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WOWOW Gooseneck Kitchen Faucet Chrome

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When the kitchen mixer taps pull out sprayer is turned on, press the knob to shut off the water source for the first time.
The foam filter makes the water softer, more water-efficient, and more efficient.

2311701C installation instructions

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WOWOW Gooseneck Kitchen Faucet Chrome


WOWOW Gooseneck Kitchen Faucet Chrome WOWOW Gooseneck Kitchen Faucet Chrome WOWOW Gooseneck Kitchen Faucet Chrome

This kitchen mixer taps 2311701C pull out sprayer is made of fine copper casting and lead washing. SUS304 is environmentally friendly and healthy. Our health depends on our guardians. It can be adjusted by hot and cold rotation, easy to replace, easy to install, classic and elegant, and is suitable for various bathroom and kitchen decoration.
Pull as you like, super convenient for brushing and washing dishes, multifunctional water outlet, shower / faucet water can be switched at will, steel shaft valve core, strong constant core and durable
Product packaging includes: faucet, hose, weight hammer, base, installation tools


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60 x 30 x 7.5 cm; 2.94 Kilograms


Stainless Steel/ Zinc Alloy/ Brass





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2.94 kg

  1. V***s2020-07-03

    I recommend this faucet. Excellent quality the price was fantastic. I shopped around and this faucet was at least $100.00 Great buy you will not regret. Fast shipping as well

  2. H***y2020-06-01

    Soooo Happy with It!
    The Amazing Force faucet is truly amazing! Although the instructions looked easy to follow, I had it professionally installed because I didn’t want to mess with the plumbing. But man, is this a great faucet for the price! My plumber attested to it and it’s strong water pressure. He even took down the name to recommend to his customers. He also commented that WOWOW faucet name perfectly describes the water pressure.
    When properly installed the hose extends up to 12”, you don’t really need more than that because you can also rotate the faucet. It looks esthetically pleasing and gave my old sink a brand new elegant look! Bathing my puppy in the kitchen sink is going to be so much easier and fun now. Love, love, love my new kitchen faucet!

  3. B***g2020-07-07

    Clean, nice, and well-thought-out hardware. Instructions are basic and intuitive.

    Overall install (after removing old faucet) was about 15 minutes. Works like a charm.

    There are extra screws in the tightening bracket to ensure an extra sturdy fit.

    Gravity pull-back mechanism for the sprayer pull out works well.

    Beyond impressed at the price and it working so well.

    Will update in 8-12 months on durability.

    For the manufacturer:

  4. E***h2020-07-09

    Upgrading our rental condo, I was looking for a reliable kitchen faucet with a good quality and price. A friend of mine who owns a few condos as well introduced me to this brand and I’m very satisfied. My tenant was more than happy with this upgrading, he loves to cook! Easy to install, sharp and modern design, brushed nickel color. Perfectly fit the sink. Highly recommend it!

  5. J***n2020-07-14

    The faucet came with a very nice package, it’s very good quality after I opened and check it. I never used a face that can adjust the water mode, this one is so cool that it have different mode with that easy switch. I like the color and it match my kitchen sink, it’s also very easy to install according to the manual, I like it a lot, the water comes out so nice, it’s a really affordable and satisfied shipping, the mode switching helps out a lot when I do my dishes !!! Love it !!!

  6. D***y2020-07-15

    The faucet looks nice but for me there is one inexcusable issue. And another very annoying one. The hose that holds the attachable weight which keeps the sprayer retracted into the faucet does not properly fit with the weight. It is too snug for the hose causing it to not close properly, so it falls off. After spending the time it takes to install this faucet my husband is not in a big hurry to uninstall it to return it so he’s considering a zip tie to keep the weight attached to the hose. We shouldn’t have to do that. Also, the temperature handle is backwards to all of the other faucets We have had. When the faucet is installed with the handle on the right the hot water is accessed when the handle is pulled forwards. The cold is accessed when pushed backwards. That’s going to take some getting used to. Had I know about these two issues I would have never purchased this faucet. How it got such stellar reviews is beyond me.

