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Why Aren’t Showers Capped? After 10 Years of Selling Bathrooms, I Finally Discovered the Secret….

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Anyone who has a shower installed in their home will generally find that the showers on the market today, whether they are monogram, diamond, or curved, are not designed to be capped. Why should they be designed this way? Wouldn’t it be better to keep warm with a closed top design?

Come on, little knock on the focus. Actually, the reason behind it is simple!!!!

First of all
Shower stalls are completely enclosed spaces.
The water vapour produced in the shower will not be dissipated.
It’s easy to create a shower space with a “high concentration of steam”.
Being in this environment for long periods of time.
will cause adverse reactions such as chest tightness and breathlessness.

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The uncapped design allows vapor to dissipate slowly.
Instead of gathering completely.
This ensures that both the warm water in the shower leaks out.
Keeps the heat from dissipating quickly and ensures good ventilation.
Avoid excessive bathing time, temperature and humidity.
It causes dizziness, difficulty breathing, etc.
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Enclosed ceilings not only affect the aesthetics, but also increase the total cost.
Because of the fully enclosed design.
It is necessary to install an exhaust system to keep the air convection.
But this will certainly affect the overall visual effect of the shower.

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important function of the shower is to achieve bathroom partitioning.
Generally, showers reach a height of 1.85 metres.
It’s basically a partition.
There is no need to do the topping treatment.

So, how do we choose a quality and useful shower?
Teach 6 Simple Steps to Pick a Shower Quickly

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01   Determine room type, then measure for customization

At present, there are curved, fan-shaped, square, diamond-shaped, U-shaped and linear shower room types in the market, you can choose the right room type according to the pattern of your home bathroom.

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After you decide the room type, you can choose the way to open the shower room according to your habits, there are left open, right open, symmetrical open, inside and outside open and so on.

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Then it’s time to ask the master to measure the size and make precise customization.


02   Look at the glass. Watch out for explosives.

Glass is the core component of the shower room, and we want to focus on the safety of the glass.
1. To see if the glass is transparent, there are no stray spots, bubbles and other defects.
2. To see if the glass original piece on the 3c logo certification.
3. See the fully tempered glass fragment sample.

Currently, almost all showers on the market are made of automotive grade tempered glass. Tempered glass is safety glass, with stronger resistance to wind pressure, cold and heat, impact. When the glass is damaged by external forces, the fragments will be broken into small, blunt-edged particles similar to honeycomb, which are not easy to cause harm to the human body.

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Therefore, it is recommended to choose tempered glass of moderate thickness with explosion-proof film.


03   Look at the hardness of the aluminum, it has to be durable.

Shower aluminum often needs to support tens of kilograms or even hundreds of kilograms of glass weight, if the hardness and thickness is not good, the shower life will be very short, the hardness and thickness of all aluminum is an important assessment index.

The thickness of qualified shower aluminum are more than 1.2mm, walking rail hanging glass aluminum need to be more than 1.5mm.

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04   Look at the material of the pulley and the sealing of the wheel seat.

First of all, the wheel seat of the pulley should be made of pressure and weight-resistant materials, such as 304 stainless steel and high-end synthetic materials. The wheel seat is well sealed, so that water vapor cannot easily enter the wheel, and the smoothness of the wheel is guaranteed.

Secondly, the pulley and the track should be closely matched, with small gaps. The ball bearings of the door must be flexible, easy to open and close, the screws are made of stainless steel, and all hardware should pay attention to the roundness, scratching in it can be no fun.

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05    Look at the mix and choose practical products

To create a more comfortable shower space, you can add a shower, floor drain, corner basket and hooks.

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06   See if the product design is humane

Boutique rack, sealed magnetic strip, cushioning device. These humanization can provide you with more comfortable and intimate bathing feeling.

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