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Guides on how to choose a good bathroom basin faucet

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Every office worker knows that when we are forced to be woken up by the alarm clock every morning, if we want to get rid of the sleepiness as soon as possible, some friends will rush to the bathroom to fill the basin with water and plunge into the basin. Then take a deep breath, look clear, and smile at the mirror again. That’s right, just like this, a new day begins. Every day is brand new, and every day is full of unlimited imagination… The basin is vital to office workers to a certain extent. It is like a mirror, just like our most A close lover cares for our lives and gives us confidence for a day. So, how do you choose a basin that suits you? Here, the following is listed as a guide for owners.


Ceramic basin



  1. Material


At present, the materials of wash basins on the market have become more and more colorful with people’s individual requirements, but ceramic products are still the main and first choice. Therefore, ceramic glaze is very important for this type of washbasin. The glaze will directly affect the quality of the product. The smooth glaze is not only anti-fouling, more conducive to cleaning, but also has stronger antibacterial properties. When selecting, you can carefully look at the surface of the product under strong light. It is better to have no trachoma or pitting, and the glaze is smooth, delicate and smooth. In addition, water absorption is also an important basis for the quality of ceramic washbasins. The lower the water absorption, the better the quality, and the better the glaze is, the lower the water absorption is relatively speaking. There are also artificial stone and tempered stained glass basins. The artificial stone basin has strong impact resistance and is not easy to damage; the tempered glass basin has good light transmission and is more beautiful.


  1. Type


The ceramic wash basins used in the bathroom are mainly divided into counter basins and pedestal basins. The reference quantity for choosing a basin or pedestal basin is the width and length of the installation position. Generally speaking, as long as the width of the countertop is greater than 52 cm and the length is greater than 70 cm, the room for choosing a counter basin is very large. If the length of the countertop is less than 70 cm, no It is recommended to choose a basin instead of a pedestal basin. If you choose a basin, the installation effect will be affected, and the choice of basin will be more difficult.


Generally speaking, the design of pedestal basins is very simple. Because the drainage components can be hidden in the column of the pedestal basin, it gives people a clean and tidy appearance. Moreover, when washing hands, the human body can stand in front of the basin naturally. Therefore, it is more convenient and comfortable to use. The washbasin is more suitable to be installed in the bathroom with a relatively large area. It can be used in conjunction with the natural stone or artificial stone countertops. You can also customize the bathroom cabinets under the countertops to contain bathroom products, which is beautiful and practical. A slight design of the pedestal basin can also give people a refreshing feeling, and the surface of the gravel enhances the rough atmosphere of the space.

Counter basins are divided into two types: above counter basin and under counter basin. This is not a difference in the basin itself, but a difference in installation. The basin that protrudes from the countertop is called the above counter basin, and the basin that is completely recessed below the countertop is called the undercounter basin. The installation of the countertop basin is relatively simple. You only need to open a hole at the predetermined position on the countertop according to the installation drawing, then place the basin in the hole, and fill the gap with glass glue. When using, the water on the countertop will not flow down the gap, so It is used more in the family. And because the above counter basin can make more changes in shape, there is more room for style selection, and the decoration effect is ideal. After the installation of the under-counter basin, the overall appearance is relatively tidy and easy to take care of, but the joint between the basin and the countertop is easier to contain dirt and dirt, and the under-counter basin requires higher installation technology; secondly, because of the under-counter basin The brackets are staggered and the disassembly and assembly are complicated. If the length of the table is small, it is difficult to ensure the installation quality during installation. Moreover, the style of the under-counter basin is relatively simple, and the only thing that can be used is the color and shape of the table.

The wall-row above counter basin is suitable for simple decoration style, and the extra-long countertop can be used for placing utensils and embellishment.

Many people have encountered many difficulties in choosing the color of the faucet and do not know how to choose. I recommend the matte black basin mixer first. Black basin faucet is the color of choice for many young people’s bathrooms, which can add a more elegant atmosphere to the bathroom. Black high-end, giving people a unique feeling, fashionable and cool.

The matte black faucet is an electroplating process, which is not easy to rust and paint, and has a longer life. You deserve to have.

If defined according to the installation position, the wash basin has a corner basin and a normal basin, and the corner basin has a special shaped basin and a regular shaped corner basin. The so-called ordinary basin refers to the wash basin that is not designed for corner installation, and there are also special and conventional shapes.

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