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What Is PU Stone?

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The material collision has always been a designer’s pursuit of

A visual sensory impact effect

In the past two years, bumpy stone finishes

appeared in many desktop classic cases

But most people still stay away from

After all, issues such as raw materials, cost, transportation

transportation, construction and other problems are difficult to solve

But in fact, there is a faux stone finish – pu stone

Image source: Zhiya Design

Note: This article is transferred from the designer’s brain cells

It can do “to fake the real thing”.

Has been widely used in foreign countries

Since many foreign buildings are mainly wooden structures

pu stone is widely used in the decoration of building facades

Just not known by the domestic public

Today’s article takes you to decipher this type of

So realistic imitation stone finish – “pu stone”

What kind of material is it.



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What is PU stone?

Let’s analyze it from its original composition

The Chinese definition of “pu” is polyurethane, the full name of polyurethane

is the main chain contains repeated carbamate groups

It is the collective name of macromolecular compounds containing repeated carbamate groups in the main chain

It is composed of organic diisocyanate

or polyisocyanate with dihydroxy

or polyhydroxy compounds to form polyurethane materials

It has a wide range of applications and can replace rubber, plastic, nylon and other products.

It has the following characteristics.

(1) Long service life and cost reduction

(2) Temperature resistance from minus 20 degrees to high temperature 120 degrees

(3) Polyurethane products are non-polluting, non-toxic and tasteless.

It has been widely used in airports, hotels, building materials, automobile factories

Coal plant, cement plant, senior apartment, villa

Landscaping, colored stone art, parks, etc.

From the view of raw material, pu stone is more like a cross-border new material.

The familiar material is used to restore the real stone decoration material.

In terms of process, the raw material is pressed through the mold, and the color is applied inside the mold.

Usually the same type of appearance of pu stone will develop 2-4 pairs of molds.

All the mold shape are based on the real stone molded and made.

to achieve a more realistic splicing effect.

The surface is then protected by water-based environmental protection coating for exterior wall waterproofing.



What kind of PU stone products?

So what are the specific categories of pu stone?

All the culture stone shape pu stone has

For example, our traditional concept of

Great Wall stone, tile plate, flowing water stone, etc.

 In addition there are more characteristic

Concrete cement board, mushroom stone.

 The most distinctive style is the stone skin

The effect is close to the classic case

The effect is close to that of the uneven stone shape used in some classic cases

We all know that the overall cost of the original rough stone is very high

In addition to the material itself, the construction needs to build a steel frame structure

and consume huge labor and material resources and in some areas of high floor height

There are also certain safety risks.

Then, pu stone becomes the preferred alternative

Great Wall stone, flowing stone and other conventional models of size and length

In 1115~1200, width in 180~310

And the conventional sizes of concrete cement slab and mushroom stone are

1200*600, 1200*450

The conventional size of stone veneer is





Performance characteristics of PU stone

– Environmentally friendly –

Due to the properties of raw materials

and the synthesis of pu stone does not add too many artificial materials

– Fast – it can be used

Can be used indoors on almost any dry flat substrate

Direct installation time and the time period required for the entire project

Much less than the installation time of traditional cultured stone products

– Lightweight –

Lightweight due to the use of high-tech materials

Can be installed by a single person without the need for additional machinery


– Durable – the products are made of polymeric materials and

The product is composed of polymer materials and sprayed with multiple layers of high strength coatings

It is acid, sun and UV resistant for long lasting use

– Easy to install

The product is designed with an internal card structure with tongue and groove edges and pre-drilled seams.

Most of the work does not require inlay seams and can be installed directly with screws and gun nails


– Realistic appearance – The product is molded from real stone.

The mold is finely polished from real stone.

Special process to make the product realistic and delicate appearance

The product looks like real stone.

– Multi-functionality –

It has passed professional waterproof, insect-proof, flame retardant and windproof tests

Can be applied to almost any flat substrate indoors, basement and outdoors




The construction process of PU stone

So let’s talk about the construction part.

The construction process of pu stone is very simple

It only needs to be applied on a flat rough wall

And because of its lightweight special

site can be cut according to the design effect at will

This really saves labor and time cost.

Through the above analysis, pu stone seems to be full of advantages

So does it have any disadvantages or not? There are definitely some.

For example, some of the traditional categories overlapping with the cultural stone

The price of pu stone is obviously higher, even if the construction is more convenient

But if the project is very focused on the material budget

then pu stone has no advantage. Another example is

The most characteristic category of pu stone – imitation Taiwan stone skin

Even if it can restore the real stone effect very realistic

and can greatly reduce the cost of all kinds of

But it is not really stone, after all

Some surface touch is not as thick as the real stone

But on the whole, pu stone is a very high safety factor and

Cost-effective imitation stone finish is also very high

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