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Designers Must Know The 9 Wall Materials, Worth Collecting!

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In interior design, the shape and material of the wall will attract a lot of attention, latex paint, wallpaper has been taken for granted. Complicated backdrop is also a big no-brainer. Today I have a list of 9 wall materials, from paint type, wall panel type to stone type. These are more in line with the current design of minimalist, wabi-sabi, light luxury and other popular styles. Take a look together!

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01 Paint

There are many types of wall paints. The colorful latex paints, the art paints with various shapes, the color shapes that can be presented are countless. Today we choose three types to introduce to you, micro-cement, Malay paint and cement paint.


(I) Microcement

Microcement is a new type of decorative material. Its main components: cement, water-based resin, additives, mineral pigments, etc. It can be understood as a kind of cement with stronger decorative properties. It is colorful, can be sewn and can be thin or thick, and can also create a variety of textures. It is a bit like diatomaceous earth, but stronger than it. It can be applied to walls, roofs and floors. Therefore, it has been widely recognized once it was introduced.

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▲Click on the picture to learn more about micro-cement

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Three different textures that can be created by microcement


Characteristics of microcement

  1. It has good performance of waterproof and fireproof.
  2. It has good durability and abrasion resistance. It has superb adhesion.
  3. It is non-slip and has a seamless surface. It can be used in a large area. It is very convenient is construction.
  4. It has good texture, and this can greatly improve the taste and beauty of the space.

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Micro-cement construction steps

Sanding and vacuuming→rolling primer→laying cracking net→scraping micro-cement→scraping the second micro-cement→finishing sanding→covering protective paint


(II) Malay paint

The name of the product is stucco, which means mortar, and it is named “Malay paint” because its texture pattern is similar to the hoofprint of a horse.

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▲Click on the picture to learn more about Malay paint

It is a kind of slurry paint mixed with acrylic emulsions and other materials. It is a kind of paint that is scraped on the wall by various scraping tools to produce various textures.

Malay paint has a glossy stone effect. It has a glossy finish and a sophisticated pattern. If hidden, there is a three-dimensional sense. Generally, the common indoor use of Malay paint are: monochrome Malay paint, mixed color Malay paint, gold and silver line Malay paint, phantom Malay paint.

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▲Monochrome Malay paint

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▲Mixed color Malay paint

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▲Golden and silver threads

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▲Phantom Malay paint


Characteristics of Malay paint

  1. Simple construction, only need to scrape and polish.
  2. Innovative decoration style. It has clear texture and beautiful effect.
  3. It has stain resistance, water resistance and corrosion resistance. These characteristics can make the wall surface last as new.
  4. It has a higher wear resistance factor. It is more sturdy, not easy to accumulate dust and easy to clean.

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▲One House Fanglei

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The construction steps of Malay paint

First, after the completion of the base treatment, roll on the anti-alkali primer and sand until clean and smooth. Primary grassroots treatment materials should generally have a PH value less than 10.

Second, color mixing. Malay paint itself is white, can be adjusted to any color construction. Use water-based highly concentrated color paste to mix the color.

Third, scraping. Use the trowel and other tools for point batch, and evenly scraping. Each time you need to wait for the previous one to dry before scraping. Control the spacing between patterns, the thinner the better. Multiple scraping needs to pay attention to the overlap effect, until the bottom layer is covered.

Fourth, after the completion of the scraping polishing. Use stainless steel knife to adjust the angle scraping polishing, or use 2000 mesh fine sandpaper uniform polishing, until the presentation of marble-like luster. At this point, the construction steps are completed.


(C) cement paint

Cement paint, a kind of rustic wall coating. It is also often called art cement. But its other name must be no stranger to you – clear concrete.640 19 1

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Features of cement paint

  1. It has a wide range of applications.
  2. Cement paint has a unique cement texture. It is highly decorative and distinctive in style.
  3. Cement paint has a simple composition, so it is green, water-based and pollution-free.
  4. The primer has the function of preventing the wall from cracking, shedding chalking and dropping ash.
  5. The top coat can achieve scrub resistance, moisture-proof and mildew-proof after spraying.

