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High-Grade Gray + Cardamom Green, Young And High-Quality Residence | Yuanhe Daqian

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Yuanhe Daqian Interior Design Alliance

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When the residence is not only a concept of space, the aesthetics of life begins to enter the heart of contemporary people. The house is not only a place to live, but also a deep-rooted sentiment of the residents.

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Yuanhe Daqian considers the product core of Sunac Oriental Chen Yuan from the perspective of users. In the modern context, the ideal life is translated into contemporary terms. Diverse and young, subtle but abundant, it gives each family member new energy.

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A beautiful beginning is always with a hazy shyness, and so is the design of the home.

The living room opens with a high-grade gray and beige color scheme, and the soothing color scheme adds a soft filter to the space. The soothing color scheme adds a soft filter to the space, smoothing out the impatience of life and feeling the comfort of returning home. The furniture is made of high-quality fabrics and leather, with a small number of metallic materials, which are appropriately matched to enhance the quality and hierarchy of the space and reflect the exquisite taste of the home.

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Cardamom green and sunshine orange are symbols of vitality and brighten up the space. Even if it is subtle, it also has extraordinary power. They are like a little starlight in a dull life, taking care of every member of the family.

Soft furnishings are designed to protect the natural light as much as possible. At sunset, the sunlight pours into the residence, dispelling the restlessness and anxiety in the busy city. At this moment, the design blurs the boundaries between space and nature and allows the family to indulge in the joy of family life.

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The core of the design is “human-centered”, so we magnify the character traits of each person. We build a harmonious and comfortable style atmosphere with different living experiences plus real-life smoke and mirrors.

It is the obsession of many young people to have a gaming room at home. The designer has a deep insight into the needs of contemporary youth groups and discards complicated formalism. The designer decorated with futuristic computer devices. The only wall paintings and racing figures are the precise control of details. This is a strong indication of the interests and hobbies of the residents.

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Everything is growing, life has hope! Back to the essence of space. Cardamom green and sunshine orange continue into the bedroom, articulating a sense of the undulating field. The soothing color scheme flows with the space, blending into the natural cotton and fabric, and nestled into the soft and fluffy bedding. The rhythm is varied and harmonious and goes straight to the mainline of high-quality living.

Minimalist patterns and decorations further form a cozy sleeping atmosphere. The most relaxing moment of the day is when you close your eyes. Here you can enjoy the silence and draw energy to face the future chapters of life.

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It is the pursuit of every family to let their children unleash their true selves and love in their homes. We have expanded functionality in a limited space. The children’s room is not only an independent sleeping space, but also a reasonable range of activities.

The design is functionally separated with furniture, consisting of a sleeping area and activity area. While echoing the overall atmosphere, we chose soft and soft materials to enclose all the details with the safety of children, so that the thoughtfulness is straight to the heart of children.

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▲Floor plan


Full name of the project: Sunac Dongfang Chenyuan Showroom

Project address: Changchun

Soft furnishing design: Yuanhe Daqian

Hard furnishings design: FENGYA 76 years home technology (Shenzhen) Co.

Design time: 2021.01

Completion time: 2021.04

Space area: 130㎡

A-Unit: Unitech North China Changchun Company

Special support: Zhang Qingxun, Zhu Lu

Photography Team: Trigonometry


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