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How Often to Replace Kitchen Faucet Filter

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When it comes to water, we all know that water is the source of life, something that is indispensable to our lives. But can we be sure that the water we use is safe? Is it hygienic? Some of you will ask the staff writer here, didn’t we install a faucet filter? Yes, we all installed a faucet filter, but with a long time, or bacteria will gather. So how often do we have to change the faucet filter to ensure that the water is clean?

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Water is the source of life, in order to ensure the health of our lives. We cannot do without water every day. In addition to people’s direct drinking water, water is needed for cooking, brushing teeth, washing dishes and washing dishes. Therefore, the safety of water is closely related to our health. The water we usually use is generally tap water. So is the tap water from the tap safe? It is important to remember that although the water company has disinfected the tap water through a multi-stage process, there is no guarantee that there will be no secondary contamination of the water at the time of delivery.

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In order to avoid or reduce the secondary contamination of human body harm, in the United States and Japan and other developed countries, they will install and use the tap filter, a movable simple filtration device in homes. And in our country, the use of faucet filter is ignored by many families. But this kind of faucet filter also has certain limitations when using. Because the faucet filter adsorption capacity is limited, after using a period of time, the adsorbent will be saturated, so that not only to impurities, but will release new pollutants to.

So, the expert suggests: the use of faucet filter, to try to do once a month to change. The expert’s advice is to choose a water filter containing activated carbon and sponge (or non-woven). Sponges and non-woven fabric can be lost filter rust and other visible impurities, and activated carbon can adsorb tap water in the organic matter. Both types of filtration materials are often found in supermarkets and are priced lower than they should be. Friends, for the sake of your own and your family’s health, please start with the safety of drinking water.

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Usually contaminants in tap water come from small pieces of rust or slag that are deposited on the walls of the pipes. The cartridge in the tap water filter is fibrous resin, its thickness 5-8 mm, it needs to be replaced or cleaned once every 3 months, and it is better to replace it with a new one every 6 months.

The above is how often to change the faucet filter to everyone’s suggestions, I hope you can take a look, after all, is also responsible for their own body.

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