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WOWOW Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap Pull Out Spray Brushed Nickel

(54 customer reviews)

PERFECT CHOICE】- WOWOW Kitchen faucet is made of 304 stainless steel, match most kitchen sink.Stainless steel with brushed nickel finish will give your kitchen a new look.

PULL-DOWN FUNCTION】- Easy control of hot and cold water and flow volume, with a retracting system makes kitchen faucets with pull down sprayer always stay in the original position after use.

EASY TO USE】- Kitchen faucet with pull down sprayer got 2 water modes: A silky soft and steady stream; A med-high pressure shower stream. Both of them can meet various washing requirements.

EASY DIY INSTALLATION】- NO NEED plumber, save money and time. Everything you need is in the box. Quick connect hose takes only 30 minutes for easy DIY.

RETURNS POLICY】- 90-Day return Guaranteed & Hassle-free life time warranty service. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problem with the kitchen sink faucet, we will try our best to help!

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WOWOW Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap Pull Out Spray Brushed Nickel

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Item Weight

‎4.34 pounds

Package Dimensions

22 x 11.1 x 3 inches


Brushed Nickel




Stainless Steel



Installation Method

‎Single Hole

Number of Handles


Spout Height

‎8.9 Inches

Maximum Flow Rate

‎1.65 Gallons Per Minute

Special Features

Pull Down Sprayer

54 reviews for WOWOW Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap Pull Out Spray Brushed Nickel

  1. U***e2020-01-28

    I’m very picky, do lots of research and tend to go for name brands and never the bottom of the line, hence I did some pretty thorough research before adding this unknown-to-me brand name to my shortlist of well known brands of similar design at more than double or three times the cost. This is a solid quality product, the design with the pull down and spray feature is wonderful, my sinks have never been so clean! The only thing I can’t speak to is the longevity because it’s only been a month, but as most kitchen faucets, it’s in constant use, and I have no reason to think it won’t last the same as the more expensive brands. Great choice, go for it, save the $, I’m happy to recommend with 5 stars.

  2. A***r2020-02-03

    Can’t believe how heavy and high quality the stainless steel is. For the price, you’d swear something must be reeling, cheap metal, poor quality build…something. Nope, just a high quality faucet thats insanely cheap. Seriously, if this was $100 more I’d still buy it and be happy with my purchase. This is too good of a deal to pass up.

  3. J***e2020-02-05

    This faucet is a replacement for a 15 year old “brand name” single handle unit with pull-down spray head. This faucet had starting leaking at the valve assemblies in the faucet body and I didn’t want to try to repair those. Spent 2.5 – 3 hours extracting the old unit…corrosion and stripped threads made this part of the job almost undoable. That and the poor mechanical design of the old unit made for a lot of blood, sweat, and tears on my part.

    Conversely, the new faucet was installed and tested in about 35 minutes. Two threaded connections for the hot and cold inputs and one large threaded connection for the faucet to sink interface…voila, done.

    Everything was included in the packaging (with the exception of the sealing tape); escutcheon plate, spare gaskets, allen wrench, and 3/8 to 1/2 adapters for the hot/cold connections (if needed)

    After all that being said the new faucet is highly functional and a very good looking improvement over the old one. I would highly recommend it and would add that the price was about $75 -$100 less than the name brand equivalents. If this lasts as long as the one it replaced, I will be very pleased.

  4. G***s2020-02-08

    was hesitant on buying an unknown brand, but after reading reviews I decided to go with. The install was so easy compared to others. No need for plumbers putty which was a nice surprise. The pressure that this faucets gives out is like nothing I have had from the well known brands. I can’t recommend this enough. We installed Sunday, so only a few days old (today is Tuesday). Praying it lasts longer then the 5 years my known brand one did. Save your money and order this faucet!

  5. I***e2020-02-09

    As an apartment-dweller who needed to replace an ancient kitchen faucet, this appeared to be one of those too-good-to-be-true products. But after a year and a half of solid use, and one fantastic customer service experience, I can safely say this is one of the best deals I’ve ever found on WOWOW.

    Installation is easy. So easy that I didn’t hesitate to uninstall and reinstall it after moving to another apartment. As one of the other reviewers said, you might want to switch the hot and cold hoses so that pulling the lever toward you is cold and pushing away is hot, but that’s not even worthy of being considered a fault.

    More importantly, it looks and functions great. I figured at this price it would probably show some kind of wear or stains pretty quickly, but I was wrong. It could easily be mistaken for a high-end faucet that would go for triple or quadruple the price. The faucet head and hose is nicely weighted to extend with little effort and secure snugly when retracted, and the switch to toggle between streams and button to stop flow are well-placed and never fail. Perfect.

  6. J***h2020-02-09

    This is faucet is an excellent value, the fit and finish are top notch. Also, the temperature regulation and water pressure are superior. Installation was very easy, the only tool required for my installation was a wrench to tighten the feed lines to the angle stops on the wall under the sink. The system used to tighten the faucet to the sink is very well though out, just a big fitting that you can hand tighten under the sink to complete the installation.

