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How to choose and buy the speedy hot water faucet?

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Many families in order to map the convenience, will be installed to improve the water faucet, but it is not completely popular. So how about the speedy hot water faucet? How to buy a speedy hot water faucet? Here’s a look at it.

The speedy hot water faucet is good?

Fast hot water faucet is the need for hot water, the faucet can be opened for two or three seconds to get hot water quickly, is very fast and very convenient. This instant hot water faucet its hot water and other hot water compared to this instant hot water faucet its water temperature is very stable, in our use is also does not appear when the water temperature is hot and cold phenomenon, this instant hot water faucet it installed in the home, it does not occupy space, in the installation and use is also very simple.

Instant hot water faucet features.

1, instant hot water faucet because of its cold heating function can replace the faucet, also known as “electric faucet”, is a kind of non-insulated or slightly insulated container in a non-insulated heating water, only temporary storage of hot water, with control of water temperature device of miniature instant electric water heater.

2, electric faucet fast energy-saving principle, is the use of special titanium and other corrosion-resistant high strength magnetic materials made of chips, so that the water in the high magnetic field under the action of instant heating heat. Faucet can also be based on the flow to adjust the power, in order to suit the different seasons of the water temperature required to supply.

3, electric faucet rapid heating: 5 seconds to supply 30-60 degrees of hot water, that is, open heat, to meet the high standards of modern people, fast-paced life needs.


4, electric faucet operation is simple: single handle operation can realize the water flow switch, power on and off, water temperature adjustment, water regulation, hot and cold free switch.

Fast water faucet for the northern family great usefulness, can meet the rapid need for hot water requirements, then in the purchase need to pay attention to what problem? How to choose and buy the faucet?

How to choose and buy?

1, more understanding of manufacturers

The temptation of low prices, often listen to some people talk about the market 50 yuan ex-factory price of fast electric faucet, such manufacturers are certainly not a regular manufacturer, in order to ensure that manufacturers must profit in the case of the mainstream market, 30% below the ex-factory price, the quality of basically no guarantee, it is recommended to learn more about a few manufacturers, master the mainstream market.

2, recognize 3C

There must be 3C certification, and to verify, 3C is a national mandatory certification, but also, a mandatory certification, in addition, a lot of other what miscellaneous certification such as what trustworthy products, famous products and so on are water, is that you can spend money to buy. But even 3C certification is now also counterfeit and counterfeit, their certificates are mostly copies and no originals.


Low-power propaganda, the obvious feature is the power of the product labeled as 800—1500W, to the so-called low power to lure customers into the trap, the industry knows that the rapid electric faucet is the open heat type, not the water storage type, to ensure that a hot water, at least 2000W power, in order to be useful in the winter, as long as the power is less than 2000W, is basically a fraud, to the winter with hot water will not reach the effect!

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