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WOWOW Pull Down Brushed Nickel Kitchen Sink Faucets with Deck Plate

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  • Care for Your Health】This heavy-duty kitchen faucet which made of eco-friendly 304 stainless steel is lead-free and puts your family’s health first. Multi-layer brushed nickel finish, superior corrosion & rust-resistant effect.
  • 3 Water Flow Modes】STREAM/SPRAY/PAUSE. Powerful stream mode for filling pot quickly; high-pressure spray mode for washing dishes and vegetables; Pause mode for saving water and avoiding splashing in multitasking mode.
  • High Arc 360° Swivel Faucet】High arc design leaves enough space for working. 360° swiveled spout perfects for single or double sinks. Single handle design is easy to control the temperature and flow volume at the same time.
  • Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer】The sprayer head can be pulled out up to 80cm, which expands the washing area to around the sink. Engineering-grade ABS nozzle aerator enjoys a longer lifespan.
  • Easy to Install】The pull-out hose and water supply hoses are pre-installed, which saves much installation time. All installation tools are included, including an 8-inch deck plate (fits 1 or 3 hole kitchen sink), gloves, and spare gaskets! 5-Year Limited Warranty, 90-Day Limited Return, Timely Customer Support.

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wowow kitchen sink faucets pull down brushed nickel

wowow kitchen sink faucets pull down brushed nickel wowow kitchen sink faucets pull down brushed nickel

wowow kitchen sink faucets pull down brushed nickel

wowow kitchen sink faucets pull down brushed nickel

wowow kitchen sink faucets pull down brushed nickel

Kitchen sink faucet with pull out sprayer

What is one of the most important features of your kitchen? Many would answer the kitchen faucet as this item is used dozens of times a day. Besides, kitchen faucets are often considered as the prime focal points of a kitchen. Regardless the style of your kitchen. For some reason everyone’s attention is naturally caught by the kitchen tap. Even more reason to select the right kitchen faucet for your new kitchen design. The wrong choice might take all balance out of your kitchen design, or you might select the kitchen tap that does not suit your preferences what you expect in terms of functionality. Finally, quality definitely does not stay unnoticed. One could easily see what a quality kitchen tap is and which one is not.

But how do you notice quality? You should use a kitchen tap for years to be able to judge if the quality of a kitchen faucet is above average or not. You can easily notice this with the warranty period a kitchen tap producer provides you. A supplier that provides a 1-year warranty might expect some problems after a couple of years. Therefore he does not want to offer a longer warranty period in order to save costs. On the other hand, a kitchen tap supplier that provides a 5-year warranty period, trusts its product and definitely does want to take its responsibility for its performance during all those years. People might ask, why not a 10-year warranty? Well, the performance of a kitchen tap also depends on its use, its maintenance and the water quality. Kitchen taps might easily last over 10 years, but good maintenance and control of water is preferable to guarantee a long life endurance.

Pull out spray kitchen faucet

Many people prefer a pull out spray kitchen tap over any other kitchen faucet. The main reason is that you can really reach any point in or around your kitchen sink. In this way, cleaning your kitchen can not be done easier with another kitchen tap. With the water hose you can easily extend your reach with 32 inches to each side. With a normal kitchen tap you could never reach this distance, so it would be much more inconvenient to clean. With this pull-out spray kitchen tap you will therefore clean your kitchen in a wink of an eye.

The big advantage of an integrated pull out spray kitchen tap is that it looks elegant and you hardly notice that you have access to a water hose of nearly 4’11”. This pull out spray kitchen tap of WOWOW just looks like a regular kitchen faucet. Even when you look closer, you will hardly see the difference from a standard kitchen tap. But when you pull the spray head of this pull out spray kitchen faucet, you suddenly notice that you have a retractable water hose in your hands. And you will be surprised by the length of it! After using the water hose, it automatically retracts to its original position, like nothing has happened. This smooth retracting functionality with its flexible water hose and counterweight was amazingly designed, you will notice at once.

Maintenance kitchen tap with a pull out spray

Who likes to maintain a kitchen faucet? No one we would guess. Maintenance however sounds more serious than it actually is. With a kitchen faucet, the most important maintenance you will have to perform is to clean it well. Of course one should remove dirt after cooking from the kitchen faucet. In this way you keep the coating of the kitchen faucet in best shape. Like this your kitchen faucet continues to shine like it was still brand new. Besides, it is important to remove all hard water residue from the kitchen tap spray head. Especially when you live in an area where water is harder than normal. This basically means that water contains a lot of chalk. This leaves some residue on the kitchen tap after each use. That is no problem at all, as long as you clean this frequently.

