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GROHE announces it will not participate in the 2021 Frankfurt Bathroom Exhibition

On July 13, 2020, GROHE announced that it is withdrawing from the Bathroom Show 2021 in Frankfurt (ISH). GROHE Bathroom lists three main reasons for its withdrawal: as a global brand and a member of the LIXIL Group, GROHE’s values are first and foremost to respect and do the right thing. The decision to withdraw from ISH 2021 to protect employees, partners and customers during the epidemic and to take strict hygiene and safety measures are in line with our values. Secondly, the COVID-19 situation remains critical both in Germany and abroad. In addition, the hygiene concepts presented at ISH were not satisfactory for GROHE.

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TOTO Ends 2020 “Factory Renovation Day” Campaign

On July 16, TOTO announced that it has decided to cancel 7 sessions of the 2020 “Factory Decoration Festival” due to outbreak prevention and control. TOTO “Factory Renovation Festival” was originally divided into 8 major venues, and the deadline for the 7 cancelled venues was scheduled for November 2020. The remaining Nakatsu Factory event is expected to take place in March 2021, but TOTO says it is discussing whether it can be held as scheduled.

Geberit replaces Sales Director and Key Account Manager

Geberit has recently announced two new senior appointments to strengthen its support of the retail sector. David Upperton from Aqualisa will take on the role of Geberit’s retail and trade sales director to strengthen Geberit’s support of retailers, distribution partners and buying teams. In addition, Geberit has appointed Phillip Conroy, who was previously with Kohler and will be responsible for the independent merchant channel in the future, as key account manager.

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LIXIL is included in the FTSE4Good Index and Women’s Active Index component brands

On July 15, LIXIL announced that it has been included as a constituent brand in the 2020 FTSE4 Good Index and the MSCI Japan Women’s Active Index, demonstrating LIXIL’s commitment to social responsibility and effective measures for gender diversity, respectively. This is the fourth year that LIXIL has been included as a constituent brand in these two indices.

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JOMOO donated about 1 million yuan worth of water purification supplies to the Tibetan Forest Fire Brigade.

On July 16, JOMOO Health China Public Welfare Action and Tibet Forest Fire Brigade Donation Ceremony was launched in the compound of Tibet Forest Fire Brigade in Tibet Autonomous Region, JOMOO donated water purification supplies worth about 1 million RMB to Tibet Forest Fire Brigade to promote healthy lifestyle and help realize the health of the whole people. It is reported, JOMOO will take this activity as a starting point, the full implementation of the “Healthy China Public Welfare Action”, to provide public health products and services for key projects around the project resumption, while JOMOO will promote and popularize health knowledge to the country, and the implementation of the national “toilet revolution! “It is a strategic initiative to support the construction of a healthy China with the concept of “building and sharing together, health for all”.

Dongpeng Sanitary Ware held 2020 dealer VIP Summit

On July 13, “health upgrade again, all the strong breakthrough” – Dongpeng whole bathroom dealer VIP Summit 2020 was held in Foshan. Dongpeng Holdings President Gong Zhiyun said, in 2020, as long as we lay a solid foundation to practice internal strength, firm confidence to win the market, sorting out the brand to win the future, the factory and business with one heart, new changes, new breakthroughs, will certainly achieve “a hundred years of enterprise, the world Dongpeng” vision and goals. At the meeting, Dongpeng whole bathroom also released a new brand advertising campaign for 2020.

ARROW joint HUAWEI Hilink to create smart bathroom space

Recently, ARROW and HUAWEI Hilink have joined forces to create a smart toilet from the start, to create an exclusive personalized smart bathroom space for users.ARROW’s V6 wing smart toilet access to HUAWEI Hilink, through mobile phone control, you can achieve intelligent operation: flushing mode, adjust the temperature of the seat, water temperature and drying temperature, etc., to achieve no Contact toilet, mobile phone remote control features, to create a cleaner and more secure bathroom space. In the future, ARROW will continue to deepen its layout to realize the interconnection of more intelligent products, such as smart make-up mirror and smart bathtub, to create a deep bathroom with intelligent space, thus bringing a more comfortable intelligent bathroom experience.

