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What is a good faucet

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  1. Water Saving

How do faucets achieve water savings? Staff believes that a bubbler can be used. It has the advantage of slowing down the water flow so that the water output is maintained at 8.3 liters per minute. Its honeycomb flow restrictor allows water to flow out in a foam pattern, thus softening the water flow. In fact, this water flow pattern is more water-efficient than the water flow without bubbles.


  1. Durability

According to the professionals, the durability of the faucet depends mainly on the surface treatment process. In the acidic high temperature environment of pH close to 3 test, can be used intact for more than 4 hours, indicating that the surface treatment process is very good. For example, some faucets use the patented technology of stainless steel ball valve, which achieves “less than 100,000 times return rate and can withstand 500,000 times switching”.


  1. Humanization

The reporter found that the current market leader adds a lot of humane design, such as a pull-out kitchen faucet, using a column out and spray, the switch can be easily converted at the top of the shower, you can pull the 1.5 meters long stainless steel hose, able to reach the operator anywhere you need. As another example, some sinks have a deep secondary tank design. They are very water efficient when washing in small areas. Adding a sound dampening mat to the bottom of the sink can also reduce the sound of the water running. For example, some sinks are specially designed with overflow outlet, so that the water overflowing from the sink can safely flow down the water channel without worrying about the consequences of faucet leakage.


  1. Easy To Clean

Due to Chinese cooking habits, the kitchen has a large amount of soot, so the tap is easily stained with oil and water stains, after repeated cleaning, the surface of the faucet is easily discolored. According to reports, the aerospace technology by the PVD technology of the kitchen faucet, the surface can withstand steel wool and all kinds of detergent wash and does not fade, does not corrode, not greasy, easy to clean, wear-resistant.


  1. Environmental Protection

The environmental friendliness of the faucet is shown by the amount of lead in the water, which is mainly caused by the water body flushing the waterways. Some of the leading waterways are now made of fine copper to ensure their environmental friendliness. The low temperature welding process is used between the copper inlet pipe and the faucet itself to maintain high strength, and special welding materials are used, which do not contain cadmium.


  1. Convenience

The convenience of a kitchen faucet is primarily a function of how well it works with the sink. For example, traditional sink water filters require regular cleaning due to debris, dried tea, and other food waste. Whereas, portable oversized cage water filters only need to remove one piece of trash in order to increase storage space. Also such as the traditional center hole design, often placed items blocking the drainage outlet, water phenomenon. The use of water column design, effective use of space, to prevent stagnant water.

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