kitchen sink faucets as well. A kitchen sink fauce has to form one integrated unity with your entire kitchen design. Some people underestimate the impact of kitchen faucets. When someone enters a kitchen, his or her attention is automatically attracted to the kitchen faucets. Although kitchen faucets are very small, they have a massive impact on the total décor of your kitchen. Consequently it is of the utmost importance that you choose your kitchen faucet wisely, as it can give your kitchen a great upgrade. These brushed nickel pull dow kitchen sink faucets of WOWOW will give you this uplift without any doubt.
Pull down kitchen sink faucets offer a great advantage over other types of kitchen sink faucets. Because of the retractable water hose, you can extend your kitchen sink faucet easily. With this simple feature, you can reach almost anyplace in or near your kitchen sink. And yet, the hose is subtly integrated in your kitchen sink faucet, so you will not see any water hoses when you are not using your pull down kitchen sink faucet. The only condition is to have a high-quality retraction mechanism. It ould be a complete dissatisfier to have to pull down kitchen sink faucets of which the water hose does not retract as it should. It has to work 100% smoothly to offer you maximum comfort.

Upgrade your kitchen with these pull down kitchen sink faucets

The pull down kitchen sink faucets of WOWOW do make your life easier. The classical gravity ball design of these kitchen sink faucets make it entirely smooth to pull out and retract the water hose. The gravity ball retracts the sprayer automatically, so you will not have to effort yourself at all when you are finished rinsing your kitchen sink.Therefore the pull-down kitchen sink faucets of WOWOW would be an entire upgrade for your kitchen, in terms of both style and functionality.  As mentioned, the pull-down kitchen sink faucets of WOWOW offer 2 water functions: stream and spray. These two functions allow you to easily and ergonomically switch from spray to stream or vice versa. You can do this with a simple finger movement without having to stop the water first. The button runs smoothly and offers maximum comfort.

Reasonably priced pull down kitchen sink faucets

Quality comes at a price, but not at WOWOW. WOWOW has achieved to provide you with high-quality kitchen sink faucets that are still affordable. Due to its efficient procurement of materials and highly-automated production and testing process, WOWOW is able to offer you pull down kitchen sink faucets that can compete with any A-brand kitchen sink faucets, and yet at just a fraction of those prices. Therefore we are confident to say that you will not find any pull down kitchen sink faucets at better prices than WOWOW. Consequently, WOWOW offers you the best pricequality ratio you will find in the market.
Not for nothing WOWOW offers a 90-day money back guarantee on its pull down kitchen sink faucets. When you think that our pull down kitchen sink faucets are not what you expected of it, we will refund you without any hassle or questions asked. Simple as that. We stand for our products and we are convinced that we offer top-notch pull down kitchen sink faucets. Therefore we know that you will not be disappointed and you will be positively surprised with your new kitchen sink faucet. We have many returning customers from all over the world, and we are sure you will choose us next time as well.

Easy installing guaranteed

The pull down kitchen sink faucets of WOWOW are easy to install because of its easy interface. You can install this faucet in just one step. Therefore you can install the pull down kitchen sink faucets yourself. You don’t have to hire an expensive professional in order that you can save a lot of money here as well. The kitchen sink faucet of WOWOW comes with a deck plate, a gravity ball, a set of hot and cold water hoses and a set of mounting accessories. This complete set guarantees an efficient and quick installation. Easy like that!

The advantages of the pull down kitchen sink faucets in a nutshell:

● Gives a wow-factor to any kitchen

● Elegantly brushed nickel

● High-quality pull down water hose

● Comfortable single-hand lever

● Two water functions

● Made of high quality brass materials

● Easy to clean and easy to maintain

● 5-year warranty



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Weight4.97 kg


Item Weight

5.1 pounds

Product Dimensions

21.46 x 11.22 x 2.56 inches


15 inches



Installation Method

1or 3 Hole Deck Mount

Extension Length

31.5 Inches

Hose Length

59 Inches

Spout Height

7 Inches

Spout Reach

9 Inches

Flush Type

Dual Mode: Spray Mode/Stream Mode

Handle/Lever Placement


Handle Material

Stainless steel

Plug Profile

Single-Hole Deck-Mount

Switch Style

Toggle Switch

Special Features

Water temperature control


Kitchen/Indoor/Commercial/Restaurant/Home/1or2 sinks

Included Components

Kitchen sink faucet; 50cm Hot & Cold Water Hoses; Pull down sprayer; Deck plate; Mounting accessories


Brushed Nickel

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