RUNNER listed on the SSE to apply for purchase on July 20

RUNNER has released an announcement on its initial public offering of shares. The company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on July 20 to apply for a total number of 45 million shares, the issue price of 15.53 yuan, accounting for 10.07% of the total issued share capital. According to the prospectus, RUNNER is going to raise 920 million yuan for the expansion of kitchen and bathroom product line, water purification product line, intelligent information upgrade, and the construction of RUNNER research and development center.

Serial Number


Project Name


Total Investment in Fundraising Projects


Projected Construction PeriodApproval or Filing Status
1Kitchen and bath line expansion project54,397.4524 MonthsXiamen Set Economic and Information Investment Record [2018] No. 363
2Water purification product line expansion project25,602.5524 MonthsXiamen Set Economic and Information Investment Record [2018] No. 364
3Smart IT Upgrade Project7,000.0024 MonthsXiamen Set Economic and Information Investment Record [2018] No. 362


4RUNNER Research and Development Centre Construction Project5,000.0024 MonthsXiamen Set Economic and Information Investment Record [2018] No. 361


Ying launched “Care +” series of antibacterial family products

On July 18, “YING for love, care +”. 2020 “care +” series of new product had a grand opening in Guiyang Red Star Macalline. Ying has released the first four models of the Care+ series antibacterial family of toilets, namely the Smart Toilet BS86H, Smart Toilet BS85, 159 Series Swirl Siphon One-piece Toilet, and 158 Series Swirl Water Saving One-piece Toilet. These four products are developed according to different consumer habits, demand, both functional or design features

China Building Decoration Association leaders visit GOLD headquarters

Recently, Hu Yannan, Secretary General of China Building Decoration Association (CBDA) and Zhang Yanqiu, Deputy Secretary General of CBDA visited GOLD headquarters. CDA and GOLD had an in-depth discussion on the future business development prospects of the home furnishing market, and exchange views on the trend of high-end full bathroom customization, and explore resource cooperation in the environment of full bathroom customization, making an important pavement for future resource sharing. In the future, the two sides will carry out a more comprehensive and in-depth cooperation.

The second phase of SOLUX Smart Home Park is expected to be completed in February of the year after.

On July 9, the Fujian Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government’s work research and inspection team and his party investigated the key project of Zhangzhou SOLUX Smart Home Park built by SOLUX Technology Group in Fujian Province. It is reported that a total investment of up to 2 billion Zhangzhou SOLUX Smart Home Park, the first phase of the plant was completed in September last year, the second phase of the project has entered the construction phase, is expected to be completed in February 2022, and the third phase is expected to be completed in October 2022. The new park will greatly promote the development of “SOLUX-Home” F2C model of all categories, but also confirms the achievements of the “new species” new model.

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ORANS Holds Training Meeting for 2020 National Sales Elite

From July 15 to 16, ORANS 2020 National Sales Elite Training Conference was held in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province as scheduled. At the opening ceremony, Mr. Lin Huayou, chairman of ORANS, warmly welcomed the sales elites from afar, and gave his best wishes to the training meeting. He said he believed that as long as we hold firm to our beliefs, unite and create changes, and continuously forge the comprehensive strength of the terminal team, ORANS will steadily move forward in brand market, sales and reputation.

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Juran Delegation Visited TEPE Headquarters in Foshan

On July 14, Mr. Guo Zhinian, the head of Juran Group’s National Investment Operation Department, led a business delegation of 14 people to visit TEPE’s brand headquarters in Foshan. The delegation highly affirmed and appreciated TEPE’s advantages in research and development, manufacturing, management, marketing and service after they had an in-depth understanding of TEPE’s advantages. The general manager of TEPE, Mr. Ban Xianbin, said that he would strengthen the strategic cooperation with Juran in the future to promote the steady progress of the enterprise.

