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Pros and Cons of Matte Black Fixtures – Are They Worth it

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Pros and Cons of Matte Black Fixtures – Are They Worth it

matte black bathroom fixtures pros and cons

When choosing a new faucet for your home, choosing from the variety of available finishes can be overwhelming. From stainless steel to oil-ground bronze, there is always a finish that can satisfy your home style. Among them, matte black finish become more and more popular nowadays because of its wide range of adaptability. In this post, we will discuss about the pros and cons of matte black fixtures like tapware so that you can decide to choose matte black fixtures or not.

What is matte black

matte black finish

Matte black finish is a dark or satin black pigment used on brass, steel or iron surfaces. Matte black finishes are usually achieved by powder coating. Matte is somewhere between flat and shiny. The flat surface has no gloss, and the matte can be divided into flat/glossy. The matte black finish softens the usually rough appearance of black and brings a unique feel to the bathroom and kitchen.

Pros of matte black fixturesmatte black tapware

Wide and perfect match

Some faucet types can only be perfectly matched to specific designs. However, the matte black tapware is a simple style that can be matched with almost any design. No matter bathrooms and kitchens are designed from a neutral or vintage palette, the matte black faucet can still be part of the design. The stylish appearance of the matte black faucet means that even if you redesign other components in the kitchen or bathroom.

Easy to clean and maintain

Another advantage of the matte black faucet is that it is easy to maintain. Compared with chrome or other metal finishes, the black faucet is resistant to fingerprints, and the water will not leave those aweful water stains! This is attributed to the electroplated surface on the matte black faucet. The electroplated surface also imparts durability and good resistance to scratches and scratches. In addition, although they tend to display dust and debris more easily than traditional devices, they are also easy to clean. Sometimes just wipe with a microfiber cloth to sparkle again. More details of cleaning matte black fixtures can be refered to this post: How to Clean Matte Black Bathroom Faucet or Fixtures.

Reasonable price

One of the main benefits of the popularity of black faucets is that it can be bought in many ways and is easy to buy, and the price is very reasonable! Compared with chrome or oil rubbed bronze, you can buy a black mixer tap at a competitive price. In the case of the same quality, matt black faucets are often cheaper. And the price of matte black tapwares ranges from very affordable prices to high-end and luxurious prices to meet everyone’s budget.

Cons of matte black fixtures

matte black faucet

Shows dirt and grime easily

This is one of the shortcomings of matte black fixtures. Although the black faucet is resistant to fingerprints and water strains, once there is dust on it, it looks very abrupt and dirty. If your bathroom or kitchen is often dusty, it is not recommend to choose matte black fixtures.

Easy to fade

Regardless of the finish on your faucet, the finish will fade over time. The effect of the black faucet is the most obvious, because once the finish is peeled off or faded, the silver stainless steel inside will be exposed, which looks so ugly.

Bottom line – Are matte black faucets out of style

Matte black fixtures were once very popular, but now, in most interior decoration circles, it is considered a design choice. Regardless of whether the matte black is outdated or in style, some considerations to keep in mind are whether the black installation meets your current design aesthetics, not only in your bathroom, but also in your home.

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