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WOWOW Matte Black Single Handle Bathroom Vessel Sink Faucet

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  • NEVER OUTDATED STYLE】This matte black single handle bathroom faucet with unique triple-curve twist design is sure to become the highlights of any bathroom decor.
  • SOLID BRASS MATERIAL】Made of high-quality solid brass material, the heavy-duty bathroom vanity faucet weighs 5.14 Ibs and effectively protects against rust & corrosion. A lead-free ceramic values seals tightly to ensure long-term use without dripping or leaking.
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED】A matching Pop-up Drain, a 4-inch deck plate (for 1 or 3 hole installation) and 2 x 0.5m tucai water supply hoses are included! Covered by 90-days free return and 5-year warranty.
  • EASY TO OPERATE】Single handle bathroom sink faucet is easier to control water temperature and water flow. A high-arc spout leaves ample room for any tasks. All installation accessories and instruction are provided, easy to install by yourself without a plumber!
  • STEADY STREAM, NO SPLASHING】High-performance Neoperl Aerator offers a larger and smoother water flow and saves more than 50% in water usage. Easily removed the aerator for cleaning with the included tool.

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Black Single Hole Bathroom Faucet | WOWOW Vessel Sink Faucet

WOWOW Vessel Sink Faucets Matte Black

WOWOW Vessel Sink Faucets Matte Black

WOWOW Vessel Sink Faucets Matte Black WOWOW Vessel Sink Faucets Matte Black

Matte black bathroom faucet 2321501B

Designing your bathroom is a rewarding project. Although you normally don’t spend much time in your bathroom, you might as well use this place to relax for longer periods, for example in your whirlpool. Either way, you should never underestimate the impact of your bathroom design. It should be part of the overall design of your house and does deserve your time to think it well in terms of design and functionality.

A bathroom should offer you a balanced set of both design and functionality. The functionality is of the utmost importance, as most times you just want to use the basic functions of your bathroom. For example taking a shower and brushing your teeth when you are in a rush in the mornings. On the other hand, especially when you are in a more relaxed state of mind, you can really enjoy your bathroom design, relaxing in your bath tub for example. The good thing of a bathroom design is, that you can put all of your creativity into it. There are millions of options when designing a bathroom, and whatever you decide, you will have a unique décor that no one else has. And you are the sole designer of it. You can get yourself inspired by magazines and websites, but in the end you are the one deciding how your bathroom will look like.

Single hole bathroom faucet in black

When you design your ideal bathroom, you should never underestimate the impact of the bathroom faucets. As bathroom faucets are the natural focal points of any bathroom, people always look at your faucets at first. Therefore you should always select your bathroom faucets with care. Besides functionality, you want your bathroom to impress and feature a style that you are proud of. That means that you should never leave the choice for the type of bathroom faucets until the end when you are already constructing your bathroom. You should make the black single hole bathroom faucet already an integral part of your bathroom design.

Regarding your bathroom sink, you can choose from several kinds of bathroom sink faucets. You could either choose double handle bathroom faucets or single handle bathroom faucets. The single handle bathroom faucets are also known as single hole bathroom faucets. The main advantage of single handle bathroom faucets is that you are able to control the water temperature with just one hand. Another advantage has to do with the easiness of installing. As you just need one hole, it is pretty easy to install a single hole bathroom faucet. Single hole bathroom faucets come in all kinds of styles and designs. The matte black single handle bathroom faucet of WOWOW offers you an elegant design that exactly resembles a gooseneck in a both bold and unique color.

Stylish & functional matte black bathroom faucet

The stylish and yet functional matte black single handle bathroom faucet of WOWOW is both simple and timeless. Every inch of this fine piece of bathroom equipment was crafted cautiously to resist any corrosion or scratches. Therefore it is always possible to wash and maintain this matte black bathroom faucet well to keep it a perfect shape. The exceptional black coating features the bathroom faucet with a modern look that will form an integral style part of any design bathroom. Besides you can find similar styled bathroom faucets for your shower and bath tube for example, to form one harmonic part with the rest of your bathroom.

The high arc matte black single handle bathroom faucet features a functional gooseneck silhouette of 5.8 inch. The bathroom sink spout offers enough reach for efficient washing. The water flow is smooth and stable. Besides, this high quality spout is anti-splatter, so you will not wet your clothes while washing yourself at the bathroom sink. Ultimately you don’t have to extend your palms to reach for the water, as the innovative gooseneck design offers you water where you need it. To complete your design, you will find an included pop-up stopper to form one harmonious combination at your bathroom sink.