If you don’t, the chalk will build-up constantly and in the end it will not be easy to remove anymore. This might influence the performance of the valves, levers and spray of the kitchen faucet. Especially when you have a pull out spray kitchen faucet, you might want to clean your kitchen tap deeply now and then. This makes sure that all residue is removed easily and properly to guarantee a life-long high performance of your pull out spray kitchen faucet.

Functionalities pull out spray kitchen sink faucet

Besides functionality, this pull out spray kitchen faucet is stylishly designed. The high arc shape offers you elegancy and practical space at the same time. The brushed nickel finish gives this pull out spray kitchen tap a marvelous style as well. It would fit in any restaurant or hotel, but in your kitchen it would definitely give that uplift you were searching for.

Regarding functionalities, this pull out spray kitchen faucet features three water functions to provide you with the comfort you are looking for when cleaning your kitchen. You could even pause the water stream with the special button at the spray head. In this way you don’t have to touch the lever when you want to hold the water for just a second. The lever can be single-handedly operated to adjust water temperature and water pressure. With the 360 degrees rotation function of the kitchen tap you can really reach all places.

Warranty pull out spray kitchen sink faucet

This high-end pull out spray kitchen faucet was made of high-quality brass materials. Therefore WOWOW is confident to offer you a 5-year warranty period and a 90-day money back guarantee. Our confidence must definitely convince you of the value for money we are offering you with this pull out spray kitchen tap.

The advantages of the kitchen sink faucet with pull out spray in a nutshell:

  • Gives a wow-factor to any kitchen
  • Wide reach because of the pull out spray
  • Elegant and minimalistic design
  • Three easy water functions
  • Smooth retract technology
  • Made of high quality brass materials
  • Easy to clean and easy to maintain
  • 5-year warranty


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Item Weight

‎5.5 pounds

Package Dimensions

‎21.65 x 11.02 x 2.76 inches

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Mounting Type

Deck Mount

40 reviews for WOWOW Pull Down Brushed Nickel Kitchen Sink Faucets with Deck Plate

  1. C***k2020-07-01

    I was happily surprised with this product. I believe this is China made, but I was in-between kitchen faucets. I replaced a name brand faucet with another name brand faucet and had to replace the handle within 2 years due to the finish cracking off. Less than a year later, the handle did it again. Rather than spend 4 times the amount as I did for this faucet, I thought I’d purchase this for the time being. I wanted more time for research, but needed a functioning faucet. When it arrived, I was surprised with the build quality, as it was no less than the build quality on my name brand one. The parts were pretty standard, but I don’t think buying replacement parts is an option. That being said, for this price, I assumed this was a disposable option when it broke. If it lasted me a year, I would be happy. So far, so good. It has worked flawlessly and installation is pretty standard/easy for any person who is handy. Installation took me about an hour, but most of the time spent was cleaning out under the sink and removing the old faucet. I’ve had this for about 2 months and the water spray is good in both functions. Because this is a removable head, I also did add additional weight to the hose to ensure proper placement when securing it back to the faucet arm. That being aid, the weight is secured well, much better than my previous faucet that kept slipping. This is important because the spayer head does not have an magnetized sprayer and the weight is what secures it. Overall, I’m happy with the build quality, cosmetics, and features for this price point. This is a great value. I would recommend.

  2. w***o2020-07-02

    I just replaced my builder upgraded Moen faucet ($260) with the WOWOW Kitchen Faucet Single Handle Kitchen Sink Faucets with Pull Down Sprayer in Brushed Nickel Commercial. Although the Moen was new (new house) it was horrible to use.
    This WOWOW Faucet is elegant, smooth and easy to use. The WOWOW is a much better made unit than the Moen and at a really competitive price. The installation is more secure and does not come loose.
    After spending 4 months struggling to get the temperature and flow to my liking every time I used the kitchen sink, i actually smile at how easy it is to set the water temperature and flow just right with the smooth and precise handle.
    The pull-down sprayer works like a charm and returns to the swan neck without having to push it home,

  3. K***n2020-07-05

    The Wowow Faucet arrived quickly and was packaged securely so as nothing was scratched or dented. The faucet is beautiful! It’s modern and sturdy. Excellent quality and a great value. Installation was easy and the 3-hole faucet fit perfectly over our old sink. This faucet gives us much stronger water pressure too. I just love it! I will be purchasing additional faucets for our bathrooms and will look to this company first as they provided excellent customer service as well.