Red Star Macalline Hengshui Binhu Mall suddenly shut down

Hengshui Daily reported on July 15 that Red Star Macalline posted a letter of notification on July 10 that the Hengshui Binhu Mall commissioning and management period agreed upon by Hebei Danyang Real Estate Development Company Limited, Hebei Danyang Real Estate Development Company Limited Hengshui Branch and Red Star Macalline Home Group Co. As a result, the company has to stop providing management services to the Binhu Mall in Hengshui, which will be managed by the owner from July 16. The mall will be managed by the owners themselves since July 16. But the contact number left on the announcement is now empty, and nearly 200 retailers are at a loss.

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Dongyirisheng expects first-half net profit of -235 million to -260 million yuan

On July 14, Dongyirisheng Group released a forecast of its 2020 half-year results: net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is expected to be -235 million yuan to -260 million yuan in the first half of 2020. Dongyirisheng said that due to the impact of the new coronavirus epidemic, the company’s home improvement projects around the world have been delayed in resuming work and the number of new orders signed has decreased, resulting in a year-on-year decline in operating income for the 2020 half-year. To date, the Company’s business has almost fully resumed work under the guidance of local policies. With the recovery of consumer demand in the home improvement market and the mature application of the Company’s new platform for live marketing and other forms of marketing, orders for home improvement picked up significantly in June.

I. Projected performance for the current period

  1. Performance forecast period: 1 January 2020 to 30 June 2020.
  2. Expected performance:

Deficit (yes)       Turn a Loss into a Profit (No)       

Rising in the Same Direction (No)       Falling in the Same Direction (No)


Current Reporting PeriodSame Period Last Year
Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companiesLosses: RMB 235 million to RMB 260 millionLoss: RMB 61,807,900
Basic earnings per shareLoss: RMB 0.56 per share to RMB 0.62 per share

Loss: RMB 0.15 per share


Juran expects up to 58.27% drop in first-half net profit

Juran on July 14 evening released the 2020 half-year results forecast, is expected to achieve the first half of the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies 400 million yuan to 430 million yuan, down 55.14% to 58.27% year-on-year. Juran said that the Covid-19 epidemic this year has a great impact on the department store and household industry in which the company is located. The company conscientiously implement the national “six stability and six protection” policy requirements to help merchants tide over the difficult times, the merchants to take rent-free, rent reduction and part of the deferred payment of rent and other support measures, directly affecting the company’s operating income and profits in the first half of the year.

I. Projected performance for the current period

  1. Performance forecast period: 1 January 2020 to 30 June 2020
  2. Expected performance: Falling in the Same Direction (Yes)


Current Reporting PeriodSame Period Last Year
Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companiesEarnings: RMB 400,000,000~RMB 430,000,000Profit: RMB 95,856,600,000
Decrease from the same period last year: 55.14% to 48.27%
Basic earnings per shareRMB 0.0664 per share ~ RMB 40,714 per shareEarnings: RMB 0.17 per share


Zbom’s first-half net profit of $50.686 million, down 53.99% year-on-year

On July 14, Zbom released its semi-annual results for 2020, the company’s net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in the first half of the year was 50.686 million yuan, down 53.99% year-on-year. It is understood that the first quarter was affected by the epidemic, operating income and profit declined, and resumed production in the second quarter, and gradually returned to stability. The announcement showed that within the first half of 2020 Zbom achieved total operating income of 1.224 billion yuan, up 6.57% year-on-year, total profit of 57.914 million yuan, down 54.57% year-on-year, net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company of 50.686 million yuan, down 53.99% year-on-year, and basic earnings per share of 0.2123 yuan. This is a decrease of 57.40% compared to the previous year.

Unit: RMB 10,000    Currency: RMB


Current Reporting PeriodSame Period Last Year

Increase/Decrease Change

Total operating income

Operating profit6,114.3612, 938, 19-52, 74
Total profit5, 791.4712,747.29-54,57
Net income attributable to shareholders of listed companies Profits5,068, 6011,017, 16-53, 99
Deductions attributable to shareholders of listed companies Net profit excluding recurring gains and losses4, 327, 969,916.28-56, 35
Basic earnings per share (RMB)0.21230,4983-51. 40
Weighted average return on net assets2.59%6.01%Decrease of 3,42 percentage points point of division
End of the Reporting periodBeginning of the Reporting PeriodIncrease/Decrease Change
Total assets365, 383, 49309, 539, 8418.04
Equity attributable to shareholders of listed companies184, 547, 34192,919.58-4,34
Share capital22,333, 3422, 333, 34
Net assets per share attributable to shareholders of the public company (RMB)8,26338, 6382