Matte black bathroom faucet of excellent quality

WOWOW uses the best quality materials for its bathroom faucets. Its state-of-the-art production facilities guarantee precise measures and calibration of all of its components. A bathroom faucet of WOWOW therefore is one integral qualitative unit that was made for maximum performance. Not for nothing this product is compatible with American Conventional stainless steel Installment. The drip-free ceramic disk of the matte black single handle bathroom faucet of WOWOW is tightly sealed. Analyses show that the drip-free brass disk is still trickle-free after 500,000 cycles.
The lever handle of WOWOW’s matte black single handle bathroom faucet is highly flexible. You can easily control the temperature of the water and yet it offers enough grip to control the temperature stepless. In addition, the matte black bathroom faucet has an enhanced durability as the faucet body is constructed from solid brass in combination with high quality components. When you hold this matte black bathroom faucet of WOWOW in your hands, you immediately notice the quality it offers.

Reasonably priced matte black bathroom faucet

Using high quality materials, WOWOW still is able offer you this black single hole bathroom faucet at a reasonable price. WOWOW first of all knows where to buy raw materials at reasonable prices. Second, the ultra-modern production facilities of WOWOW guarantee a low-cost production process. In this way you benefit from these advantages and are ensured of a stylish high quality matte black single handle bathroom faucet with the best price-quality ratio you will find. When you purchase WOWOW’s matte black single handle bathroom faucet, you will get everything you need to install this matte black bathroom faucet easily. Besides the pop-up drain stopper, a complimentary escutcheon for a 1 or 3 hole installation is included as well. You will find the needed water connections to make easy-installing possible. All bathroom faucets of WOWOW ultimately come with a full 5-year warranty period, a 90-day money back guarantee and international free shipping!

The advantages of the matte black single hole  bathroom faucet in a nutshell:

🔶Gives a wow-factor to any bathroom

🔶Impressive matte black color

🔶Stylish modern gooseneck design

🔶Easy to combine with other matte black single hole bathroom faucet

🔶Made of high quality brass materials

🔶Easy to clean and easy to maintain

🔶5-year warranty




Item Weight

6.64 pounds

Package Dimensions

23.5 x 11.7 x 3 inches


14.8 inches









Installation Method

Single-Hole Deck-Mount

Extension Length

31.5 Inches

Hose Length

59 Inches

Spout Height

10 Inches

Spout Reach

8.7 Inches

Flush Type

Dual Mode: Spray Mode/Stream Mode

3 reviews for WOWOW Matte Black Single Handle Bathroom Vessel Sink Faucet

  1. B***s2022-04-15

    This Faucet it is the real thing no plastic nor cheap materials I got mine and the houses provided came of 3/8″ American standard are 1/2″ but my local Home depot has the perfect brass male/male fitting/adapter from 3/8 to 1/2 made of brass and just add Teflon tape, it was easy to install no Rocket science need it… Hot water house goes in the front and connected to the left in the wall cold water house goes in the back of the faucet and connects to the right in the wall, I saw some previous comments about it and made me laugh tho… looks very elegant and stands alone plus you don’t get this kind of Material or the Quality of this faucet so affordable, Home depot display had something similar at 3X’s the price and for the 60’s some dollars I’d paid it woulda get me something very, very plastic chromed faucet and cheap made at the depot store

  2. R***d2022-05-07

    Unique style and heavy weight quality. We preferred it without the bottom plate.

  3. M***l2022-06-14

    I purchased this faucet a while ago and love it. Unfortunately it doesn’t work well for my application. It would be great with the handle on the left side due to limited space on my vanity set up. I installed a vessel sink and without thinking about height of faucet outlet bought this faucet. My own fault because I was caught up in its unique design. I absolutely love it , but I will have to use at another time on a different sink. I agree with others that it can be loud when turned on at a higher setting but that seems to be because it opens completely up and my water pressure is double what I’m used to . That can be bad depending on what the water hits as it comes out. Could cause unexpected spray or splatter. Aside from that it’s a great faucet. Looks stunning on my vanity but as I stated earlier it’s too short for a vessel set up. Too bad it wasn’t a taller one.

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