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Construction steps of cement paint

The construction of cement paint is relatively simple. The basic treatment to the putty layer starts to enter the construction steps of cement paint. Firstly, we roll the alkali resistant sealer primer, secondly, we scrape the cement paint, and finally, we roll/spray the top coat. The job is done! There are two types of cement paint construction process, which need to be explained: one is flat scraping. The second is the batch scraping. Which is also divided into two kinds of scraping: one is a trowel scraping, a batch of knife scraping. Each construction process produces a different effect, so you need to choose carefully.


Paint class summary

Aesthetic level: according to preference

Environmental friendliness: Cement paint > Malay paint > micro-cement

Price ranking: Micro-cement > Malay paint > Cement paint

Difficulty of construction: Malay paint > cement paint > micro-cement

Durability: Malay paint > micro-cement > cement paint


02 Wall panels

(I) Rock Panel

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▲ Click on the picture for details of rock panel

Ceramic rock board is made of natural raw materials through a special process. The new porcelain material of super large size needs to be pressed with the help of more than 10,000 tons of presses, combined with advanced production technology, and fired at a high temperature of over 1200℃ to be able to withstand the processing of cutting, drilling and grinding. Ceramic rock panel is mainly used in the field of home and kitchen panels.

The rock panel is rich in color texture: pure color, volcanic rock, stone grain, cloth grain, wood grain, classic original stone, luxury stone and other textures are available.

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▲Volcanic rock series

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▲Cloth grain series

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▲Stone Series

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▲Wood grain series

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Original stone series

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▲Luxury Stone Series


Characteristics of Rock Panel

  1. It has a hardness of more than grade 5 and is highly wear-resistant.
  2. It has anti-freezing property. It can withstand -80℃ low temperature and resist cold weather without any damage.
  3. Its fireproof grade is A1 grade.
  4. It is highly dense and has an independent nano-protection layer. It has 5 levels of stain-resistant surface treatment. Stains are impermeable.
  5. The thickness of rock slab ranges from 3mm to 20mm. Even the thinnest rock slab has high hardness. It can resist hardness and impact.
  6. Rock slab can be drilled, polished, cut and other deep processing. It is highly malleable.

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Rock slab paving process

Substrate treatment → line drawing and dividing → adhesive preparation → adhesive construction → back coating of large rock slabs → large rock slabs paving → vibration and leveling → leveling device to assist in adjusting the levelness → surface cleaning and protection → caulking treatment.

Rock board dry hanging is also divided into 2 types: aluminum honeycomb composite rock board dry hanging and adhesive method + stainless steel corner piece fixed.


(II) KD board

The full name of KD panel is KD painted wood veneer panel. It is a panel manufactured by using technology wood veneer (recycled wood veneer). It uses raw wood as raw material, and after a series of design, staining, reconstructing, insect removal treatment, high temperature and high pressure, it is born into technology veneer. The surface of the finished product has a very realistic feel and look of real wood, and is very classy.

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▲Click on the picture to learn more about Coding Board


The characteristics of Coding Board

  1. The production site does not need to spray paint. Formaldehyde emission is far below the national standard requirements, environmental protection and no pollution.
  2. Various kinds of spellings, surface treatment and customized sizes can be provided according to design requirements. It has a very wide range of application.
  3. Coding board uses penetrating water-based paint. It has excellent adhesion and is not easily affected by moisture. Its service life is more than double that of traditional methods.

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The construction steps of Coding board wall

Cut Coding board according to the size —- Coding board back glue —- measurement mark paste position —- cut non-woven fabric according to the size —- paste non-woven fabric —- paste Coding board —- wall finish


(C) Great Wall Board

Great Wall panel is a kind of wood-plastic material modeling board, which belongs to ecological wood. It is a new green material synthesized by wood powder and PVC plus other enhanced additives. It is called the Great Wall Board because the cross section resembles the Great Wall.

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 ▲Click on the picture to know the details of Great Wall Board


Characteristics of Great Wall Board

  1. It does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, ammonia and benzene. This meets the national environmental standards and European standards. It is green and formaldehyde free.
  2. Stable material performance, good water resistance, excellent anti-corrosion, mildew and moisture resistance.
  3. It has high strength, strong impact resistance, not easy to deformation and embrittlement, strong anti-aging, the use period can reach more than 30 years.
  4. It can be cut, sawed, shaved, nailed, painted and glued, simple installation and easy construction.
  5. It is highly resistant to oil and dirt because the material is waterproof. It is simple to clean and maintain, and can be wiped clean with a rag.

