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How to Save the Bathroom Darkroom? Five Remodeling Tips to Help You Create a Bright and Fresh Bathroom!

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Bathroom Headlines

Due to the limitations of the house, many bathrooms do not have windows for ventilation and light. So how should such bathrooms be decorated? Today I’m going to give you a few tips on how to keep your bathroom from being stuffy, dark, smelly and wet!



Bathroom light

When choosing wall and floor tiles, try to choose bright colors to increase the brightness of the room. Also, try to ensure that the bathroom is evenly and brightly lit. It’s best to add supplemental light sources in front of the shower area and mirror.

Enlarging the mirror range in the bathroom can supplement the light source. Or installing a light source behind the mirror will make the space appear brighter. For the bathroom door, it is best to use a light-transmitting material, such as a large area of frosted glass, which will increase the light transmission from the outdoor light source.



Bathroom deodorization

Drains are the biggest source of odors. Be sure to make a U-shaped pipe to form a water seal to stop odors from coming back down the drain. Never connect a drainpipe directly to the drainpipe, as odors will come straight into the home. Debris buildup and poor drainage from floor drains can also cause odors in the space, so unclog them often.



Bathroom waterproofing

Waterproofing is not done well or localized leaks, after a long time will develop mold and odor. At the stage of installing the water pipe, it is important to check it. When hitting the pressure test, whether there are leaks, and timely exclude the point of leakage. The faucet’s connection to the water pipe should also be checked well.

Waterproofing is also a top priority, so be sure to paint it and do a water-tight test. Be careful not to damage the waterproofing layer when tiling and installing floor drains later on. Waterproofing will not only keep out open water, but will also keep moisture out of the wall.



Bathroom ventilation

Usually, bathrooms have ventilation ducts, and the average home has an exhaust fan. However, the air in the house is meant to maintain a balance of air pressure. After the exhaust fan exhausts the exhaust air, the house will create negative pressure (lower air pressure in the room) and fresh air needs to be added to it. Otherwise, with a high-powered exhaust fan alone, the air will only go out but not come in, and there will be a situation where “exhaust is very difficult”.

Of course, if you have the conditions, it is best to do a fresh air system, which can fundamentally solve the problem of ventilation.



Bathroom dehumidification

Local humidity is extremely high in the south where the sun doesn’t shine. And a moist space is not only conducive to the reproduction of bacteria, but also makes the bathroom odor greater. Bathrooms are recommended to install a bathrobe. It will not only keep you warm in the winter, but also keep the room dry.

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