    I prefer this faucet over the similar American Standard faucet it replaced. It was easier to install, had better regulation and pressure, and I prefer the appearance of the WOWOW faucet. As a bonus this faucet was $93.44 and the American Standard faucet it replaced was $170 5 years ago!

    I can’t comment on longevity yet obviously, but it does come with a 5 year warranty, and based on the feel of the faucet I have no doubt it will last at least that long. The previous faucet lasted a bit over 5 years.

    Excellent buy!

  7. L***n2020-02-09

    We have been using the faucet for 6 weeks now, it is very good looking & functional. Install was easy, I like that the handle position can be customized for your setup. Also like that the plate to cover the other holes was included at no extra charge. Both the solid stream and the spray are well designed and don’t spray water all over. The pull down feature works very well; I like the weighted cable instead of a spring for the return mechanism. The faucet is easy to keep clean, doesn’t show fingerprints.
    The faucet was shipped without two of the washers that are used to lock the faucet in place under the counter. I contacted WOWOW by email and got a prompt reply that they would ship new ones and they gave me tracking information on the shipment, which came from China. I count that as excellent service and also an excellent product.

  8. C***n2020-02-11

    I reviewed several faucets here and found that this one has BETTER reviews than All the name brand faucets without exception. We were ready to spend $150-$200 for a faucet but as it turned out this seemed the better choice. We had a Moen & it served us well for many years but being an old style single handle faucet my wife wanted to upgrade to a newer style so we selected this one. It arrived earlier than expected, was packaged nicely & had extra parts included.

  9. I***t2020-02-13

    This faucet is incredible. It was a bear of an installation but that was no fault of this product. See, they say it is a DIY-job that anyone can do but they also don’t mention that professionals probably installed the faucet previously.

    It took 3 broken up days of swearing and tearing for me to disassemble the old faucet and be able to get it disconnected and off the sink. The best tip I can say is make sure to include the cost of a basin wrench in this job. It is labeled as something “nice to have” but it is a necessity. In my case, no wrench or tool was small enough to get into the area and be able to rotate and do so with enough force to disconnect the faucet that had probably been there since the house was built in the early 40s.

    However, once I was able to get the old stuff off, the installation was essentially smooth sailing. The directions and video guide you right through everything and the only hiccup I had was dealing with older plumbing where I had different connections than the instructions showed. It ended up being fine, but I wanted to research and make sure before I ended up with a sea of water on the floor.

    The new faucet has really changed my kitchen. Not only does it look great but a bunch of “tiny” details add up to a massive improvement for my living. First off, I also purchased a soap dispenser to go along with this. So that eliminates the need for an unsightly dispenser sitting on the back of the sink. And since the “handles” are built into the back of the faucet, it removes all of those little knobs behind the sink too. Now I have empty room there so it looks a lot cleaner and less cluttered.

    Additionally, since this faucet is so tall, I can easily maneuver big pans and cutting boards and cookie sheets under it for a proper cleaning. With my old faucet, it was fixed about 6 inches up, that was all the clearance you had to maneuver things under the water which would end up soaking the counter, me, or the back of the sink inevitably.

    In addition, since the handle is removable I can bring the water to big items rather than the other way around which makes cleaning easier. I find I can switch to the spray nozzle and bring it right down on caked on food and it comes right off, where as sauces come right off if I turn the nozzle to the flow setting and lift it up really high from the pot.

    Can we also mention that my previous spray nozzle had no pressure at all so it was impossible to use. The spray function on this has introduced me to the splendor that is being able to spray off some caked on food rather than having to scrub at it repeatedly.

    It’s also so much easier to be able to “hit” the faucet with your forearm to turn on the water when your hands are dirty rather than having to turn a knob, wash your hands, and then wash the knob. So it improves cooking in my kitchen a lot.

    I’ve had comments that it looks and operates like a super expensive model, where I know I purchased it for a reasonable price. I love this faucet! 5-star product. Works great, came with everything needed to install it, and has held up now for at least 4 months and I will update if it doesn’t. The only thing it does not come with is any sort of plumbers tape. most of them suggest using something to secure the connections.

  10. A***y2020-02-14

    This only took me about 10 minutes to install after I removed my old faucet. Was very easy to install, and as long as the area where the weight and hose pulls the handle is clear, the head returns easily and firmly. The one thing I didn’t like, all pictures showed the handle in the total vertical position. I assumed that the hot water was perfectly vertical, and cold water was perfectly horizonal. Instead, when installed with the handle on the right, the cold water is 45° toward the backsplash and the hot water is 45° toward the sink or the user. When considering that you can rotate the faucet so the handle is to the middle, it makes sense that the cold water is on the right and hot water on the left, and if you wanted to install the handle on the left-hand side, it wouldn’t make sense to have the handle turned 90° toward the backsplash (since it probably wouldn’t even fit). So I switched the hot and cold water lines so the cold water is 45° toward the sink/user.

