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The faucet classification is becoming more and more detailed

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In the past, a single type of faucet could not meet all the requirements of people. At present, the faucet market can be divided into three categories: bathtub faucets, basin faucets and kitchen faucets. In each category, according to the function, style, material, color is divided into many sub-categories. The different faucets have the same difference in details.

Bathtub faucet with double outlet

This faucet must have two spouts, the bottom for filling the bathtub and the other for connecting the shower. Once you recognize this, it is important to note that the length of the faucet spout should be slightly longer than the width of the bathtub edge to ensure that water does not run out when filling the tub.

Short spout of basin faucet

This faucet is used in conjunction with the bathroom sink to wash and wash your face. Therefore, when choosing a faucet, choose one with a short, low spray nozzle. It is both practical and coordinated, but should leave enough space for washing. After locking in such a faucet, the first step is to see whether the basin’s faucet mounting holes are single or triple, and if they are triple, you need to measure whether the distance between the mounting holes is 4 inches (about 10 cm) or 8 inches (about 20 cm) to determine which faucet is appropriate.

Kitchen faucet head height

For ease of use, the kitchen faucet should be higher and the spout should be longer. It’s best to be able to reach through the drainpipe without splashing the water.

brushed nickel kitchen taps 2
Tips and tricks

There is not much difference in the internal structure of the faucet, except that there are ceramic valves and rubber seals in the sealing method, but there is a big difference in the appearance of the style. When shopping for a faucet, consider not only personal preference, but also how it fits into its surroundings. Look at the bottom whether to choose a single handle, 90-degree switch, or a spiral stable type is more appropriate, and then decide to buy.

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