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“Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier Water Efficiency Limits and Water Efficiency Grades” Standard Below Level 5 Limits Prohibited for Sale!

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As the national living standards continue to improve, as well as people’s concern for the health of drinking water, more and more families have installed water purifier products, the popularity rate continues to increase. At the same time, water purifier reverse osmosis technology also brings the problem of low water delivery rate. Previous market sampling results show that unqualified water purifier products accounted for one-third.


1. Many users expressed exactly what kind of water purifier is qualified products.

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Data show that the domestic market has more than 5,000 water purifier brands. The domestic water purifier market will sell up to 18,278,000 units in 2019. The market capacity has been maintaining a rapid growth trend, but behind the high growth there are many chaos and problems, including uneven product quality, installation irregularities, after-sales service difficulties and maintenance issues. The brands of the industry are a mix of high, medium and low.

A few days ago, Beijing Consumers Association compared 19 brands of 19 models of reverse osmosis water purifiers, and 11 brands of 12 models of general water quality processor (mixer-type water purifier). The results showed that three brands of three models of water purifiers failed. The unqualified item was the whole machine health and safety failure, including domestic well-known brands.

A few days ago, the State Administration of Market Supervision issued a reverse osmosis water purifier recall notice: involving a number of domestic and international well-known brands of water purifiers, involving the number of 486, 440 respectively. To this end, financial media said, water purifier “fish in troubled waters” era does not work.

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At the end of last year, the regional market supervision bureau, organized the water purifier product quality supervision sampling action. The test results show that a total of 49 batches of sampling, qualified 42 batches. Among the unqualified products e-commerce platform sales of water purifiers is the hardest hit.

Many consumers may have doubts in mind, exactly what kind of water purifier is qualified water purifier, how can pick to qualified water purifier products. For this industry expert gave to buy qualified water purifier’s suggestion.

First, is to observe the wastewater rate, buy the water purifier try to choose the similar product wastewater rate of the lowest. Water purifier all have clear wastewater rate index.

Secondly, choose the regular professional water purifier brand. With the continuous development of the domestic water purifier market, the number of brands is more than 5000. Separate online online national market in different areas of different advantages. For this reason, choose the brand is also very key.

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Third, the south and north more regional water quality differences need to view the filter. For example, the northern part of the domestic high hardness water quality, the southern part of the lime charcoal area. According to the regional water quality is different, choose the type of water purifier is different.

Fourth, check the brand’s qualification documents, including water quality test report, water approval, business qualification, and qualification of relevant requirements.

Domestic ban on the sale of eliminated products do not buy, by the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and State Standards Commission issued GB34914-2017 “reverse osmosis water purifier water efficiency limit value and water efficiency grade” national standard from November 1, 2018 onwards. It specifies the criteria for the failure of the water production rate of unqualified products.

Water Purifier Water Efficiency Grade Indicators
Water Purifier Water Efficiency RatingLeading ValueLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5
Net Water Consumption Rate≥75≥60≥55≥50≥45≥35

Less than 5 levels of reverse osmosis water purifier banned from sale, is the reverse osmosis water purifier minimum net water rate of not less than 35%. If less than this indicator of reverse osmosis water purifier products, is unqualified products banned from sale.The standard involves several important indicators about the water purifier, including water purifier product water production rate, water efficiency limit value, water purifier water efficiency grade, in which water purifier water efficiency grade is divided into 5 levels, 1 level for ≥ 60%, 2 level for ≥ 55%, 3 level for ≥ 50%, 4 level for ≥ 45%, 5 level for ≥ 35.The standard stipulates that any RO reverse osmosis water purifier with a net water production rate of less than 35% is defined as an unqualified product. This standard was released, to some high energy consumption of inferior water purifiers to a huge blow.

With the continuous development of the water purifier market, we hope that the domestic water purifier industry continues to improve access to the threshold, and continue to issue relevant industry standards, so that the water purifier is more convenient and practical.

In addition, consumers in the purchase of water purifier products at the same time, please do not greedy cheap purchase of low-quality water purifier products. Buy water purifier, to buy qualified products to take care of health. Buying substandard products will also cause pollution.

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