    The look is nice, the height/clearance over the sink is great, the sprayer works great, and it was a good value.

  11. A***l2020-02-15

    It arrived with simple box, simple manual, but all stuffs are well protected.

    I took me about 10 minutes to uninstall the old one, clean up and install this machine. Just read the manual little bit, and bumm… done. As you see in my image, it look elegant, classic, pretty cool. Slightly tall and large size. It is not difficult at all to install.

    Two tools that you need: pliers and basin or something to keep undersink dry. Yeah, just few towels.
    I love they provided few supplies – if you need it because previous faucet has bigger pipe or anything. Just make sure you install the right pipe. They have marked with color, green and red. Even you never install this thing, like me. Just use your commonsense that red is hot and green is cold. After everything installed. Don’t forget to install the weight.
    The weight is a little too light for me. Beware, you must install the weight in the right side. Otherwise it won’t work. This thing, you may have to pull and push the faucet and you see which one is up and down – put the weight there.

    In summary, it is affordable faucet, good quality, metal – not cheap plastic. Steady after installed. Arrived with plenty supply that you may need. Easy to install and I recommend you to buy this because it comes with 5 years warranty.

    Updated after few weeks: we really love it. Surprise, You can adjust the length of the pipe. I.e. if you don’t prefer too long, put the weight a little higher.

  12. B***y2020-02-18

    It looks better than my previous one. This one matches with my current setup better. Very easy to install. I have included the video for basic installation. It was my first time installing kitchen faucet and thanks to WOWOW. They made it extremely easy for beginner. The weight is actually better than my previous one. It is heavier and the extension pull back the whole way. My old one did not pull back the whole way. The water flow is smooth and constant. I don’t know about the plastic though. Right now, i do not have any issues but i can’t tell what is going to happen in the long run. Hope it will be fine. If you are looking for a replacement, check it out. It also has many extra parts included in case if you need them later on.

  13. D***e2020-02-21

    This is a quality faucet. Great fit and finish and solid construction. You could easily pay twice the price and still this WOWOW faucet would be a great value. The installation was easy enough as the parts provided were of equal good quality. There is nothing subpar about this.

    My kitchen window sill sits low and extends a little out over the sink, which makes fitting a nice, larger faucet a bit tricky. However, the base part with the lever fit perfectly under the sill. The main body of the base that sits on top of the face plate measures approx 1.8” and the neck that fits within the base of the faucet is approx 1” in diameter (my measurements are approx, please refer to the actual dimensions in the item description).

    Another consideration for those of you who also might have a window sill clearance issue, is that the base with the lever can be rotated forward during installation. So, instead of the lever sitting on the right side of the faucet (which in my case would not work because the lever would not clear the window sill, you can rotate the base 90 degrees! This is a BIG advantage in the faucet’s design. As you can see in the picture, the level is located in the front of the faucet, which I find work perfectly.

    So overall, I give this WOWOW faucet 5 for quality and design. I was not familiar with the WOWOW brand before making this purchase. Now that I have installed one I feel very confident in recommending it. I know I will buy this brand again.

  14. E***g2020-02-23

    I am so glad that I purchased this faucet! It was super simple to install, it is made sound and feels durable.

    I have never in my life installed a new kitchen faucet before and quite frankly I put it off for quite awhile hoping I could sucker someone into doing it for me, hahaha. I finally decided to put on my big girl pants and attempt it and boy am I glad I did, it was a breeze! Taking my old faucet out that came with the house I purchased was really difficult, it was rusted in and just a pain in the neck to work the wrench in such a tight space. Took a solid hour just to get the stupid thing out.
    Now installing the wowow Single Handle High Arch faucet was literally SO SIMPLE. I had it done in less than ten minutes. The instructions are to the point and easy to follow. If you set it up EXACTLY how the instructions read, the faucet works FLAWLESSLY.

  15. O***a2020-02-24

    I never liked the default kitchen faucet that comes in every house. It’s low, doesn’t have options, and sometimes can be finicky when dealing with water pressure or temperature. But the idea of having to change one out did frighten me a little since I’ve never done it. But with a recent sale, I decided to give it a go and I’m glad.
    Installation wasn’t hard at all. Turn off the values under the sink, get a wrench to loosen the bolts, and take the original off and hook the new one as instructed. No special tools needed, no tape or glue, or anything extra.
    I love the high arc of the neck on the faucet and the ease of turning the water on and off or hot and cold with just a lever up front(I adjusted and turned it around top face the front instead of the side). And being able to take the head off the faucet off and using it as the extendable hose it a dream. There’s even a button on there to go to two different mode, a shorter or default spray, as well as a small button to pause the water in case you need it.
    Thoroughly enjoy this product and very happy with it.

  16. A***l2020-02-25

    Haven’t been using long. Will update if need be. Faucet was just installed today with a new kitchen sink. Love he look and the quality overall seems to be good. My plumber told me that a lot of these Chinese faucets share the same parts as the name brands and the quality is just as good. He did also mention that most of them will end up being replaced after 5 years. Even the name brands. But for the price it looks awesome and seems very functional. I’m happy for the price and I would say give it a go!

