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How To Choose New Shower Fixtures

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A good set of faucets and showers? First of all, it must start from the material. Now the mainstream material mainly uses 59 copper. Simply understand it is a copper alloy with a copper content of 59%. This is the case for all-copper faucets on the market. It is not pure copper. Pure copper is soft. No tap. But 59 copper is just a general term. There is a difference between non-standard and national standards. The 56%, 57%, and 58% content of the industry are called 59 copper. Of course, there are also strange innovative copper materials. I won’t talk about it here! This is one reason for the price difference. For ordinary consumers, there is no way to distinguish it from copper.

So how do you distinguish products made of good copper? This is a matter of concern to everyone. Inferior copper materials have low copper content, and the products made are brittle, or some materials cannot be completely dissolved, and many special-shaped structures cannot be made. We only need to pay attention to whether the surface of the product is flat, especially the refraction of the light, which can be seen very clearly, whether there are irregular ripples on the surface, and whether the surface is dark. Generally speaking, a product is smooth, flat and bright, and the materials are all It won’t be bad.

After talking about the materials, we are talking about the spool. The spool technology is now very mature. Generally, there is no problem if it is used for more than five years. The poor spool is one yuan, and the good spool is tens of yuan. Where is the difference? The first is the plastic shell. The shell made of recycled plastic is brittle, and the toughness of the new material is very good. It often happens that the valve core rod is broken after several years. The second is the ceramic chip, the hardness of the ceramic chip is very important, and the loose closing is caused by the damage of the ceramic chip. Again, it’s precision. Have you ever encountered a particularly loud sound when the faucet boils water, and you even feel that the water pipes are moving because the valve core is not airtight and air enters the water pipes. Finally, the technology, the mainstream technology constant current technology and idling technology, constant current technology sets the maximum flow threshold of the valve core, no matter how high the water pressure is, the water output will not exceed the normal water output range; the idling technology is the ceramic disc closed. During the process, no friction is generated to prevent insufficient sealing.

What should a good spool look like? The hand feels light, and there will be a smooth feeling in the process of turning, especially when it is turned on. Just like when we drive a car, a smooth and fast start is definitely a good car, but if you feel frustrated, it is just normal.

Finally, let’s talk about the water inlet hose. This thing looks unremarkable, but AMZ’s sales are in the thousands, indicating that the hose is either rusty or leaking. Rust is a common phenomenon. The main reason for this situation is that the woven corrugations on the surface are not 304 stainless steel; it is said that the hose is leaking, and the inner wall of the inlet pipe is binary ethylene propylene. This involves thickness and new and old materials.

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