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Do you dare buy a bathroom sink faucet for under $20?

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Faucets all look pretty much the same, but the difference can be huge! Too cheap a faucet is terrible! Do you still dare to buy it?

Faucet features typically under $20
Zinc alloy posing as copper alloy

Faucet according to different materials can be divided into stainless steel, cast iron, plastic, copper alloy, zinc alloy, polymer composite materials, etc.. Among them, made of zinc alloy material faucet generally shorter life, poor stability.

Industry sources, in the low-end spout market, part of the manufacturers in the pursuit of cost reduction, the use of copper materials for the price of only 1/3 of the zinc alloy material, because the zinc itself is also larger density, the product itself also has the electroplating layer, ordinary consumers can not feel from the weight, the appearance of such products and the normal difference between the copper alloy faucet. However, zinc alloy faucets are a major health risk for consumers, as excessive zinc intake may inhibit the body’s absorption of iron and copper, causing iron deficiency anemia.

Steel ball cartridge is called ceramic cartridge.

Faucet cartridges are usually steel ball cartridges and ceramic cartridges. The steel ball cartridge has good pressure resistance, but the rubber sealing ring that plays a sealing role is easy to wear and aging quickly. Ceramic cartridge is more heat-resistant and wear-resistant, and has good sealing performance, feel more comfortable, smooth, and open, close quickly.

Therefore, the industry said that the ceramic valve core than the steel ball valve core requires a higher technology and cost, and consumers can not distinguish from the naked eye, so it has become a profit-making point of unscrupulous manufacturers. Consumers can choose to simply judge the spool good or bad according to the feel when turning the handle. Generally speaking, consumers turn the handle up, down, left and right, if the feeling of lightness, no hindrance, then the valve spool is better.

Claiming to be lead-free or low lead

A visit to the faucet market can be found, now the faucet business not only publicize the product does not leak, not rusty, there are many big “lead-free” card. Faucet really achieve “lead-free” it?

Industry sources, according to the current production technology, can only do faucet “low lead”, it is impossible to do “no lead”. Therefore, if a business claim that the product is lead-free, or said low lead, but the corresponding standard documents listed, for such products, consumers should pay attention to.

Don’t think these cheap, low-quality faucets don’t have a big impact; they could ruin your house!

-Mr. Fang, who lives in the Kunlun residence, reported that because they had not lived in their home for a long time, they were unaware of the broken tap and as a result, their own home and the homes of their neighbors downstairs were flooded, causing considerable damage.


There are a wide variety of faucet products available on the market, and the quality varies. If you buy a poor quality faucet, it is not only time consuming and expensive, but may even endanger your family’s health.

How to pick a good faucet, please remember the following four key points.

Material of the faucet

Regarding the material of the faucet, remember the following formula▼


If you’re still using faucets made of plastic / zinc / cast iron, then it’s highly recommended that you replace them immediately! Long-term use of these three materials can be harmful to the human body.

▲Taps made of plastic and zinc alloy

Plastic faucet is easy to be damaged, the shortest service life; zinc alloy long-term contact with water is easy to be oxidized, releasing zinc, lead and other harmful heavy metals on the human body; cast iron material is easy to rust, easy to leak and health hazards.

Faucets made of cast iron are prone to rust.

Stainless steel and ceramic faucets are not hazardous to health, but due to the immaturity of the manufacturing process of the two materials, production costs, and the vulnerability of stainless steel, ceramic fragile, both are not the best choice for household faucets.

In contrast, copper not only the production process has matured, plus is not easy to be corroded, has a very good antibacterial effect, is very suitable for faucets made. Copper taps are also very popular on the market today.

Valve spool

The quality of the spool affects the faucet’s water-saving effect. There are two main types of faucet spool on the market: ceramic spool and steel ball spool.

It is recommended that you buy ceramic valve core. It is not only heat-resistant and wear-resistant, long service life, can better prevent dripping water leakage. Steel ball cartridge is also good in all aspects of performance, but compared to the ceramic cartridge, the use of a shorter time, easy to cause drip leakage.


A good faucet starter will ensure that the water does not splash, making the water flow gentle and comfortable, as well as saving water.

Before buying a faucet, it’s best to have the vendor do a water test to experience the comfort and flushing power of the water flow. The more bubbles in the water stream, the better the quality of the bubbler and the better the water saving function.

▲More bubbles in the water flow means better quality of the bubbler.

outward appearance

You wouldn’t know it, but the faucet is also a member of the “Appearance Society”. After the grinding and polishing process, the taps are coated with a layer of nickel or chromium to prevent oxidation. Nickel or chromium is resistant to neutral hydrochloric acid and protects the tap from corrosion over the long term.

Taps that are not well plated are susceptible to corrosion.

When shopping, put the faucet in a well-lit place and look at it. There are no oxidation spots on the surface of the faucet, no pores, no leakage of plating, and the color is evenly distributed is a good faucet.

You can also use a simple method: press the faucet with your finger, the fingerprints can quickly disperse is also a good faucet.


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