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How Often Should I Replace My Home Faucet

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Faucets are an essential household item in each of our homes. And when you choose a high quality faucet in the decoration, it will be of great help to your future life. But no matter how expensive the faucet in the use of a long time will also have a variety of bacteria and dirt will affect our life water, so regular replacement of the faucet is also our home life needs to pay attention to the point. But how often should we usually replace the faucet at home?

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Faucet is the common name for a water valve, a switch used to control the size of the water flow, with water-saving effect. The faucet’s replacement rate is very fast, from the previous development of cast iron technology to plating knob type, and the development of stainless steel “single temperature single control” faucet, stainless steel “double temperature double control” faucet, kitchen semi-automatic faucet. Now, more and more consumers are buying faucets from the material, function, shape and other aspects of consideration.

The big faucet five years for a miscellaneous year. For faucet products with a good brand reputation, you can change them once every five years. If it is a more niche or even no brand guaranteed faucet products, it is advisable to change it once a year. As for non-drinking faucets, such as washing machines, you can use them for a longer period of time, up to six to seven years also need to be replaced. The water we drink and use is the lifeblood of our daily lives. If you want to safeguard the health of the water in your daily life, you need to pay attention to the details of the installation and use of the faucet to avoid damage to the faucet from the source.

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In addition, if the amount of water coming out of the faucet is reduced or divided, it means that the faucet’s bubbler is clogged. It’s time to remove the bubbler, soak it in vinegar, clean the debris with a small brush or other tool, and reinstall it.

After installing the faucet, for dirt fingerprints on the surface, it is recommended to clean the surface every other month, rinse it with water and dry it with a soft cloth. The exterior shine maintenance, on the other hand, can be cleaned with wax once a month. The surface cleaning is for aesthetics, the internal cleaning is the most important factor that affects the service life. In addition, if the faucet appears to reduce the amount of water or water bifurcation, it means that the faucet’s bubbler is clogged, then the bubbler should be removed, soaked in vinegar, use a small brush or other tools to clean the debris, and then reinstalled.

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Notes on faucet cleaning:

  1. Do not use hard objects such as steel wool balls to wipe the surface of the faucet, because steel wool balls are hard and easily scratch the surface of the faucet.
  2. It is best to use neutral detergent when cleaning, acidic and alkaline detergent is not suitable for cleaning the faucet.
  3. After cleaning the faucet, you should use a dry, lint-free towel (cleaning glass is the same) to dry the surface of the residual water, so as not to produce scale.

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Needless to say the use and role of the faucet in the family, we all know, so the quality is very important. And the faucet is directly related to our living water and food water, so even if the replacement and cleaning is very important.

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