ROBAM says it already has thousands of specialty stores

On July 15, when an investor asked ROBAM for advice on how many stores the company had, and how many each in first- and second-tier cities, and third- and fourth-tier cities, ROBAM said that the company was deeply committed to the kitchen sector, focusing carefully on the development, production, sales and comprehensive service of kitchen appliances, including range hoods, gas stoves, disinfection cabinets, steamers, ovens, steam grills, and other kitchen appliances. The company is committed to creating a higher quality kitchen life for millions of families by providing solutions for household kitchen appliances such as all-in-one appliances, dishwashers, water purifiers, water heaters, microwave ovens, integrated stoves, etc. The company has thousands of stores and sales networks throughout the country.  The company has more than a thousand stores, sales network throughout the country regions.



Industry News

Tangshan actively promoting trademark registration abroad

Recently, Tangshan City issued “Some Measures to Strengthen the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights”, setting the target of increasing 100 international registered trademarks by 2025. Up to now, Tangshan has 6 international trademarks registered in Madrid and 9 international trademarks registered in a single country. Ltd. has registered 71 overseas trademarks in 47 countries and regions, has developed into a leading enterprise in China’s sanitary industry.


The first half of the building materials home furnishing stores sales fell 40.76% year-on-year

On July 15, the National Building Materials Household Prosperity Index (BHI) for June 2020, jointly released by the Department of Circulation Development of the Ministry of Commerce and the China Building Materials Circulation Association, was 83.85, down 5.28 points from the previous month and down 17.69 points year-on-year. The June sales of building materials and home stores above designated size nationwide were 64.515 billion yuan, down 24.84% year-on-year.The cumulative sales in the first half of 2020 were 275.284 billion yuan, down 40.76% year-on-year.The index for the first half of 2020 is expected to be 83.85, down 5.28 points, down 17.69 points year-on-year. It is expected that in the second half of the year, along with the gradual easing of the domestic epidemic, the building materials and home industry exhibition restarted, the pace of industry recovery will still accelerate.640 9

BHI breakdown for JuneRing comparison with previous month (points)Year-on-year (points)
BHI sub-index
Popularity index62.8916.43-104.06
Managerial confidence index151.21-18.9022.55
Purchasing power index94.59-33.8447.18
Sales capacity index58.57-0.19-19.36
Employment rate index247.306.43-17.32
Rental rate index91.21-0.35



The first half of the country’s commercial housing sales area fell 8.4% year-on-year

According to the Bureau of Statistics, from January to June 2020, the sales area of commercial housing was 694.04 million square meters, down 8.4% year-on-year, down 3.9 percentage points narrower than from January to May.  Among them, the sales area of residential houses fell by 7.6 percent, the sales area of office buildings fell by 26.5 percent and the sales area of commercial business premises fell by 20.7 percent.Sales of commercial housing reached 689.5 billion yuan, down 5.4 percent, narrowing by 5.2 percentage points from January to May.  Among them, residential sales fell by 2.8%, office sales fell by 28.0%, and sales of commercial business premises fell by 25.5%.

6 1


Taiwan’s new version of the electronic toilet (toilet) seat commodity inspection regulations have been implemented on July 1

Taiwan’s new version of the electronic toilet (toilet) seat commodity inspection regulations have been formally implemented on July 1.It is reported that the commodity inspection method is type-approved batch-by-batch inspection or verification of the registration type of dual-track parallel. Since the announcement date (February 18, 2019), the local Bureau of Standards and Inspection will immediately accept applications for type approval of goods or verification of logging operations, type approval of batch-by-batch inspection of goods should first apply for type approval, obtain a type approval certificate, and import or import of goods in the factory before the application for testing. When the test regulations are met, the goods can be sold. Registered by the adoption of verification, the review of compliance will be issued a certificate of registration of commodity verification. The type approval certificate of the commodity and the validity period of the commodity verification registration certificate are three years.

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