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Four Development Trends Of The Faucet Industry

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A faucet is the common name for a water valve, which is used to control the size of the water flow on and off. Faucet trend are being updated very fast, from the old cast iron technology to plated knobs, to stainless steel single temperature and single control faucets, stainless steel dual temperature and dual control faucets, and kitchen semi-automatic faucets.

Admittedly, faucets are indispensable in our lives, especially in our kitchens and bathrooms. So today, according to the domestic visit of a well-known faucet brand, to understand the market, and summed up the following faucet development of the main trends.

Trend 1: Classification more and more refined

It has been said that division of labor means progress, and faucets are no exception. Current faucets can be roughly divided into two categories: bathroom faucets and kitchen faucets. A single bathroom faucet is divided into several categories such as basin faucets, bathtub faucets, toilet faucets, and so on. And within each category, they can be divided into many subcategories based on function, style, material, and color. In the past, faucets were very simple. Whether in the kitchen or bathroom, only traditional cast-iron faucets were used above the sink; and the shower faucets used at home were also “door-to-door” with the bathhouse. I’m afraid that this “multi-purpose” phenomenon will “disappear” in the future.

Trend 2: Mixed water faucets are popular

A “mixing tap” is a tap that allows you to mix cold and hot water together and regulate the temperature of the water. Many homes are now fitted with water heaters and a few have a 24-hour supply of hot water from the property. We are also “hired” to supply hot water for our daily cooking and cleaning needs. As a result, a “mixer tap” that mixes cold and hot water into warm water is popular with many consumers.

Trend 3: Gradual improvement in functionality

In order to meet the different needs of consumers, today’s faucets also have many functions: for example, bathroom shower faucets have many functions, such as a massage function, which can make the water flow with bubbles, or change the way the water is discharged, etc., and the unique faucet core design, it is not only resistant to wear and tear, but also has the function of automatically balancing the flow of hot and cold water and constant water temperature.

Trend 4: Various styles

In home renovation, no one wants to be like everyone else and they want the decoration to reflect their own personal characteristics. Therefore, the style and layout of the décor is very important. To match these styles, there are many types and styles of faucets. For example, a classic faucet in gold and silver with intricate decorations can be used to match a classic style; an edgy and modern faucet in a matte color is used in a modern style space; and a cream-colored faucet with smooth lines can be used in almost any light-colored room.

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