  17. O***r2020-02-26

    My rental business has bought 6 of them for rehab in 6 units and they all look luxurious. They are very easy to install and my contractors love them from the look to the quality.
    So far only 1 broke after 5 months of usage by a family of 6 (4 kids). I emailed their warranty service as provided from the website and they replied within 6 hours and rush-shipped a new one as the replacement. I received the new one in 4 days. Well, that is an amazing customer service. Thank you!

  18. Z***s2020-02-28

    Can’t believe I did it! I have never done anything like this before. Installing a faucet!! I thought this was something you hire someone to do! However, the customer service rep told me I could just look at the video and do it myself and… what do you know? THEY WERE RIGHT!! I would say I had a harder time taking out my old one. Since WOWOW made an point to simplify and label everything. It’s almost a no brainer on what goes where! They even made tightening the facet easy with one big screw ring. I believe I used no other tools then my bare hands to install. The only thing I needed assistance was for someone to hold the faucet straight as I tighten the screw. However, you might be able to do it by just yourself. Might just take a little bit longer. But I think it’s manageable.

  19. E***s2020-03-01

    In our previous apartment, we had Delta faucets installed, so we got a bit spoiled. When we moved into our house, the kitchen sink had a simple short faucet, so after few months of struggling with it, I started to look for high-arc faucet. I was looking at higher end brands, but I wasn’t willing to shell out $200+ for a faucet which will probably be replaced when we remodel. I came across wowow faucet and was intrigued by the number of good reviews. Long story short – bought the faucet. It arrived in a very neat and professional box with items individually cut into black Styrofoam. The installation of the WOWOW faucet took less than 10 mins, including the removal of the old faucet. This unit looks slick, high-end and work excellently. Had it for 3 weeks – no complaints. Excellent water pressure, excellent and responsive hose…most importantly NO LEAKS. So I highly recommend (hopefully it will stand the test of time).

  20. J***m2020-03-02

    We have been in our home for over 35 years, so this is at least the fourth set of kitchen faucets we have replaced. The installation went smoothly and I liked the fact that the supply lines came already attached so I did not have to use my existing supply lines, plus the price was way lower than the last 2 faucets we installed. We replaced a name brand set of kitchen faucets that we hated from day one because there was no pressure and no volume, water came out of the faucet in a weak stream; having trouble shot the, screen, diffuser, valves ands supply lines, the weak stream was caused by the two year old faucet. Plenty of pressure and water with the WOWOW faucet and we like the fact that all functions are carried out from one location.

  21. J***n2020-03-04

    This faucet is a great for the price and it’s functionality. It is a very solid, durable, functional and stylish faucet. I really wanted a faucet that has a sprayer in it and I am glad that It has a retractable sprayer and it works really well. There is a weight that comes with this faucet to install at the bottom so the sprayer retract back to it’s position properly. Another best thing is that it doesn’t show finger prints so looks very clean. It’s relatively easy to install this faucet and even a moderately skilled person can install it in An hour or so. I’m happy with my purchase and definitely recommend others too.

  22. J***n2020-03-05

    WOW!! Unbelievable product for the money, installed it in 20 minutes. Saw all the 5 star reviews but was still hesitant about purchasing. Decided if I didn’t like it I would send it back. Ordered it and cant believe the quality. If your looking for a new kitchen faucet but arn’t looking to spend 300 or more this IS THE FAUCET YOU WANNA BUY!!!! Couldn’t be happier with this purchase! The faucet I replaced, I paid 330.00 8 years ago, this one is every bit as nice as it!! You wont be disappointed with this one!!!

  23. U***s2020-03-10

    This is an amazing value. This faucet replaced one that originally cost four times as much and it is much better quality. I cannot begin to tell you how impressive this is. Very well made!
    Months later; as it turns out, I am OK engineer.
    I was worried it would leak at the top of the coupling. It did not. This product is solid

    ~ two months later, this is still a very impressive product. I am an engineer, I was worried about the pivot point for the head. It does not leak at all. Still, I recommend this unit highly

  24. H***e2020-03-12

    It has been about a week since I installed this WOWOW kitchen faucet and so far I have been fairly impressed with the quality. The installation was a breeze (only took me about 15 minutes) and everything needed (except pliers) came with the packaging. If there were to be any downsides, the horses are welded from the faucet end thus if one of them starts to leak for some reason, I’d have to end up replacing the whole faucet. That said, I don’t see any leaks, the water pressure is great, as well as the temperature control. By far this is much much cheaper compared to the cheapest faucets I could find in local hardware stores. I am not a professional plumber but for me, this product looks and feels just like the $200 expensive one it replaced. If it gives me good 4-5 years (which is what my last one gave), I think I’d be happy. Good value for the money.