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The most common location for the Great Wall panel is the wall. The installation process of wall is relatively simple. The construction process is: check the wall surface → finish the wall surface → install the keel → install the long wall panel.


Wall panel class summary

Aesthetic degree: decided according to preference

Environmental friendliness: Rock board > Coding board > Great Wall panel

Price: Rock board > Coding board > Great Wall panel

Construction difficulty: Great Wall panel > Rock panel > Coding panel

Durability: Rock slab > Great Wall slab > Coding slab


03 Stone category

(A) wood grain stone

In the stone industry, as long as the stone with wood-like texture after cutting and processing, can be called wood grain stone. Due to the different processing and cutting methods, the longitudinal cut is wood grain, and the horizontal cut can present cloudy water grain or a texture similar to the annual cycle.

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▲Click the picture to know the details of wood grain stone

It is divided into brown wood grain stone, coffee wood grain stone, gray wood grain stone, etc. according to different colors.

640 41

▲Brown wood grain

640 43

▲Coffee wood grain

640 42

▲Grey wood grain stone


Characteristics of wood grain stone

  1. Its main component is calcium carbonate. Limestone is fragile and has low folding bulk density, bending, and compression strength.
  2. The calcium carbonate composition and powder structure make the water absorption rate of limestone generally high.

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640 45

640 46

For the wall installation, you can choose to pave or dry hanging. For a small area and the height does not exceed 3m, you can choose the thin paste method and other paving methods. If the area is larger and the height is higher then it is recommended to choose stone dry hanging.


(B) lime stone

Lime stone belongs to the natural limestone. It is hundreds of millions of years ago under the sea floor rock debris, shells, coral and other marine life impact, fusion, and after a long period of crustal collision, extrusion and finally formed. It comes in gray, gray-white, gray-black, yellow, light red and maroon colors. It is also known as the “Stone of Life”, a noble name.

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▲Click on the picture to learn more about lime stone

Lyme stone can be roughly classified according to its color.

White lime stone, gray lime stone, brown lime stone, beige lime stone, yellow lime stone

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According to the surface texture of lime stone can be divided into.

Matt surface lime stone, lychee surface lime stone, brushed surface lime stone

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The characteristics of lime stone

  1. Lime stone is a natural stone. It is radiation-free, green and environmentally friendly building materials.
  2. Lime stone can effectively regulate indoor humidity. It has high heat storage performance, and the heat can then be released. It has the function of moisture absorption and heat absorption.
  3. Although the hardness of lime stone is very high, it is not elastic. It is prone to cracking in collisions.
  4. The area of lime stone is generally small. It is often limited in size during application.
  5. The composition of lime stone is calcium carbonate. It has fine small pores on its surface, which can easily absorb stains and hide dirt.

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▲Between inside and outside | Design inside the diy

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640 52


(C) pu stone

The Chinese definition of “pu” is polyurethane, the full name of polyurethane. It is the collective name of the macromolecular compounds containing repeated carbamate groups on the main chain. It is made of organic diisocyanate, or polyisocyanate and dihydroxy, or polyhydroxyl compounds polymerization of polyurethane materials. It is very versatile and can replace rubber, plastic, nylon and other products.

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▲Click on the picture to know the details of PU stone


Characteristics of PU stone

  1. Due to the properties of raw materials, the synthesis of pu stone does not add too much artificial materials, so it is very environmentally friendly.
  2. Because it is made of high-tech materials, it is light in quality and can be installed by a single person.
  3. The product is composed of polymer materials and is sprayed with multiple layers of high-strength coatings. It has the performance of acid resistance, sun protection, UV resistance and durability.
  4. PU stone is inner card structure. It has tongue edge, full groove and reserved seam, and can be installed directly with screws and gun nails to complete the installation.

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640 54

640 55


Installation of pu stone

The construction process of pu stone is very simple. You only need to work on a flat wall, and because of its light weight, it can be cut on site according to the design. It can be cut at will according to the design effect, which saves labor and time cost.


Summary of stone type

Aesthetic degree: according to preference

Environmental protection: Lime stone > wood grain stone > PU stone

Price ranking: Lime stone > wood grain stone > PU stone

Construction difficulty: PU stone > wood grain stone > lime stone

Durability: PU stone > wood grain stone > lime stone

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