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What Is Great Wall Panel?

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The modeling board presents details with texture, and the subtle differences change the overall atmosphere of the picture inadvertently.

The popular “popular” material, the Great Wall panel, is among the popular models in the decoration industry because of its unique charm. The simplicity of the atmosphere, linear overlap makes the space more open, and the delicate texture makes the material more advanced. This light luxury minimalist style, but also is now many people are pursuing!

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So, today we will talk about the Great Wall panel from the following points.

  1. What is the Great Wall panel?
  2. What are the characteristics of the Great Wall panel?
  3. The practical application of the Great Wall panel
  4. The installation process of the Great Wall panel
  5. The brand and price of the Great Wall panel



What is the Great Wall panel?

Great Wall panel is a kind of wood-plastic material modeling board, which belongs to ecological wood. It is a new green material synthesized by wood powder and PVC plus other enhanced additives. It is called Great Wall panel because the cross section is like the Great Wall.

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What are the characteristics of the Great Wall panel?

a. Rich and diverse colors

There are multi-color options such as cedar white, mahogany, golden sandalwood, metallic gray, Asian teak, Thai teak color, walnut, black walnut, rosewood, deep red, maple, etc., to meet the design needs of different styles and levels.

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b.Wide application

Whether it is used in hotels, exhibition halls and other public buildings, or for residential home decoration, it can be used for wall, floor, ceiling, backdrop, garden landscape decoration and decoration.

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c.Green and environmental protection, no formaldehyde

It does not contain formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and other harmful substances. It meets national environmental protection standards and European standards, non-toxic and odorless pollution. It is a real green environmental protection product.

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d. Waterproof and moisture-proof, anti-mold and anti-corrosion

It has stable material performance and good water resistance. Moreover, it has excellent anti-corrosion, anti-mildew and anti-humidity properties. It can even be used for a long time in the outdoor environment where the climate pattern changes a lot, and the performance will not decline.

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e.Not easy to deformation, anti-aging

It has high strength and strong impact resistance. It is not easily deformed and brittle, and has strong anti-aging properties. It has a service life of more than 30 years.

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f.Easy to cut, easy to construct

It can be cut, sawed, shaved, nailed, painted and glued. It is simple to install and easy to construct.

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g.Oil resistance, easy to clean

Since the material is waterproof, it is resistant to oil and dirt. It is simple to clean and maintain, and can be wiped clean with a rag.

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h.Good decoration effect

It has a natural, beautiful, elegant and chic appearance, with the woodiness and natural texture of solid wood. It can be designed to reflect the unique effect of modern architectural aesthetics and material design aesthetics through different design forms.

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The practical application of Great Wall panel

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Great Wall panel is mainly applied to the wall and top surface of residential homes, hotels, offices, shopping malls, restaurants and so on. It can also be applied in outdoor landscape design, and mostly as vertical lines.

And one of the most widely used is in residential homes. Whether as a back wall or as wainscoting, or as a ceiling, it can easily create a textured light luxury style.

  1. Apply to the wall siding backdrop

Wall panel as a wall decoration used flat, undulating three-dimensional effect, so that the space has an active dynamic, so as to achieve a rich spatial effect. This is also the most widely used position.

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a.Used as the main body of large area

The Great Wall panel is used as the main body of the backdrop, with a large area of overlapping vertical lines. It has a visual stretching effect, appearing more open and atmospheric space.

▼Applied to TV backdrop in living room

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▼For living room sofa background wall

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▼Applied to dining and kitchen area

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b.Used as decoration

The Great Wall panel is used as a decorative part to enhance the dynamism and vitality of the space through the sense of rhythm of a small area.

▼Partially used in independent entrance hall

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▼Partial use in living room

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▼Partial use in the bedroom

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▼Partial use of dining and kitchen area

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▼Partial use of bathroom

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c. Used as space division or transition

In large spaces where multi-functional integration takes place, functions and uses are generally defined and distinguished through differences in wall materials, colors, textures, etc.

The texture effect of the Great Wall panel is concave and convex, which can make the wall surface produce virtual and real light and shadow, so that the transition of space division is soft and natural without a sense of fragmentation.

▼Living room and entrance hall

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▼Living room and office study area

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▼Living room and dining and kitchen area

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▼Bedroom and dressing area

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▼Bedroom and office study area

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▼Bedroom and relaxation space

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  1. Application to wall wainscoting

Great Wall panel as wall wainscoting has a simple and bright shape. It can produce a good visual effect without too much decoration and is suitable for many styles.

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▲Applied to bedroom, both as wainscoting and one-piece headboard

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▲Applied to study room

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▲Applied to dining room


  1. Applied to the ceiling of the shed

It is relatively rare to use the Great Wall panel alone as the ceiling of the shed because of its single texture and no central symmetry.

It can be combined with the wall Great Wall panels, corridors and other narrow traffic spaces, local shed decoration filling to increase the interest of space.

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▲ Combined with Wall Wall Panel

640 75

▲Applied to the corridor

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▲Partial shed decoration filling



The installation process of Great Wall panel

The most common location of the Great Wall panel is the wall. The installation process of wall surface is relatively simple, and the construction process is: check the wall surface → finishing the wall surface → installing the keel → installing the Great Wall panel.

  1. Check the wall

Before construction, check the cleanliness of the wall panel and the wall surface, whether it is smooth and flat. If there are a lot of unevenness on the surface or a lot of stains, you need to tidy up and clean the wall surface before construction.

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▲Confirm whether the wall surface is flat or not


  1. Finishing the wall

If the wall surface has unevenness and other defects, you need to level the wall surface first. Wait until the wall is completely dry before proceeding to the next step, and wipe off any stains at the same time.

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▲Uneven area needs to be leveled


  1. Installation of keel

According to the design drawing, put a line and make a hole at the corresponding position on the wall, and then use stainless steel expansion bolts to set the keel for Great Wall panel on the wall.

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▲Great Wall Panel special keel

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▲Diagram of keel installation


  1. Install the Great Wall Panel

Fix the Great Wall panel on the keel with air nails, then put the second Great Wall panel in the groove of the first Great Wall panel. Install the Great Wall panels one after another like this.

Finally, use the matching product of Great Wall Board to close the mouth and clean the stain of the board surface.

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▲Fix the Great Wall panel on the keel

640 83

▲Installation diagram of Great Wall panel

640 84

▲Construction of Great Wall panel wall practice

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▲The next board is placed in the groove of the previous board

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▲Installation process schematic



The brand and price of Great Wall Panel

As a modeling board, the Great Wall Board uses its own linear and orderly texture effect to create an exquisite premium feeling in a simple space. It takes into account many advantages at the same time, and can be used in both large and small areas. The price is generally in the range of 40-150 yuan per square. If you are a manufacturer, you can find a custom manufacturer of eco-wood and eco-board near you. The price varies depending on the area and width.

Below, or a guide to summarize today’s content.

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