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I Had No Idea That Falls In The Bathroom Were So Dangerous. How Important is Bathroom Slip Resistance?

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Xiao Xin   Bathroom Headline

The bathroom, especially the shower area, is a very slippery place. For the elderly and children in your home, slip safety is a top priority. Today, let’s talk about the non-slip shower area, I hope it can help you.

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First, anti-slip floor tiles

Anti-slip tiles: anti-slip tiles are a kind of ceramic floor tiles. It has pleated stripes or bumps on the front to increase the friction between the floor tile surface and the soles of human feet or shoes to prevent slipping and falling.

There are many types of non-slip tiles. Whether it’s style or color, there’s a tile to suit your space design needs.

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Types of bathroom floor tiles:

1. Body tiles: good slip resistance

Currently on the market, the most used anti-slip brick belongs to the through brick. This is a type of brick where rock chips are pressed under high pressure, the surface is unglazed, and the positive and negative colors are consistent. The surface is rougher, so the non-slip is better.

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2. Mosaic tiles: better anti-slip properties

Mosaic floor tiles are typically made up of dozens of smaller blocks to form a relatively large brick. Patchwork styles are plentiful, but there are gaps between the blocks as they are divided into smaller pieces. Anti-slip is good, but it is more difficult to clean.

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3. Polished tiles: anti-slip poorer

Polished brick is a shiny brick made of through-body tiles that have been polished and polished to a smooth, glossy surface, so the slip resistance is not very good. It is not recommended to be paved in the kitchen and other non-slip requirements of the higher space.

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Second, anti-slip pad

Maybe, when you read this solution to the problem of non-slip, your renovation is already over. If you don’t have the option of non-slip tiles that’s okay, I recommend a non-slip mat. It will reduce the situation where the space is full of water, thus avoiding the possibility of slipping on the bottom of your feet if you are not careful.

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Putting non-slip mats in the bathroom is low cost and practical. However, you should always clean the non-slip mat to avoid the growth of bacteria.

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Anti-slip mats should especially be placed outside the shower door, or outside the bathtub. Because you have just finished showering, there is more water attached to your body and the soles of your feet. At this time, it is most necessary to use the non-slip mat to absorb the water.


Three, antiseptic wood

Decay-proof wood: ordinary wood is artificially treated with chemical preservatives to make it resistant to corrosion, moisture, fungus, insects, mildew, and water. Of course, because of the material itself. The anti-corrosion wood will make you feel like the sauna is in your own home, and the natural idyllic feel is there.

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Antiseptic wood is installed in the bathroom in contrast to other spaces is very different. Instead of the usual tightly packed flooring, there are many gaps between each floor. That way even the heaviest water can drain away quickly and keep the bathroom dry at all times.

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The decorative effect of decay-resistant wood is not inferior to that of tiles, no matter with which kind of wall tiles will look beautiful and generous.I recommend picking antiseptic wood flooring with qualified indicators when selecting materials. It is best to brush another layer of wood lacquer, which can strengthen the closure, moisture and wear-resistant.


Fourth, the installation of handrails

The installation of safety rails in the bathroom is an important measure to prevent slippage in the bathroom. If there is an accident, you can pull on the handrail to borrow strength, which can help to get up upright, but also have a bearing tension to avoid falling.

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Keeping it dry is also a big focus of anti-slip. When the floor is too wet, even the best anti-slip will inevitably slip! A good solution to the non-slip problem will surely make life more comfortable and secure.

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