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How to prevent winter faucet from freezing

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With this article, you’ll never have to worry about freezing again. Come with me to learn how to keep your outdoor faucet freeze proof!

  1. Indoor and outdoor water pipes, water meters and faucets can be wrapped in cotton, burlap or straw, or wrapped in foam covers for frost protection.
  2. Temperature at about 0 ℃, winter night, before stopping the water, should be slightly open faucet, in order to keep the pipeline water flow smoothly, but also can prevent the pipeline water freezing, to avoid the water pipe faucet is frozen, affect the normal water.
  3. Night or when not in use, close the water valve, open the faucet, the water in the pipe to drain, can effectively prevent freezing.
  4. For the frozen faucet, water meter, water pipe, first with a hot towel to wrap the faucet, and then pour warm water, the faucet thaw, and then unscrew the faucet, along the faucet slowly sprinkled with warm water, so that the water pipe thaw. Never roast water pipes and water meters with fire.
  5. Insulate water pipes and faucets that are exposed to the ground. For example, cover the faucet with a wooden square bucket, fill it with sawdust, expose the faucet, and add a wooden lid to freeze it. Cover exposed water pipes on the ground with insulation. It will prevent the pipes from freezing. It is best to add a master valve at the start of the water line. You can turn off the main valve once the faucet is frozen or close the main valve when you are away for a long period of time to prevent water from leaking when the faucet is frozen. If the faucet is frozen and you can’t drain it, you can pour hot boiling water over the faucet to melt the ice inside the faucet.

Don’t use these faucets blindly when we have a frozen faucet. Use other faucets that are not frozen first. Frozen faucets should be thawed first. Do not use them immediately after thawing. It should go away after a while. Use so as to protect our faucets to the fullest extent.


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