  25. S***s2020-03-15

    I installed this kitchen faucet in about 30 min, most of it spent hooking up the water lines. The only problem I had was with my old faucet which would not come off since the tightening bold was rusted on. But, that was not really a big problem for me which was very satisfying to use.

    The product came double-boxed and was delivered in flawless condition. All the parts were there and the instruction card was very clear though I did not use it very much (it’s a man thing). The water stream is very nice and there are no leaks at all. I was also impressed by the marking on the main water line for the weight which helps retract the faucet extension. It’s little things like this that speeds up installation and avoids future problems. I also very much liked the plastic tightening nut which fits the entire hand and is very easy to snug up with no tools required.

  26. E***y2020-03-16

    I had ordered this faucet to replace a Peerless faucet I had purchased in Walmart two years ago .The Peerless faucet was horrible it leaked after a couple of months and after replacing parts under warranty it still had problems.I installed the new faucet and was very happy with the outcome.This faucet works very well as described and it looks great my wife loves it.I had to replace a new shut off valve the install took me two hours . Working under a kitchen sink is not a fun job not much room to work but its done and I’m very happy with results.I would recommend this product.

  27. A***s2020-03-19

    This was probably the biggest game changer for my sink setup in this house that I purchased 3 years ago. The old faucet would leak and spray water out of the top when I would turn it on.

    I decided to get this faucet, and I am so glad that I did. It took me about 20 minutes to install and was very simple. Using basic tools, and making sure that everything was right.

    The weight that is added to the hose is great because the spray hose comes out and allows you to spray off anything. I love that it is so flexible.

    The finish is really nice, solid quality.

    I’m so glad that I made this decision to change it.

  28. F***l2020-03-25

    I decided to get this faucet for my daughter to have in her apartment (on our property) since her old faucet was a low clearance model and the hot water had stopped working on it. I didn’t want to spend as much money as I did on my own pull-down style faucet, but I wanted something that would work well and that she would be happy with. After reading the reviews on this faucet, I decided to take a chance with it even though I had never heard of this company, wowow. I am so glad I did!
    The price of this faucet, as you can see, is much better than the competition put out by bigger name brands. The faucet was simple for me to install, even though it was the first time I had ever installed a faucet. (I usually leave that job to my husband.) The hardest part was getting my overweight body under the sink and removing the old faucet. wowow had this faucet packaged great and everything set up so it could be installed easily and with limited tool requirements.
    My daughter is so thrilled with her new faucet and has commented several times about how “fun” it is to wash her dishes now. The faucet works wonderfully and is very eye appealing. Everything works great with no leaks or problems after installation. Thank you, wowow, for making this woman feel good about herself!

  29. S***s2020-03-29

    What first impressed me was the way the pieces were packed in the box. Each piece was protected by the black plastic foam. The deck plate piece (used for three hole sinks) came in its own black cloth case. Installation was fairly easy for my husband. He has installed faucets before, but the black weight used for the pull down sprayer was a little different for him. I made him watch the videos before he started to give him an idea of what needed to be done. As shown in the video, he did not tighten the gasket too tight. He feels he did tighten it enough. My one concern is that the faucet moved slightly when touched but nothing to be too concerned about. My husband, who usually can find fault in things I buy, has no complaints with the faucet. He blamed the movement on the thinness of our stainless steel sink rather than on the faucet and fixed the problem by putting a small board under the sink for added support. Hardly moves at all now. I’ve used the sprayer a lot shortly after installation and gave my stainless steel sink a good cleaning. It’s nice to have the sprayer because we had to give up our side sprayer this summer when we had a drinking water system installed. You can kind of see it on the right side of the final picture. When it became a choice of drinking water faucet in the hole to replace the sprayer, or having the drinking water faucet installed elsewhere, I chose replacing the sprayer. Although we didn’t use the sprayer a lot, there were times when I missed it. The kitchen faucet matches the drinking water faucet, and I love them both. We at first couldn’t get the button on the sprayer head which is suppose to pause the spray to work, but it does work now. Overall, I so far love everything about the WOWOW kitchen faucet – the looks of it, the five-year warranty, the style of it that fits our needs, and most of all the price.

  30. V***t2020-03-31

    I love this faucet. Half the price of most name brands you’ll see in stores and just as well made. Installation was crazy simple too! There was only 2 things hard about this faucet. First was convincing the wife to get it without seeing it first in person and second was getting the old faucet out. Damn the person who designed the old plastic screws. Pro tip, if you have those and can’t get them off save yourself the time and effort getting no where and just bust out you drill and biggest drill bit. If you’re reading this you were like me. You want to be sure you’re getting a good faucet, but trust me and all the other positive reviews. This is a great faucet and a fantastic deal!

  31. M***e2020-04-05

    I like the finish though it is lighter than I anticipated. I owned a very popular brand that was similar but heavy. So far, it is working as expected. Surprisingly, the weight to retract the pull down hose is heavy enough that it actually pulls it back without assistance; and that is great. Since I’m right handed, I exchanged the hot and cold water lines so that I pull the handle forward for cold water and push back for hot since cold water will be used more often (a professional plumber will say that it was installed incorrectly but i could have also switched the water lines before installation). I have read reviews of other customers having issues but will wait and see.

