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Is the telescopic faucet easy to use

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Are The Retractable Faucets Easy To Use?

Telescopic faucet. The telescopic faucet of the present invention consists of a faucet body, a rocker arm which is connected to the faucet body by a sleeve screw, one end of which is screwed to the rocker arm, the other end of which is a retaining ring with a sealing ring and a limit which is inserted into the faucet body and fixed by a decorative nut, and an outlet at the top of the outlet arm which is connected to the other end of the rocker arm by a sleeve screw. This design allows the mixer to be telescoped horizontally and vertically by rotating the spigot, thus enabling it to be adapted to specific requirements.

The countertop can be washed at will. If you want to wash your hair conveniently, if broken, not easy to repair, good quality and cheap, convenient to wash your hair, inconsistent, good top basin, but more expensive. The basin is rarely used, easy to repair, too big on the basin. High bend 360° swivel faucets are recommended. Retractable faucets are usually used on the washbasin.


Telescopic Faucet Installation Method

  1. Installation Of Single-Hole Basin Faucets

When purchasing a single-handled basin faucet, you should pay attention to the diameter of the spout. Most of the faucets on the market are hard water, so pay attention to the height of the inlet. 35 working points from the basin is most appropriate. When installing the faucet, always choose a special corner valve that must be fixed to the hot and cold water pipes of the wall outlet. When you find that the angle valve is at a distance from the water pipe on the faucet, purchase a special extension pipe to connect it. Keep in mind that you should not connect it with any other water pipe, because if the water pressure is too high, it can easily fall off and leak, causing you damage. If the incoming pipe is too long and over the outgoing pipe, you can cut off part of it according to your needs. If the angle is not right, you can bend it to where you need it to be. Don’t bend it hard to 90 degrees or more than 90 degrees. When installing the water for the basin, please don’t forget to purchase the small connector (short tap) for the faucet. Don’t forget to rinse out any pipes buried in the wall before installation.


  1. Installation Of Shower And Bathtub Faucets (Wall-Mounted)

When you have purchased a shower, bathtub, or wall-mounted faucet, you can choose the right height to bury the pipes. The distance between the hot and cold water pipes must be 15 cm. You must not forget to rinse the water pipes before installation so that the water quality will not be too high and damage the faucet.

Concealed shower and bathtub faucets:. After purchasing a concealed faucet, you usually need to bury the faucet faucet in the wall beforehand. Be sure to pay attention to the thickness of the bathroom wall. If the wall is too thin, the valve core will not be buried. Don’t easily remove the plastic protective cover of the valve plug when burying, to prevent cement and other chores from damaging the spool when burying. In addition, when burying the spool, but also pay attention to the up and down direction of the spool to avoid the wrong spool buried. When the wall-mounted faucet is buried in the water pipe, there are deviations in size, which can be used to adjust the location.


  1. Single-Hole Kitchen Faucet

Installation requirements are stable, because the kitchen faucet is used frequently, and mobile mobile, it is easy to loosen, so the locking nut must be tightened. Some faucets in order to tighten the nut, but also added screws. This stability is very good. If you can solve the problem in addition to water, the future will be a popular trend.


  1. The Installation Of The Thermostat

Before installing the thermostatic faucet, check that the water pipes are hot left and cold right. Remember not to install the hot and cold water pipes wrongly so that the faucet will not work properly. The thermocouple cannot be used with gas due to low water pressure. Please install the thermostatic faucet and don’t forget to install the hot and cold water filter.



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