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Bathroom Accessories Standard Height

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In the bathroom installation, everyone may focus on large sanitary wares, such as bathtubs and toilets. In fact, the installation of hardware accessories is also very important. If the installation is not in place, it is easy to be rusted and corroded, and even affect hygiene. The following home improvement expert Xiudada summarizes the correct installation positions of common bathroom hardware accessories to help you make reference.

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1. Towel rack, towel rack

General bath towel racks and towel racks are best installed on the same side of the hand shower. At the same time, the waterproof problem of the towel rack for changing clothes should be considered.

To install the bathtub, install the towel rack outside the bathtub, generally the installation height is about 1.8m above the ground.

Separate towel rack, waterproof can be ignored. But pay attention to hygiene, and the height of the separate installation is 1.5m above the ground.

2. Clothes hook

The bathroom is larger, consider installing it behind the bathroom door;

The bathroom is small and installed on the wall outside the bathroom.

The height is generally 1.7m, depending on the height per person.

3. single cup holder, double cup holder
Generally, it is installed on the walls on both sides of the washbasin, in line with the makeup shelf.

4. paper towel rack

Installed on the side of the toilet, which is easy to reach and less obvious, usually 0.6 meters above the ground.

5. Soap Net

On both sides of the sink, it is in a line with the bathroom cabinet, which can be combined with a single cup holder or a double cup holder;

can also be installed on the inner wall of the bathroom for easy bathing.

6. corner stand

is mainly installed above the washing machine, the distance between the shelf and the washing machine is 35cm;

can also be installed on the corner of the kitchen to place condiments such as oil and wine.

7.toilet brush

is installed on the wall behind the toilet, and the bottom of the toilet brush cup is about 10cm above the ground.

8. Shelf

The single-layer shelf is installed above the washbasin and under the bathroom mirror, 30cm above the washbasin;

Double-layer shelves are mostly installed on both sides of the washbasin.

The above content considers the installation position of the bathroom pendant from the aspects of hygiene, convenience, waterproof and beautiful, I believe it is more convenient for everyone to use.

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