    Even though it is designed for easy installation, one negative drawback is the clasp on the retractable weight. One has to be very careful when opening to attach it to the hose. It is not as easy to open as it seems; so if it is not done correctly and it is damaged, it can no longer close without using a hose clamp.

  32. L***y2020-04-08

    This is a great faucet! The finish is beautiful, but more importantly is the way it actually functions. I have been using it for a few months, and the head still clicks effortlessly back into the holder after you pull it down. The angle of the faucet is nice and high, which makes it easy to clean extra large pots and pans. The water flow is also very easy to control, We love it! Highly recommended!

  33. T***a2020-04-11

    My initial thought was, it looks good on the website but it cannot be high quality. I was wrong, I was immediately impressed by the weight and feel. Very heavy solid construction. It even comes with adapters and extra water screen. Lots of value…

    Installation was a breeze. Followed the step by step pictures and had it finished in 15 minutes, including removal of old faucet. The large nut to tighten the unit to the dounter was great. You can get a real good grip and tighten with ease.

    The flow rate is great, I love the spray feature as it is narrower than most so no extra splash.. The look is elegant, people will think you spent $100 more than you did.

  34. M***i2020-04-14

    This thing is a beautiful addition to my new SS sink in my utility room. I did a pre-install inspection, as some have suggested, and found no QC issues before installation. I did install this on a new sink, so I did it while the sink was out, which I’m sure helped. The tightening mechanism worked fine, but you need to make sure you can reach it. That might be more of an issue if you can’t move the sink. The faucet works great after installation; it has a nice feel and doesn’t drip at all. I’m so happy with this unit that I’ll be buying another to replace the faucet in the kitchen!

  35. N***d2020-04-18

    We’ve had this faucet installed in our kitchen for about a week. After having a whole home water softener system with alkaline water faucet installed I quickly realized that I needed a sprayer, which the alkaline spout took away. We ordered this because the price was much better than competitors and it seemed like it would do why we wanted. I didn’t expect such a good quality faucet for the price I paid. I’ve read a lot of reviews complaining that the faucet isn’t magnetic or doesn’t click into place. That’s correct it is a weighted system that pulls the sprayer back into place after use. So far I love it and have no complaints. It seals nicely when not in use and also looks attractive in my kitchen. I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting a nice faucet without breaking the bank to do it.

  36. E***y2020-04-20

    This faucet is absolutely wonderful. It’s a fantastic faucet for the price, and it looks just as good as the higher dollar faucets out there. The install wasn’t bad at all, but my only issue is that I don’t have much space under my sink to work with. It took longer than what I wanted, but if I had adequate space under my sink, this would’ve been a breeze!! It’s a very stylish faucet, and the built in sprayer is great!! I’ve also noticed that the water pressure is so much better than my previous faucet which was a nice surprise. If you’re thinking of buying this, but you aren’t sure, I’d recommend going for it. I was skeptical at first just because it was still a bit more than what I wanted to pay, but I compared it to others, and I just couldn’t pay $100+ for similar models from other brands. $90 for this was definitely worth it in my opinion. This faucet is awesome!!

  37. C***r2020-05-01

    This is the most fascinating faucet I ever bought and installed. The engineering behind the installation process is amazing. Once i removed my old faucet (which was difficult) it took me about 10 minutes to install this WOWOW kitchen faucet. And also amazing is that you can place the operating handle any where you want it, on the left, right or in the middle any time after installation. Try that with other faucets. I could not be more pleased. Great value and style to boot.

  38. B***r2020-05-09

    To be honest – I never heard of wowow before I purchased this faucet. I found this item based on reviews and decided on it as a holiday gift for a family member’s kitchen – found it well worth the $80 paid.
    Is it perfect – No – did it immediately improve the quality and functionality over what they had in their kitchen – Yes. Would I purchase again or recommend – Yes.
    The item was advertised with an “install under 30 minutes,” which I agree is accurate. It took me longer to remove the old faucet, but all together the job was done in less than an hour.
    I do have some hesitation on the plastic components, including the hose weigh and mount, but all went together easily and work so far.
    Having only used it for a week – I’ll continue to monitor for the reported leakage – but with a pretty heavy use to date – nothing has been observed.
    The most positive thing out of this, was with the relatively low price and ease of installation – and with my family member helping with the installation (they’d procrastinated for months on a buying a new faucet) – they’re more confident, that if something does go wrong – they understand how this went together and will know what to look for in the future

  39. N***h2020-05-12

    I bought this faucet for our former home four years ago, and it was the perfect thing for us. It worked great, looked great, and was straightforward to install. When we moved this summer, I tried to love the kitchen faucet in our new house, but even though it was a more familiar brand name, it just didn’t compare. I was delighted to find this identical faucet still available, and installed it as soon as it arrived. It is a pleasure to use, and I highly recommend it.

