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Complete Guide Steps On How To Install The Towel Ring

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In daily life, you will always encounter the situation of installing towel rings. If you have no experience in installing towel rings, I am afraid that people will feel at a loss when seeing the installation instructions. But the actual situation is that installing the towel ring itself is a fairly simple project.WOWOWFAUCET shows us how to install a towel ring in the bathroom. According to the guide in this article, you only need to spend 10 minutes to complete it.


Tools you will use:


Towel Ring


Screw, base


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Towel ring details

Quality Stainless Steel
Made of SUS 304 stainless steel material, the shower towel bar with refined craftsmanship is non rusting and resistant to corrosion.
It’s also easy to wipe and clean with wet cloth.
Matte Black Finish
Matte black towel ring brings a modern and sleek appeal to your home and complements the most kind of decor.
Scratches and fingerprints resistant, the towel ring black won’t flake off.
180° Swivel Ring
The Kitchen towel ring can be rotated at 180°, convenient for drying towels naturally.
Rubber washers allow the towel ring to be held at an angle and will not sway and scratch the wall.


Determine the installation height and position of the towel ring:

The installation location is generally: next to the sink, on both sides of the toilet, above the bathtub, next to the bathroom cabinet, next to the vanity mirror installed behind the bathroom door, etc. It is important to play a substantial role and embellish beauty.

Taking the ground as a reference, the installation height: the distance between the towel ring and the ground is 0.9M-1.4M.

Take the sink as a reference, the installation height: the distance between the towel ring and the sink is about 0.55M.

Taking the bathtub as a reference, the installation height: the distance between the towel ring and the bathtub is 0.5M-1M.

If it is opposite to the bathroom faucet, it should be 1.6M above the ground.

Tips: If there are children at home, if the towel ring is installed for the convenience of the children, you can determine the height and position according to the children’s height needs


1.Loosen the screws and take out the film

Use a wrench to loosen the screws and take out the base

  1. Mark the position of the base

Use the mounting bracket as a mark to mark the area to be drilled

  1. Measure the pitch and drill the holes

After leveling and marking the position of the bracket, it is time to pre-drill the anchor holes. Use a drill bit wide enough and deep enough to allow the anchor to be inserted.

  1. Align the bottom part and tighten the screws

Align the mounting bracket with the hole, and then use the provided screws to secure the bracket firmly to the wall.

  1. Install it on the film and tighten with the hex wrench

Latch the towel ring from the top to the mounting bracket. Center the notch located inside the ring base. Before fixing the towel ring to the wall, take a final look and make sure it is level. All that is left is to tighten the set screws with the included Allen wrench or small flat-blade screwdriver.

  1. Finish installation


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