  7. J***l2020-07-16

    My kitchen sink now makes me happy. The height of the faucet is great. The sprayer is easy to use and provides a strong stream or spray. What a blessing for preparing dishes for the dish washer and cleaning out the sink

  8. P***m2020-07-17

    Love this faucet so much! Was very easy to install with the included instructions. Honestly, the hardest part was removing my old faucet! It looks a lot more expensive than it is and for the price, it just can’t be beat! Compliments my newly painted kitchen cabinets perfectly.

  9. J***n2020-07-21

    We just love this kitchen faucet! The pull down sprayer is so nice too! Very well made too!
    I would definitely recommend this faucet to anyone! Nice and such a great price and easy to install!

  10. M***e2020-07-25

    It came very quickly shipping wise. It is awesome quality for the price, I even suggested my family to purchase. My hubby installed it and had not one problem.

  11. M***k2020-07-29

    TEN Star Beautiful Gold Faucet for an Amazing Price!!!! I LOVE this Faucet!!! We refreshed our kitchen by painting our old ugly dark brown cabinets White and put some fancy door handles on them.!! Then we put in this Gorgeous Gold Faucet (in our white cast iron sink), it looks Absolutely Fabulous!!!! For under two hundred bucks Total, and a week of painting and sweating we made our kitchen look Fantastic!!! SO Happy with this Beautiful Golden Faucet that is the focal point in my “new” kitchen!!! It works Perfectly and was easy to install (I didn’t have to do it, my big guy did all the work)!! I love having the Pull our Spray option, but most of the time we just use the straight out normal faucet mode!!! Everything you need to install is already included in the Package!!! It comes with two new hoses, the weight for the hose sprayer, all fasteners and fixtures AND the Deck plate that covers up the Three hole faucet we were replacing!!! It looks Just like Faucets we saw at the big box hardward store that cost up to four hundred Bucks!! I just can’t believe how nice this is for such a Small Price!! 10 stars, Love it!! Thank you!!

  12. A***e2020-08-06

    This sink faucet looks expensive! It has a beautiful finish and the features make this this faucet an upgrade. Before this, I had a standard low faucet that was likely 10 or so years old. So this is a huge upgrade and would make a nice addition if you are trying to spruce your kitchen up before selling.

    Quality wise, it’s not as cheap as your $20 faucet, but it’s definitely not high quality. You can feel it in how light the pieces are, and in the plastic of the sprayer switch.

    This is the second sink faucet I’ve ordered from this company. The first was awful so I was worried this would be too, but it exceeded all my expectations. It was so simple to put together because most of the pieces were already assemble. It took my husband about 30 minutes to get it all pit together. The hot and cold handle is on the right side of the faucet head and pulls back and forth. The neck of the faucet curves really high up and gives plenty of room to wash dishes underneath (my old faucet was always in the way!). The sprayer easily pulls down from the faucet neck and there is a switch you push up or down to activate the spraying feature, but it can also be used as just a stream. My only complaint is that I wish I could control the force of the sprayer from the pull down part vs just adjusting the amount of water I’m using.

    All in all, for under $50 (as of the date of this review), I think this is a great upgrade. You get cool features and an elegant look for a fraction of the price.

  13. M***y2020-08-06

    This is a great deal. It performs better than my old faucet that was nearly twice the price. This is a practical faucet. It is not fancy or streamlined but is very functional. It’s neck is high which I love since I don’t bang into it as much and the neck glides back and forth easily. The pull out head has a weight so it reattaches quickly after each use. All pluses. However, it does have a few drawbacks. The reason it is cheaper is that the materials are cheaper and thinner. (The metal and the tubing.) Plus the hot and cold water lines are on the shorter side. My water value is not exactly below the faucet. It is to the side and while my old faucet lined up and fit well. The lines on this faucet were too short. I could not reach the hot water value in particular. It was a pain but I had to find a 3/8″ faucet connector which was 20″ long for an extra $7 dollars at Home Depot. Not hard to do but annoying. Another thing is while it does seem to have a tight seal at the bottom on the faucet where it connects to the sink you still might want to use a silicone sealant on the edges for extra protection, too.
    This faucet is an excellent value. I just grade it 4 1/2 stars due to the short connections to the water value and less durable materials.