  40. E***a2020-05-13

    I just purchased this faucet so I’m reviewing the quality of the product out of the box and the installation process. It’s been several years since I’ve installed a kitchen faucet. The last time I installed one it had a collar that screwed on to the bottom of the faucet with 2 screws in the collar that you tighten down with a screwdriver to tighten down the faucet in place. This faucet has a hand collar that tightens down the faucet and I found it to be even easier than the screw method. I put blue locktite thread locker to ensure that it didn’t come loose because I had it. I don’t think it’s necessary but the old faucet came loose and that’s why it was being replaced.

    Out of the box the product it really sturdy and seems well built. After installation and testing it felt really well put together and the water stream was strong. When it’s turned off it is certain and no drips came from it. The other thing that I liked was that the hot and cold water connections out of the box were long enough to screw right on to the water outlets. In the past I’ve had to reuse tubing to connect to short connections under the sink. The total installation took about 30 minutes, not including taking out the old faucet. It has a 5 year warranty and for under $100 if this lasts 5 years and needs replacement I’d probably buy another of the same brand.

  41. M***e2020-05-15

    I purchased my faucet a year ago and yes it started to have a small drip from the handle (cartridge) after being in the sun for a year (I use it at my outdoor BBQ sink). I simply contacted WOWOW and they rushed me a new cartridge (it took only 5 days to come from China!). Not only did they send me a cartridge, they sent a tool to remove the cartridge, a new retainer ring, an Allen set screw, an Allen wrench and and new hot/cold colored button (red/blue) to cover the hole where you access the Allen screw on the handle. I’m a licensed plumbing contractor so it took me less than 5 minutes to swap the cartridge. SUPER EASY! I regularly install high end faucets, some of which have issues too. For the price point this faucet is awesome. Yes, I had an issue, but they stepped up and fixed it! I’d definitely buy this faucet again!

  42. H***n2020-05-26

    Delivered one evening. Took the old faucet out and replaced it with this one while my wife was cooking dinner. Yea it’s that simple. I’m no plumber just a regular man. Now if you’re not handy around the house it will take you a little longer but if you have basic common sense just jump right into it. This thing was boxed like it cost a million dollars. The finish was great and it works fantastic. Someone mentioned that theirs had a drip or leak wher the factory hoses are attached to the faucet. I tightene7then up just a little. “Dont” over tighten them or you’ll have problems. You can turn the handle around to any direction you want, left, middle or right. We love it. I’d buy another one. Why pay $300.00 for this. Keep all your paperwork and extra parts. I have read several reports about the great service dept. Have fun. Enjoy.

  43. M***d2020-05-30

    The only reason I gave it a 4 star rating is because I only just installed it. I may upgrade or downgrade as I use it. Like many, I’m always a bit suspect when I see a price like this – you get what you pay for, right? I have to say that so far I’m very impressed. Single female installed this quickly. Instructions are clear. I always use plumbers tape on threads. It’s a very nice looking faucet and does exactly what I need it to do and I love it. And…’s new so we’ll see how well it performs over time. Be sure to register the 5 year warranty on their website. You don’t need to buy additional product insurance… I did. Somehow I missed the warranty info when I bought it. Full replacement within 5 years for faulty product. Guess I failed to submit this so now I will say I’m very pleased with my purchase. On rare occasion the weight drops off but that could be an easy fix with a little duct tape. I love it.

  44. J***l2020-06-02

    First off the product looks like a more expensive faucet right out of the box. Tremendous value for how great the faucet looks. Works flawlessly as well. Also it looks awesome with our new stainless sink – they match perfectly. When I had the plumber install faucet and sink we had one minor problem. The spray hose that came with our faucet was so long it tended to get caught on some of the fittings attached to the sink below. This was strictly a design issue under our sink and not a faucet issue. I contacted this vendor and they informed me that they would custom make a shorter spray hose to alleviate our issue. Mind you this was a problem caused by the plumbing under my sink and not the result of a faulty product. This company recently sent me the custom hose they suggested that would help alleviate my issue. It worked perfectly. This company and their customer service team went above and beyond any help I have received in the past with items purchased on line. A special shout out to Nick and his team for going above and beyond to help with our issue. I will certainly be ordering from you when the bathroom renovations get under way. Thank You for all you did for this very satisfied customer.

  45. E***n2020-06-11

    Faucet was well packaged and placed on a foam backing to protect in shipping. Parts were labeled in small zip lock bags. They also included extra parts.
    It was very easy to install. Instructions are in English with precise instructions. It took us 1.5 hours to remove the old and install the new. We took the advice of one reviewer who suggested reversing the hot and cold lines so hot would be a push back and cold a push forward. This configuration was a better fit for our family. Another thing we changed was to addition of the old weight as well as the new. The new worked fine however the extra weight was better.
    The price was good and It is not cheap looking in any way.
    I would recommend it and I would buy it again.
    It’s been two months since the we installed the faucet and it’s performence is stellar.

