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Why Does The Faucet Make A Harsh Noise?

Faucets produce harsh sound possible causes: generally, the faucet is not well out of the water, generating a wave, the frequency of the wave and the resonance frequency of the pipe, causing the pipe resonance, emitting sound.

1、Insufficient pressure of water in the faucet pipe, resulting in the sound of the water in the pipe when backing down.

2. Another possible cause is that the air in the pipes is not exhausted, and the air in them expands and compresses with a sound. The water was flowing too fast, interspersed with air. Find a way to reduce the water flow rate, change the pipe diameter, open the valve to the maximum try.

3, we can see whether the faucet noise is due to the faucet gasket is not the right size or the gasket does not fit tightly on the faucet valve spool caused by. If this is the case, you can replace the gasket with a new one or just tighten it to eliminate the noise.

4、It may also be a valve spool problem, remove the faucet cap, tighten the valve spool should be fine. Also after removing the spool, apply some Vaseline oil to both sets of threads.

5, if there is still noise, then the reason lies in the faucet body thread wear, then this time it can only be a new faucet.

Matters of use

1、The installation should thoroughly remove all kinds of impurities in the pipe. Spool damage, jamming, clogging and leakage are avoided. The surface should also be cleaned so that no remnants of building materials remain.

2, for any kind of water spout products in use, there is no need to use excessive force in the switch, just gently twist or toggle. Even traditional faucets don't take a lot of effort to screw up. In particular, don't use the handle as an armrest for support or use. Products equipped with screen covers for water outlets should be disassembled and rinsed to remove impurities after a period of use. Products equipped with a hose should be careful to keep the hose in a natural state of constant stretch to avoid breakage.

3, bathtub faucet lotus head metal hose should be maintained in a natural stretch, do not use it when coiled on the faucet. At the same time, when using or not using, pay attention to the hose and valve body joints do not form dead ends, so as not to break or damage the hose.
4, by the use of the spout will sometimes happen not to close thoroughly, leakage, loose handle, loose connection leakage, and other phenomena, generally consumers can solve themselves.

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