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WOWOW Single-Handle Pull Out Sprayer Kitchen Faucet

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  • 【Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet】It is characterized by the low-arc and 90° swivels spout, which may have an amazing performance in small spaces. A 1.5 m pull-out hose with the gravity ball provides a wider working area in double sinks. Anti-explosion design can bear high water pressure.
  • 【Black Quartz Finish】The elegant kitchen faucet in unique black quartz finish is integrally formed and stands out by a dark black-gray color (Not Pure Black). It is a beautiful addition to your modern kitchen and provides more versatility.
  • 【3 Water Flow Modes】STREAM/SPRAY/PAUSE. Stable stream for filling pots quickly, high-pressure spray for washing dishes. Equipped with detachable ABS Neoperl Aerator with Cupc certification to ensure smooth and stable water flow, no splashing.
  • 【Quality Sink Faucet for Kitchen】Stainless steel threaded rod and nut can bear corrosion and rust, ensure the water standard and health using, ceramic cartridge is drip-free. Comes with Deck Plate, which suitable for 1 or 3 hole installation.
  • 【Customer Service】5-year limited warranty and timely customer support are offered. To solve the problem of high water flow mentioned by customers, a Restrictor has been provided in the latest batch of products (Approx. 1.7 GPM flow rate after use).

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pull out sprayer kitchen faucet

pull out sprayer kitchen faucet

pull out sprayer kitchen faucet pull out sprayer kitchen faucet

Pull out sprayer kitchen faucet 

Pull out kitchen faucets surprisingly are quite rare. These kind of kitchen faucets are probably the smallest kitchen faucets you can get in the market. And yet they offer you an enormous range of functionalities. The main feature of WOWOW’s pull out kitchen faucet is the long water hose with which you can reach every corner of your kitchen sink and around. Especially when you have a double kitchen sink, this pull out kitchen faucet of WOWOW offers you all the reach that you need. The pull out kitchen faucet on the other hand has a shorter spout. The spray head anyway houses in the spout, but you will hardly notice this. You will just benefit from the larger water hose.

Another great benefit of the pull out kitchen faucet is the unique 3-section design which is most durable. It is easy to turn the kitchen faucet 360 degrees. The pull out kitchen faucet is already quite minimalistic in order to offer great access to you kitchen sink. This relatively small pull out kitchen faucet will not form any barrier whatsoever. But as you can turn this pull out kitchen faucet 360 degrees as well, you will have full access to your kitchen sink at all times, without any obstruction. This mechanism is made of durable materials, so this will be everlasting as well.

Oil rubbed bronze pull out kitchen faucet 

The black finish of this pull out kitchen faucet is quite special, and you will not encounter this kind of finish a lot in any kitchen décor. You could make your kitchen design rather unique with this color of kitchen faucet. WOWOW’s pull out kitchen faucet is finished with oil rubbed bronze. In this way it looks very much like a retro telephone. That gives your kitchen style definitely a special touch. Together with the black quartz finish, it gives a lot of elegance to your kitchen as well. And of course it is durable, hence your kitchen faucet is protected for a long period.

Before you decide over your kitchen faucet, you should definitely think deeply before you make any decision. Research has shown that the kitchen faucet is one of the main focal points in any kitchen. Hence, people’s attention is automatically drawn to the faucet of your kitchen. That tells you to select your kitchen faucet wisely. It seems that you could make a great impact with your kitchen faucet. Consequently, that means in a good way, but also in a bad way. Definitely you could give your kitchen an enormous uplift with your kitchen faucet. On the other hand, when you make the wrong decision, you could also downgrade your kitchen décor. At WOWOW we like to provide you with the best kitchen faucets for your kitchen décor.

Fairly priced pull out kitchen faucet 

As you spend a lot of money on your kitchen design, you want everything to be perfect. You would like to construct your dream kitchen, the kitchen you have always dreamt about. To make your dream kitchen, it is important to include your kitchen faucets in your initial kitchen design. As mentioned, a kitchen faucet is an integral part of your kitchen design, and should therefore always be included from the beginning. However, many kitchen designers do not include them, and leave this item up to you to buy separately. It is however that important to chose your kitchen faucet well to form an integral part with your kitchen décor.