  14. B***h2020-08-09

    Finally found one to work in our seriously old outdated kitchen.
    Did not want to spend an arm and a leg just yet because not sure what style I want to go with.
    As I am in the middle of redoing the entire kitchen.
    This one goes so well with the black and stainless steel appliances we now have.
    It was thankfully easy for my teen son to install for me.
    I previously bought one before asking him what kind we needed. Learned my lesson since I bought the wrong kind before this one.
    Really like the sprayer on this one and I get a much better output with it than our old one.
    Overall am pleased with not only how fantastic this one looks but the performance and construction of it is high quality that I can see lasting for years or until I change my mind again about style lol.

  15. O***e2020-08-14

    This faucet looks great in my kitchen! I love the matte black finish. Our kitchen in the home we just moved into had three holes, one for the faucet and two for the handles to adjust temperature. I wanted just the one handle on the faucet to adjust the temperature and this one is great. The plate fit perfectly over the three holes. My husband said it was easy to install, no issues. The pull down sprayer makes it easy to spray down the sink and water plants.

  16. E***n2020-08-19

    I don’t know about WOWOW, but it does have settings that do put a lot of pressure behind the streams. The finish seems pretty good, but time is the only thing that will tell on that. Installation was straight forward, nothing special. You just need basic handyman skills or to know how to use YouTube. Either one. My only complaint would be that the handle is so narrow to be almost knife-like, and isn’t as comfortable as a rounded handle would be. It looks nice, though. Considering the price point, this is a (so far) a great faucet. Everything works as advertised, and it seems hardy enough to stand up to the moderate abuse it will suffer in my kitchen.

  17. B***r2020-08-23

    I got this to put in an apartment in our home. I have to say, I’m kinda jealous that it’s going there because I love the richness of the black and gold design.

    Build quality seems pretty darned good. I’ve installed everything from Moen to Delta and I’d say that the quality isn’t far off their standard. Of course, the proof is in the using so we will see how the paint and hardware holds up over time. But first impressions out of the box are that this should to the job nicely once we get it installed.

    The head is plastic but the neck and body seem to be powder coated steel. All components seem to be up to all codes that I know of. Instructions come with it but there’s also a REALLY good video in the main description that shows how to install it. If you have any DIY/plumbing experience you should be able to install this easily, If not, get a plumber. Not worth trying to save money if you end up with water damage from improperly installing it.

    Once it’s in I’ll try to come back and update my review… especially if we have any problems. Happy Shopping everyone!

  18. P***w2020-08-27

    About three years ago I splurged and bought what I thought was the best kitchen faucet/sprayer combination around and for a year it was great. I spent nearly ten times the cost of this Amazing Force faucet. But then the washer under the upright piece broke (and I’m very gentle with it and live alone, so no kids rough housing with it) and then the weight (that pulls the head back up) kept getting caught.

    So anyway, I have a plumber friend and when I showed him this Amazing Force Gold faucet he just said, “Let’s install it and see how she works.” The faucet was easy to install (the original expensive one required a lot of modifications to THEIR kit) and other than the weight being a little bit of a problem at first (we fixed it), this thing is a beast and when I look at the price I have to laugh. As I write this it’s under $50. What? How can that be? I have a feeling the finish won’t last like polished stainless, but like I said, I’m gentle with it.

    By the way, I have another faucet in backup already, lol. A friend was going to update her condo and changed her mind and I bought it from her just to have. I lived most of my 20 years in this house with one faucet, now I’ve got three coming and going.

