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What is A Deck Plate on A Faucet – How to Use & Install It

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What is A Deck Plate on A Faucet – How to Use & Install It

what is a deck plate for a faucet

Deck plates are also called cover plates or keyhole plates, which are usually located at the bottom of the faucet. So what is the function of deck plate and how to use it? Read on this article and take a closer look at deck plate.

What is a deck plate on a faucet

The deck plate is usually located at the bottom of the faucet and covers all unused holes to make the installation look clean and tidy. They have a variety of configurations to meet the needs of almost all types of reformers. To be precise, it is hidden from no hole to three holes. They are also round or square, with a variety of finishes, and are suitable for almost any faucet installation. At the same time, some panels are made for specific types of faucets. Therefore, it is important to find out whether a particular countertop matches the sink and faucet combination.

How to use a deck plate

  1. Measure the hole diameter and wall thickness of the faucet wall bracket you want to cover to ensure that you get a sink hole cover with the right size range.
  2. Determine the installation method of the sink hole cover.
  3. If necessary, attach the decorative board to the threaded rod.

Choose a right deck plate

Almost all new faucets are equipped with at least one deck plate. If the provided board is not suitable for a particular installation, you can replace it. They are inexpensive and can be used in almost all types of faucet-sink configurations.

Suppose you have a sink made for a centerset faucet, and you decide to buy a single-hole countertop faucet. Now you need a table that is long enough to cover the unused holes and keep the faucet secure.

Over time, the keyhole panel may look old and rusty. Although you can try to clean it with vinegar or solvent, it is best to buy a new one. Likewise, please make sure that the size and shape you purchase are suitable for your installation.

Since they come in various sizes and finishes, make sure you have a product with the same finish as the faucet. In other words, if your faucet has a brushed nickel finish, make sure that your escutcheon also has the same finish.

How to clean a deck plate on a faucet

You can use vinegar to clean your deck plate. Not only are they good for cleaning escutcheons, but also any chrome fixtures in your home. They are especially good for cleaning stained chrome or stainless steel fixtures. Likewise, another good cleaning agent is lemons. They not only give your deck plate a good shine, but also leave behind a nice fresh fragrance.



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