  4. O***t2020-07-07

    Our old one was too small and inconvenient. This kitchen faucet kills it. I found this faucet was cheaper than most of other well known brands. The faucet came with completely whole package and the instructions .The install was easy and you need to do it very patiently. The spray head is held in place by the weight installed under the sink. The water pressure is steady and smooth. It’s simple to control . It’s tall . That’s our favorite part . Very convenient to wash everything.

  5. M***s2020-07-11

    I am 64 years old and have had 2 neck surgeries so being under a cabinet was a tough chore for me but as a former Marine I never give up! Put as much as possible together before installing! That’s the smart way!
    Take the other one out then start cleaning the top of the sink area and go to work!
    IF you are not a good to fair, handyman,because it lacks good instructions, I suggest a Plummer otherwise you can do it.
    It’s a beautiful and wonderful faucet! My wife loves it as do I. The other kitchen faucet only lasted 6 years! I hope this one last much, much longer as it is much better built!

  6. B***k2020-07-12

    This pull down kitchen faucet make our downstairs wine bar sink look modern . The faucet is easy to install. I like its 360 degrees rotation that I can pull to wash each corner of the sink. Also, the single handle operation makes my life easier. I can adjust water temperature efficiently. For the price I paid, this faucet is worthy.

  7. M***s2020-07-15

    This faucet has been installed for about a month in my house now & has been an excellent upgrade for our kitchen. Installation was not as easy as it should have been since the attached hoses were pretty short- I had to get additional hoses & attachments to reach the plumbing

  8. F***a2020-07-16

    The faucet is in good quality, heavy, tough, cupreous inside (at least what I can see), long and soft hose. Will see how long it will last. Will come back update my comment if any issue.
    I find they have uploaded an installation video recently, which is quite clear. MUST watch it before installation.

    My trick: You do not need to install with the handle at side. Actually I prefer and installed with the handle in the front, nothing problem yet. I asked someone to help me install. The installation actually is very easy. But my problem is that I do not have instruments to demount the original faucet, which got rusted badly.

  9. Y***t2020-07-17

    I am so impressed with my new faucet! I only knew that they were $130 less than the well known name brands so I had to try. The installation was simple and no need to call a professional.the faucet works very well. For $70 there really is not much to complain about.

  10. R***b2020-07-18

    I paid like $80? I’ve seen identical faucets for $120 and more. I spent and hour pulling the old one out, but this went in in 10 minutes or so. The instructions were vague, but I’ve replaced more than a few and didn’t need them. Fast deliver, nice weight, seems sweet!

  11. E***e2020-07-20

    I used it to replace my kitchen faucet. Installation was easy. The single handle can turn the water off in any position whether in hot or cold as oppose to the old faucet, made by Delta, where the water is turned off with the handle only in the canter position. You can select spray or straight and a button to pause. You can remove the spout anywhere in the sink making it easy to clean.

  12. E***w2020-07-20

    In think this is a valuable produce. It made with brushed nickel, something similar to stainless steel. One thing I like about the faucet is that there is a extended hose you can drag down for multi use purpose. The handle is comfortable. Good material used on tubing.

  13. w***o2020-07-21

    Have had this installed for a couple of months now and it works wonderfully. They install was very easy. Had a harder time removing the old one. This one was installed in minutes and has been working great ever since.

  14. M***k2020-07-22

    I am so impressed with my new faucet! The installation was simple and no need to call a professional. I love everything about it, the pull down sprayer, the height, my water pressure increased exponentially! I can’t turn it all full blast when I get cooking because I would make a huge mess! They also, have an extended warranty which only proves their confidence in their own product.

  15. B***i2020-07-23

    Fairly easy installation, with useless instructions; might as well not send instructions at all. With that being said really nice faucet at a very good price.

  16. O***m2020-07-24

    This kitchen faucet is easy to use. The quality is also very good, it is easy to control the water flow.It is very convenient to use, I like it very much.

  17. M***s2020-07-25

    Used a plumber to install since I lacked the specialized tools to dismantle the old faucet. I love the smooth operation and quality of this faucet.