  19. P***g2020-08-29

    This faucet is absolutely stunning! It looks like one of the very expensive brands and functions just as well too. The push-button control is crisp and reactive and it retracts perfectly. It looks amazing and really stands out as a fancy fixture. Installing it was a breeze and it fit my sink with no problems.

    Very happy with this and it’s a bargain at the price they’re selling it for too.

    5 stars!

  20. A***x2020-09-02

    This is definitely durably made. It looks awesome in my kitchen after installation. It had replaced an older kitchen faucet we owned. I love the fact that it comes out and it makes it so convenient to wash everything.
    I personally did not install it because I do not want to mess with our water in our building. I called in the super and he was able to remove our old kitchen faucet and install this one quite fast (for a tip).
    The kitchen faucet works flawlessly. No dripping. Operates efficiently. No noise. Easy to adjust to hot, warm, and cold. Very happy and recommended. Looks like this will last a long time. Thank you.

  21. N***a2020-09-07

    I love the black and gold color of this faucet. So unique and I get a lot of compliments on it.
    Being that there is no way I can get on my back to install this, I had a plumber friend come over to do the installation. So, I can’t say how well the instructions are to the normal homeowner that installs this by themselves.
    I will say that I love the water pressure that comes out of the sprayer. Sprayer extension works perfect.
    I also like that I can choose the spray or stream option. That’s something I’m so used to having on my faucet. I just wished the button was on the underneath part of the sprayer head where it can’t be seen.
    The arch of the faucet is high enough where I don’t constantly hit it with a pot when I’m washing dishes by hand.
    So far I have no complaints. Will update if anything pops up in the upcoming month.

  22. Q***n2020-09-11

    This is a nice faucet. We had a high end faucet in our kitchen and despite the lifetime warranty on it, we found it failing due to the insanely hard water we have here in CO. This seemed like a good one to try to replace it as we did not want to spend 250 again only to have it last 3 to 4 years. This looks really nice, and let me tell you, this is a heavy, and substantial faucet. The lever to turn it on and off works well – it moves smoothly, and seems sturdy. There are no issues with leaks, and the faucet comes with everything but the wrench needed to install it. The installation was easy per my hubby, and everything works as it should. The sprayer turns easily between the two modes, which is nice, I actually put this one on a utility sink after getting another one of these for our kitchen and I love it here, too. It is fantastic for washing out clothing/stain treating, cleaning paint brushes, etc. I love this faucet!

  23. H***s2020-09-13

    Best kitchen sink faucet yet! Really like the smooth operation and features. Went on line and saw a few after market mods that I incorporated as follows: Get yourself some small nylon tie-wraps to secure the hose connector to avoid having the two hose pieces separate at the connector. Seems some users experienced this problem and it makes quite a mess… Next, get yourself a small diameter waxed concrete tube, cut it lengthwise (go on line and view the videos for this and the tie wraps) and install it under your sink for the weighted hose to travel up and down inside vs. having the weighted hose travel interfere with the plumbing under the sink. The waxed surface makes for a really smooth sprayer hose operation and also protects the hose from snagging on anything under the sink and separating.

  24. R***s2020-09-18

    This is a tall kitchen faucet that stands out from all the rest. I like the gleaming finish, tall arch and multiple sprayer settings. This faucet set looks great and functions well.

    Nice quality, fit and finish
    Great water flow
    Multi sprayer settings can easily be used single handed
    Easy to install and includes everything you need to setup
    Gleaming finish

  25. C***h2020-09-19

    I’ve never heard of the makers of this Faucet but, it seems to be made with quality in mind and at a reasonable price too. It’s nice to have a Faucet that’s different than the status quo of the typical Crome Faucet and it looks Good. I love the Pulldown sprayer too, because it leaves an open spot on the average Sink to install a Soap Dispenser, a Permanent Hot Water Line, or one of many other possibilities. All of the hose lines are made of Braided Stainless Steel and it’s pretty easy to hook up.
    I would definitely recommend this thing.
    Enjoy it and Stay Healthy Everyone!😁

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