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What are the options for choosing a faucet

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1, the water outlet selection

The faucets are generally vertical water, and the bathroom faucets are easy to touch the basin because of the small space occupation, vertical hand washing or other occasions.
Therefore, it is better to choose the water outlet to tilt outward when selecting, so that the water will be accurately rushed to the hand when the faucet is opened.

2, water flow intensity selection
When purchasing the faucet, open the faucet to check the water, select the faucet with the bubbler, and touch the water with your fingers. The water flow is soft and the bubble content is rich, indicating that the bubbler is of good quality. The bubbler generally consists of six layers, usually consisting of a metal mesh cover. The water flows through the mesh cover and is divided into a number of small water columns, which are interspersed with air so that the water is not splashed.

3, shape selection
In the bathroom with a small area, the small bathroom faucet will directly affect the overall harmony and aesthetics of the bathroom, so it is appropriate to match the style.

The faucet on the washbasin is the basic part of the bathroom. It is also a sanitary ware that is used frequently in the bathroom. Whether it is brushing, washing your face, washing your hands, taking water, etc., these daily and regular washings need to use it. . Therefore, the bathroom faucet not only needs to be matched according to the style of the bathroom in terms of color and style, but also needs to consider practicality while ensuring the appearance.

As the temperature rises gradually, the water in the spring increases, and the faucets in the home are prone to various problems. The reason is that the frequency of use is high, and the second is that there is no faucet. Everyone in the faucet is indispensable. Many people will install the same faucet regardless of space and usage requirements during the renovation. As a result, there are many inconveniences and troubles in the life experience or resource use.

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