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Know about the quality from the structure of the faucet




We are all familiar with the faucet. Every morning when you brush your teeth and wash your face, you will come in contact with the faucet. In the process of home renovation, we will choose a better quality faucet, because its pipe thread precision and saltate spraying related to its water-saving performance. Testing, flow rate, etc., so how can you tell the quality of the faucet from the details? The choice of a faucet structure for renovation is all about the quality of the faucet. Let’s see what exactly we need to pay attention to.


1. Faucet by the main body, valve core, handle, water filter, outlet and installation components.

Some faucets also have check valves, bubblers, fixing bolts, fixing brass pieces, washers, curved feet, hoses, general rules, and stop watches. Different faucets will have different characteristics.


2. Faucet pipe threads

The pipe threads are the pipe threads that connect the faucet to the water pipe. Generally speaking, the precision of the pipe threads not only affects the installation, but also causes the leakage of water pipes and losses to the users during the use after installation.


3. Monobloc faucet

As the name implies, the single faucet has only one inlet pipe, only one water pipe can be hot or cold. Usually used in more common places, such as outdoor, public toilets, etc., the price is relatively cheap.


4. Two-handle faucets

Double handle faucet and single faucet is different, it has two inlets (one cold and one hot), by two handles to control the water, through the control handle can adjust the water temperature.

The two-handle control faucet, also known as the two-handle faucet. There are two inlet pipes, one for the hot water pipe and one for the cold water pipe, which are controlled by two handles. In the process of using, you can control the water temperature by adjusting the two handles. In some high-class hotels, toilets and other places, double faucets with hot and cold water can be used.

The faucet’s valve core according to the material is divided into rubber valve core, axle roller valve core, ceramic valve core and stainless steel ball valve core. According to the function is divided into manual cartridge, thermostatic cartridge and magnetic induction valve cartridge three kinds.

Rubber spool faucet more for the screw type open cast iron faucet, has been basically eliminated. Ceramic spool is a new generation of spool material, good sealing performance, physical stability, long service life. General requirements of opening and closing 300,000 times. More than once, according to 30 times a day, can be used for more than 20 years without dripping. Now there are basically ceramic valve core faucet sales on the market.

In fact, when we buy the faucet, we should also consider its matching with the sanitary ware. The most important thing is that the model should match, otherwise it will bring trouble to the installation. Even if it is barely installed, there will inevitably be leaks. So even if the style of the faucet changes, there is a rule about matching it. If you’re not very stylish or use a ceramic basin, it’s easier to find a matching faucet. This is a simple structure that will give you a simple water space to live comfortably.

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