  18. A***e2020-07-26

    The faucet is high tech and works nicely, the ability to extend the cords just makes it much more valuable as well as useful for cleaning. The materials made are of premium quality and I cannot find any flaws in this faucet. I am lovin it!

  19. H***s2020-07-27

    Love this faucet. I am redoing my kitchen and a new faucet was high on the list. This faucet has proven to be just what I was looking for.

  20. M***s2020-07-29

    My current faucet was looking old and outdated, but I didn’t want to spend a ton to replace it. Faucets and fixtures and get pricey, but this was very reasonably priced and looks MUCH better than a lot of higher priced options. Install took me a little time, but overall, very pleased with this product.

  21. H***i2020-07-30

    Had to extend my lines but in old house. Product was better then I thought. Better then the one I bought for another sink from a hardware store.

  22. M***e2020-08-04

    Instructions could have been a little more clear but some youtube videos helped. I had no prior experiance and managed to get a black eye with the wrench but looks great. Been using for a few months and no issues.

  23. W***n2020-08-07

    I am very happy with this faucet! Very simple and straightforward to install. Works great and nothing feels cheap. Looks great and works wonderful! Highly recommend!

  24. w***o2020-08-08

    It is very good and easy to install, pretty like the color, it matches my tile in my kitchen.

  25. G***s2020-08-11

    Very easy to install I love that it has 3/8′ piping so you don’t have to worry about it blocking with lime or calcium as a lot of the new water saver fixtures do.

  26. J***n2020-08-12

    i have a old kitchen faucet, and i just replace it, i very like this faucet, is easy to install you can do it your self and having a good value.

  27. J***s2020-08-15

    Big surprise! I love the design , look and feel of use for the faucet. The built in sprayer is great!! I’ve also noticed that the water pressure is so much better than my previous faucet which was a nice surprise.
    Installation was easy. I would recommend this faucet to anyone considering purchasing it.

  28. B***y2020-08-16

    I have received the faucet for a few days. My husband installed it yesterday. Very simple installation.It’s a good deal.We installed this faucet on our kitchen leaking or hanging down. We like this.

  29. G***t2020-08-18

    Wonderful faucet for the money!! No instillation problems for us. Works great and so very handy.

  30. I***r2020-08-20

    Minimal instructions to confirm install process however all parts connected exceptionally well and all functions are excellent.

  31. C***e2020-08-22

    Bought this faucet about six months ago and have been very satisfied with how it works and it looks very nice

  32. L***e2020-08-25

    I reviewed before buying it. The hot line is shorter than the current one I have. No problem, we got an extension at Ace. So simple to replace. It looks good, flow is strong. I would recommend this faucet.

  33. V***s2020-08-27

    Nice overall product for the price. The nozzle pulls down easily. We had a plumber install because our plumbing was very close to the cabinet wall.

  34. E***r2020-08-29

    We weren’t sure at first as we had never heard of this brand but decided to try based on all of the great reviews. We are super happy with this faucet. Quality is great, look is great, moves smoothly, great price and great packaging. We’ve had it for about a month now and couldn’t be happier.

  35. W***m2020-09-02

    I need to replace my old kitchen faucet and I think this one is the perfect choice. It come with a 3 holes plates for my old one. There’s a video on the wowow page to instruct the way to install. It only take 15 minutes to completely finish the install. Water flow is really smooth and strong.

  36. 2***62020-09-11

    I’m very picky, do lots of research and tend to go for name brands and never the bottom of the line, hence I did some pretty thorough research before adding this unknown-to-me brand name to my shortlist of well known brands of similar design at more than double or three times the cost. Two other concerns: 1. A few reviews mentioned the pull down didn’t retract and snap back into place properly, left dangling. That’s actually an installation issue. There is a weight that needs to be adjusted, which is pretty easy, then it works perfectly. 2. Color – the photos showed it to be more like a brushed stainless steel grey color, but it’s made from brushed nickel, which can have a warm, brownish color that I was concerned wouldn’t match my SS appliances. I couldn’t find any reviews mentioning that aspect or in the questions, so I posed the question myself and received great replies assuring me it did not have the brownish color and would work well with stainless steel appliances. That proved to be good advice, thank you to those folks who took the time to answer my question, I was not disappointed. This is a solid quality product, the design with the pull down and spray feature is wonderful, my sinks have never been so clean! The only thing I can’t speak to is the longevity because it’s only been a month, but as most kitchen faucets, it’s in constant use, and I have no reason to think it won’t last the same as the more expensive brands. Great choice, go for it, save the $, I’m happy to recommend with 5 stars.

