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Basin Faucet and Sanitary Ware Size Matching Guide

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sanitary ware faucet match size

A basin faucet is a home improvement essential, it is installed on the sink and is used to hold cold, hot or a mixture of hot and cold water. It is also the most frequently used. It is mainly used for people to wash their faces, brush their teeth, wash their faces and wash their clothes. When we choose the basin faucet, we should pay attention to the size of the basin faucet and sanitary ware, basin, to avoid problems such as size discrepancy, improper installation and inconvenience. Let’s take a look at the basin faucet together!

1. Types of basin faucet

1. sitting basin faucet

It is common for us to see a traditional faucet with a water hose connected to the basin hole that connects it to the basin. This is currently the most common way we install a faucet, the average family will choose this type of basin faucet.

2. Wall-mounted basin faucet

The faucet that extends from the basin is against this wall and the pipes are buried in the wall inside our house. This installation method breaks the previous concept of the basin faucet, which is now more fashionable.

3. Pull-out basin faucet

This feature is an addition to the previously designed basin faucet with a pull-out retractable feature. This creative design brings versatility and makes the hair washing experience easier and faster.

2. size of the basin faucet

Usually refers to the inner diameter and entrance size.

One quarter is 15mm (cm), one sixth is 20mm (cm), one inch is 25mm (cm), 3/4 inch is 20mm, and there are 32mm and 50mm.

3. Basin faucet and sanitary ware size matching guide

At present, there are two kinds of bathroom faucets, one is a double handle ceramic sealed faucet, this kind of faucet in the original rubber gasket sealing faucet on the basis of transformation, the seal by the precision machining of the mirror ceramic composition, high hardness, good sealing performance, long service life; Another is a single handle ceramic sealed nozzle, the seal using a new type of cold and hot water mixed ceramic valve core, the use of a single handle to control the faucet water flow and water temperature, operation More convenience and comfort

Look at the appearance, faucet electroplating surface should be shiny and uniform, should pay attention to whether there is fall off, cracks, burning, peeling, black spots and pockmarks and other defects; sprayed surface should be dense, smooth and uniform, should pay attention to whether there is hanging flow, bottom and other defects. These defects directly affect the service life of the faucet.

Faucet must match the structure and size of sanitary ware and basin, sink appliances usually have a single hole, double hole or three holes, hole distance. 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, to choose and match the faucet. 4.

4. choice of basin faucet

1. Is the size standard?

In order to match the design form of the basin, we should pay attention to the height of the faucet when choosing the faucet, and try to keep the position of the faucet outlet designed to be about 15 cm higher than the height of the basin.

2. Color matching

The most common faucets on the market recently are made of chrome-plated stainless steel, generally in a simple and fashionable style; there are also some brightly colored multi-colored faucets, such as bronze, generally in a Chinese style, while golden yellow faucets are designed to match the European style and support the whole decoration.

3. Quality

The material of the faucet is the hardest to distinguish clearly, and good quality faucets are whole cast brass with a dull sound when knocked. If the sound is brittle, it must be stainless steel, the quality will be much worse.

4. Form

Faucet handles and spouts come in a variety of shapes, mostly streamlined, with straight and curved faucets that can be matched with stylish décor. If you prefer wall-mounted faucets, be sure to pay attention to the width of the bathroom wall before the faucet is pre-buried.

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