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Valve is The Key to Heavy Metal Pollution in Faucet

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Valve is The Key to Heavy Metal Pollution in Faucet


According to the survey, consumers have a hard time choosing a faucet and it is really hard for the average consumer to make an accurate choice based on the various professional claims about materials, workmanship, and valve cores.

There are techniques to check the valve core. Consumers can feel if the product is damped as they turn the faucet handle. Good spools tend to have a comfortable damping sensation, and some faucets with a low damping sensation are not recommended for purchase. But many consumers say the damping feel is a bit as elusive as a haze. How can you get such a professional damping sensation without professional testing?

Faucets vary widely in price. What causes such a wide price difference? Does higher price mean higher quality? Researchers tell us that the main reason why there is such a big difference in the price of faucets is because of the valve cores. Currently, most of the faucet valve cores on the market are ceramic and most of them will be made of ceramic because ceramic has good wear resistance.

The same goes for ceramic valve cores. The researchers explain that ceramics do have different properties, such as different hardness and different levels of wear resistance. But what is most important for the spool is not the material, but the difference in construction and technology of the entire spool. A good valve The spool is not only hard, wear-resistant and has a long service life, but also has a good adjustment performance and a high precision of adjustment during use. In addition, a good valve spool can also effectively prevent water leakage under high pressure. , and it can also reduce the noise brought by the water impact. In addition to the differences in materials, the most important are the differences in structure, technology and design.

So how should consumers choose when they actually buy a faucet? The industry told the editor, when choosing a faucet, the first thing to look at the appearance. Coating surface uniform, should not have peeling, cracking, scorched, open bottom, peeling, dark spots and obvious pits, burrs, etc.; Coating surface structure fine, smooth, uniform color, should not have obvious scratches and raised and other defects; Polished surface should be smooth, should not have obvious hair scratches and raised and other defects.

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