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The Difference between Ordinary Faucets and Hot&Cold Faucets

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The Difference between Ordinary Faucets and Hot&Cold Faucets

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General faucet installation methods

When installing a regular faucet, we first need to take out the fixed base of the faucet and unscrew the nut from the threaded pipe. The hose that connects the faucet to the water pipe will be equipped with a soft after attaching the hose to the stainless steel faucet fittings, such as the threaded pipe and the silicone pad. The hose goes through the object that needs to be installed, such as the sink, basin, etc. At this point, it is important to note that the silicone pads worn on the hose are installed on both sides of the sink, basin, etc., and finally tightened to ensure greater stability of the base faucet. The small end of the hose is then screwed into the inlet of the faucet until it stops, without the use of other tools. After that, screw the nut tube into the lower side of the faucet and the silicone pad on the upper side of the sink, basin, etc. can be removed and placed underneath the faucet. Finally, fix the faucet with the nut, screw on the nut, the faucet is fixed.

Hot and cold faucet installation method

When installing a hot and cold water faucet, the first thing you need to do is to put all the accessories in place and make sure the instructions are correct. Let’s take the installation method of hot and cold water faucet as an example and introduce the specific installation steps. The first step is to connect the two inlet pipes of the cold water pipe and the hot water pipe with the corresponding inlet of the cold and hot water faucet horse, after the connection is completed, put the fixed post of the cold and hot water faucet into the two inlet pipes to ensure the corresponding cold. Hot correct. After these operations are completed, you need to install the assembled hot and cold water faucet on the sink, wash basin and other objects, and place an inlet pipe in the opening of the wash basin and so on. Finally, the horseshoe piece of the faucet is fixed and the screw nuts are tightened.

The hot and cold faucet mainly consists of handle, valve core, inlet braided pipe and installation gadget. How the ceramic spool works: in general, the bottom of the ceramic spool consists of three holes, one for in and out cold water, another for in and out hot water, and another for the water supply within the spool.

The faucet spool has both cold and hot holes and a sealing ring to ensure a seal with the main ramp street. After the main body of the cold and hot water pipes are connected, it is ensured that the hot water pipes and cold water pipes correspond with the two holes of the spool one by one. The valve spool mainly controls the opening and closing of the two holes and relies on the movement of the two ceramic plates to work.

The handle switch drives the valve stem to move the ceramic piece, so that the left and right holes are sealed, at this time the valve core does not enter water. The stepped seal of the spool allows water to flow through the spool into the main body outlet channel so that no water enters the spool and no water flows out of the conduit. This is the closed state of the water pipe, the structure and working principle of the faucet.

What is the principle of hot and cold faucet?

In fact, the hot and cold water faucet is also called “mixed water faucet”, which is a faucet that mixes cold and hot water and regulates the water temperature. The principle is mainly based on the use of highly accurate ceramic plates or steel valve cores to control the water discharge condition inside the faucet, so that the cold and hot water form different directions when the faucet is in use.

When we twist the faucet to the discharge state, the ceramic disc is moved so that the upper hole is completely open and the right hole is completely closed. In this way, cold water cannot enter the spool and hot water enters the spool, a small space in the six-way spool shown by an irregular groove in the ceramic piece. This is how the hot water enters and exits after flowing through the bottom hole. Opening the right handle is cold water, and the hot and cold pipes in the middle open at the same time, and out flows warm water.

So we can use hot water for hot water and cold water for cold water. Now the hot and cold water faucet has been popularized to every household, we can’t do without this faucet, it brings great convenience to our life.


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