  46. 2***82020-06-18

    I helped a friend install this faucet in his home and was so pleased with the result, that I decided to install one in my motorhome kitchen. The manufacturer includes two adapters to convert from different size water lines. I appreciated that thoughtful touch. Also, the nut used to fasten the faucet to the sink has about a 3″ long ‘grip’ built-in, so the final tightening can be easily accomplished by hand, without needing the basin wrench. The hard part was getting the OLD faucet out. Once that was done, installing this one was a relative breeze.

  47. T***)2020-06-21

    I Like this kitchen faucet and have been using it a few months now but, your usage may vary due to whatever you have been accustomed to with your last faucet.

    I made a few physical and mental adjustments and now have a much better experience using the wowow . Let me share them with you.

    1. I kept the smaller weight from my last hose and re-used it… the one included kept bumping into my water valve under the sink.

    2. I turned the handle to the front, I was not getting the feel for a side handle, plus inevitably your hands are wet and that drips on the ledge, whereas when in front, no mess. And the handle is short so no problem protruding or blocking pots or pans.

    3. Speaking of short handle… the range is “small” on this handle. So mentally you will have to adapt… 1″ and you’re full blast! Just gently pull a 1/4″ out and go from there. It’s a little loose so it pulls and turns super easy… too easy for me, but once I overcame that and eased back on manipulating the handle… gently, I found the proper temperatures & flow.

    This is a great bargain and for me, it looks better than my last faucet and once I adapted to the peculiarities of the valve handle, I feel it functions better than my old high priced kitchen faucet I replaced.

  48. G***y2020-06-25

    This appears to be a well made and affordable alternative to other better known models. It comes with pre-connected flexible hoses as well as spare connection parts to allow for alternate connections if need be. I followed the suggestion of a previous reviewer and verified the tightness of the hose connections at the faucet before actual installation, assuring no leaks. The overall installation was quick and easy. I’ve been very happy with the performance. You may need to re-adjust the location of the included weight which is attached to the hose under the sink helping the pull out hose to stay retracted, but this is a simple procedure.

  49. A***y2020-06-29

    have installed countless kitchen faucets in my life, this by far has been the cleanest, quickest and easiest installation ever. as long as they keep their current quality, I’ll never ever by another brand name. this blows away any of the low price faucets sold by Home Depot or Lowe’s. water flow is excellent, on off valve works perfect no drips gamma switching between spray and stream is a breeze and the pause feature is very nice. I would only suggest that they make the securing nut beefier. I also highly recommend that they have two studs and plastic wingnuts to tighten the 3-hole plate. otherwise and absolutely Superior product for a very very low price.

  50. C***d2020-07-09

    I loved the fact that the item was exactly as described. In addition, it was beautifully packaged in carefully molded cushioned packaging. The simple directions were immediately apparent. Finally, installation was a breeze. Even as an indifferent DIYer the process could not have been more straight forward. I have been enjoying the final product for a couple of days now .

  51. M***a2020-07-15

    This is an extremely well made faucet with a heavy solid feel. Turning both the faucet handle as well as the faucet itself right to left offers just the right amount of resistance unlike some other options build with lesser quality. Additionally the hot and cold water lines are braided metal lines and not only offer better durability but also look good aesthetically. Installation was very simple, literally as simple as what is shown in the product video. The hardware includes a matching cover plate in case your sink has 3 holes. An easy 5 stars.

  52. K***d2020-07-19

    I like it. I installed my new faucet yesterday replacing a 7 year old Moen faucet that was hard to swivel. I looked at the big names and found them starting at nearly twice the price of this unit. Installation was easy. Removal of the old faucet was much harder because the mounting nut was very hard to reach and required a faucet wrench. The new unit does not and went in easy. The instructions are written in Chinese/American but were understandable. Looks like the expensive brands by being nicely finished. i would buy this again.

  53. D***a2020-07-26

    I was a little skeptical on ordering a faucet from the internet, but after reading reviews I felt better about buying the WOWOW Faucet. Boy am I happy I did. I received the faucet from wowow, installed it very easily, easier than any other faucet I have installed. I had one issue, the cold water line was short, but not WOWOW’s issue, it was mine. I emailed them and they sent me a longer waterline free of charge and express. I just installed it and it is perfect! Super easy! We love this faucet it is well built, easy to clean and looks great! The installation is super easy. The spray hose is smooth and great control. All A pluses here!

  54. P***n2020-08-02

    I unexpectedly needed a new kitchen faucet. It seems like anything nice at Lowe’s is $200-$300. Just looking at them gave me anxiety. I decided to take a chance and order this faucet from WOWOW. I was worried it would be cheap quality. Boy was I wrong! This faucet is great quality, super easy to install, came with all the required pieces. It came with new water supply lines, I wasn’t expecting that! What’s even better is that it looks better than anything I found at Lowe’s, more sleek and modern. After buying it I realized that only fools spend hundreds of dollars on faucets from the big hardware stores.

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