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What Is Cement Paint?

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Cement paint, also known as art cement. It has become popular in the design industry as a rustic decorative material that narrates the meaning of design in the simplest and purest language of materials. Cement paint is visually plain and looks very minimalist. It is a higher quality of rustic beauty compared to the complex embossed wallpaper and colorful latex paint. Let’s talk about what cement paint is today.

  1. What is cement paint
  2. Characteristics of cement paint
  3. Uses of cement paint
  4. Construction steps and precautions
  1. The price and brand of cement paint



What is cement paint?

a. Definition

Cement paint, a kind of rustic wall coating. It is often also called art cement, but its other name must not be unfamiliar to you – clear water concrete.

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The material loved by Japanese architect Tadao Ando is clear water concrete, a material with a hint of wabi-sabi proposition in its minimalism.

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▲He Art Museum

So how did the concrete paint become the explosive product in interior design?

From architecture to interior, a series of minimalist, wabi-sabi, and industrial style design patterns have become popular. The original texture and unique texture of clearwater concrete made it a fried chicken sub-product. In interior design, people are also chasing the natural texture of clear concrete. So, according to the popular definition of “interior paint = paint”, it was given the name “cement paint”. But this name sounds not very environmentally friendly, and even a bit earthy. I still think its big name “art cement” sounds better.

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b. The difference with latex paint

Although cement paint and latex paint belong to the same type of decorative material, there is a certain difference in essence. One is cement and the other is paint.

Cement paint is a raw material refined from resin, consisting of some coarser particles, and the surface layer will be rougher compared to latex paint. Latex paint has a smoother and more delicate texture.

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c. Difference with cement

Cement paint is cement, but it cannot be narrowly defined as cement. It contains about 96% cement in its composition, and the remaining 4% are ingredients. Cement alone cannot interpret the textural texture of cement paint and cannot be used for wall construction. It can easily fall off and raise dust, and only art cement can create that natural texture.

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Features of cement paint

a. Wide range of applications

Cement paint is widely used in both home decoration and public decoration. It is different from the once latex paint and wallpaper, and more and more consumers and designers choose to decorate the space with cement paint, which fully shows that the decoration culture tends to be ecological and simple, with more emphasis on the rustic artistic charm.

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b. Strong decoration and distinctive style

Cement paint has a unique cement texture, which is suitable for the current popular minimalist, wabi-sabi and industrial styles. It has a distinctive style and a very special decorative effect compared with other decorative materials.

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c. Environmental protection, water resistance and stain resistance

Cement paint has a simple composition, so it is green, water-based and pollution-free. The primer has the function of preventing the wall from cracking, shedding chalking and dropping ash. The top coat is sprayed to achieve scrub resistance, moisture and mildew resistance. It is ideal for use in interior design.

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Uses of cement paint

a. Home decoration

Cement paint is being used more and more widely in home design. The walls of Inoue’s apartment are all covered with cement paint, creating a modern industrial feel with a distinctive style.

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Not only industrial style loves cement paint, but wabi-sabi style is also very harmonious with cement paint. The withered logs are matched with the original texture of cement paint, which is a perfect match.

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b. Public decoration

The natural texture displayed by cement paint is perfect for large spaces. The rustic and delicate feeling flowing from the material can make the whole space present a simple and elegant beauty. The price of cement paint is moderate and the construction process is simple and fast, so it is a fast and effective method for some public decoration projects.

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Construction steps and precautions

a. Construction steps

The construction of cement paint is relatively simple, from the basic treatment to the putty layer to the construction steps of cement paint. Firstly, we roll the alkali resistant sealer primer, secondly, we scrape the cement paint, and finally, we roll/spray the top coat and finish!

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There are two kinds of cement paint construction process, which need to be explained: one is flat scraping, and the other is batch scraping. There are also two types of scraping: one is trowel scraping and one is batch knife scraping. The effect produced by each construction process is different, so you need to choose carefully.

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▲The effect of flat scraping is a long natural texture, and the construction is relatively simple.

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▲The texture is more obvious and distinctive, and the construction process is more complicated, which requires a very high level of master worker’s skill.

In order to balance the effect and construction speed, a construction method of scraping with a trowel was extended. Such a method is also relatively low labor cost.

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b. Precautions

The first precaution of cement paint construction is the choice of color and texture. Generally, manufacturers will provide color blocks or small portions of samples to try a small range first, and then choose how to use the specific.

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Another point is the precautions in construction. The degree of mottling on the wall is related to the finish, the more timely the finish is done the more obvious the mottling effect. And according to the different scraping tools, techniques, time difference control, etc., can also make different mottled effect.

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The price and brand of cement paint

The material price of cement paint ranges from 10 yuan/square meter to 200 yuan/square meter. The construction cost needs to be priced according to the local oiler’s rate. Generally, diatomaceous earth construction master can be competent for the construction of cement paint.

Cement paint brand recommendation

Jane mud, Simu, oikos, floating Fei Nei, curtain Kai wind


The next chart summarizes: what is cement paint?

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