  37. H***n2020-09-15

    After my original review, customer service contacted me to assist in replacing the faulty faucet despite being past the WOWOW return window. With their assistance I was able to repair the faucet but meanwhile they express shipped a replacement anyway in case I wasn’t able to fix the first one. The problem was that the internal handle mechanism allowed the handle to move side to side to adjust temperature but not up and down to open the water flow. It needed to be taken apart and re-seated in order to fully function. The faucet now works as expected and the look is exactly what I wanted. 5 stars for the customer service of this company!

    Original: This faucet is beautiful and the price was right, unfortunately it doesn’t work. No water comes out. The handle moves side to side to switch between hot/cold but does not move up and down to open the faucet. I’ve seen other comments and questions regarding no water so I think it may be an assembly issue on some items. All of the connections were hooked up correctly and the supply line valves turned on. As additional proof that water was on and available I noticed water dripped out of the hoses after I disconnected the faucet. Since I purchased it a couple months ago for my laundry room remodel that was just completed I’m super disappointed that I can’t use this beautiful faucet and now the return window has ended so it looks like I’m stuck with it.

  38. S***y2020-09-18

    Our kitchen faucet recently died and we ordered this faucet as a replacement, excited that we would receive it relatively quickly and be able to install it this weekend so we could resume using our kitchen sink. However, when we opened the box, we immediately noticed a big scratch in the finish on the long stem part of the faucet. This is definitely a QC issue as the scratch will eventually rust, not to mention it looks really bad. We are extremely frustrated because we now have no use of our kitchen sink until we can get another one. This is a huge inconvenience. I can’t believe something like this was not caught during the quality check before the product was packaged and shipped! Very frustrated as we were really looking forward to installing this kitchen faucet and having our sink up and running again!

    UPDATE: Updated our review from 1 to 5 stars because of the excellent customer service we received after posting our initial review. WOWOW has probably the best customer service we have ever received from any company. They sent us a defect-free faucet via DHL courier from China which arrived in a few days as well as a smaller deck plate, also from China via DHL. Once we got the faucet installed we really liked it, looks great and works beautifully. Once again, WOWOW really went above and beyond to make this scenario right for us and we were very, very impressed by their customer service.

  39. Z***a2020-09-22

    This faucet is a replacement for a 15 year old “brand name” single handle unit with pull-down spray head. This faucet had starting leaking at the valve assemblies in the faucet body and I didn’t want to try to repair those. Spent 2.5 – 3 hours extracting the old unit…corrosion and stripped threads made this part of the job almost undoable. That and the poor mechanical design of the old unit made for a lot of blood, sweat, and tears on my part.

    Conversely, the new faucet was installed and tested in about 35 minutes. Two threaded connections for the hot and cold inputs and one large threaded connection for the faucet to sink interface…voila, done.

    Be sure and add Teflon seal tape to the hot/cold input connections; it’s not included in the packaging. The instructions are written in a version of what appears to be Outer Mongolian translated to English that would cause cerebral meltdown in any grammar school teacher, i.e. “Installation finish and test leak or not.” Thankfully the illustrations are very good making the verbal portions superfluous…but still amusing.

    Everything was included in the packaging (with the exception of the sealing tape); escutcheon plate, spare gaskets, allen wrench, and 3/8 to 1/2 adapters for the hot/cold connections (if needed)

    After all that being said the new faucet is highly functional and a very good looking improvement over the old one. I would highly recommend it and would add that the price was about $75 -$100 less than the name brand equivalents. If this lasts as long as the one it replaced, I will be very pleased.

  40. B***e2020-09-24

    I am so impressed with my new faucet! I was in dire need and knew nothing about faucets, just a handful of brand names. In my research I found the WOWOW and every review was exceptional. I only knew that they were $100 less than the well known name brands so I had to try. The installation was simple and no need to call a professional. I love everything about it, the pull down sprayer, the height, AND my water pressure increased exponentially! I can’t turn it all full blast when I get cooking because I would make a huge mess! Let me tell you when Home Depot has a huge sale 4 days after I installed my new faucet I was not even tempted to look. They also, have an extended warranty which only proves their confidence in their own product.

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