On the other hand, the fact that a kitchen faucet is not included in your kitchen design brings you an advantage: you can chose the best value for money you can get in the market. You are not dependent of your kitchen reseller who would also gladly double or triple the price of your pull out kitchen faucet. When you select the kitchen faucet yourself, you could exactly select the kitchen faucet you want. At WOWOW you pay a fair price for your pull out kitchen faucet, and is therefore the best option for you and your wallet.

Water flow pull out kitchen faucet 

This pull out kitchen faucet of WOWOW features a substantial water flow featuring two water modes: flow and spray. With these water flow modes you could either wash, fill, or rinse items in your kitchen sink. As the pull out kitchen faucet is outfitted with an innovative ABS aerator, it guarantees a smooth and steady water stream. Besides, this specific feature also saves you a lot of water consumption. This aerator saves you 50% of water usage which you will definitely notice on your water bill. The aerator can simply be removed, to either clean or replace it.

Furthermore, this high-quality pull out kitchen faucet is made of solid brass connectors with a stainless steel coating, and a stainless steel water hose. Because of these high-quality materials, the pull out kitchen faucet may resist rust and corrosion. The ceramic cartridge is drip-free to offer you ultimate comfort using this kitchen faucet. As the water hose is also made of stainless steel, it offers an anti-explosion layout and will not wear and tear. This water hose will always retract easily to its original position. It can stand high water pressure without any problem.

Warranty pull out kitchen faucet 

This great pull out kitchen faucet is also applicable for commercial use. Because of its exceptional black quartz finish, it can easily withstand rust and scratching. Therefore it offers a long lasting quality. Consequently, WOWOW also is able to offer you a 5-year warranty period. As most suppliers of kitchen faucets just offer a 1-year warranty period, WOWOW definitely makes a difference here. WOWOW goes beyond all industry standards, and that you notice in every aspect of this pull out kitchen faucet. Your pull out kitchen faucet is insured as well by a 90-day complimentary money back guarantee. In this way you don’t run any risk with this great kitchen faucet. The advantages of the pull out kitchen faucet in a nutshell:

  • Gives a wow-factor to any kitchen
  • Impressive retro black oil rubbed bronze finish
  • Minimalistic design
  • Pragmatic pull out water hose
  • Made of high quality brass and stainless steel materials
  • Easy to clean and easy to maintain
  • 5-year warranty




4.84 pounds

Package Dimensions

16.8 x 11.4 x 3.5 inches


Pull Out Kitchen Faucet


Stainless Steel

Extension Length

20 Inches

Spout Height

4.5 Inches

Spout Reach

20 Inches

Head Style

Pull Out Sprayer

Handle Material

Stainless Steel

Special Features

Steam & Spray Function

Included Components

One Standard Deck Plate

3 reviews for WOWOW Single-Handle Pull Out Sprayer Kitchen Faucet

  1. P***r2021.02.09

    with this pull out sprayer, it is very convenient to wash the dishes or pots. this color is elegant, and not easy to get stains or finger prints. I think I will buy another one for my mother.

  2. M***r2021.03.16

    What a great faucet! We had a very tall faucet in front of our kitchen window. We just added interior shutters and needed a low profile faucet. This was perfect and is a solid and heavy duty piece. My hubby (who can install anything) said it was super easy to install and much easier to install than our previous faucet. I love the black finish and it looks amazing with our stainless steel sink. We are very pleased and would definitely buy again. I was worried it would look too small but it looks perfect! Thank you for a great, heavy duty and well made product! And the price is awesome!

  3. L***a2021.05.18

    A well made heavy duty faucet, it has a hose long enough to reach around the sink, it also has a spray / flow button on top of the handle so you can switch. The weight at the bottom of the hose ( under the sink ) makes it easier for the hose to retract ( no more pushing the hose back in place).I am happy with this purchase…

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