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Sometimes, in order to pick a good-looking faucet, people go around a nearby hardware store, but still can’t find a suitable one.

Before, I didn’t know how to choose a faucet. After studying the faucet knowledge systematically and comparing the characteristics of many faucets, I finally summed up some faucet selection techniques. I hope everyone can choose the right faucet based on my experience.
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Why should I have trouble with the faucet?

Well, I can only say that I have been upset with my faucet since I was a child. How could it be so inconvenient. To wash my hands once, I need to twist five or six turns. If you say it, you may not believe it, please see the picture below:

We happen to encounter an epidemic this year, and we have to respond to the country’s call to “wash our hands frequently and be healthy for you, me and him”, so we have to find a suitable faucet.But the budget is limited. It is really not easy to convince them if you just buy a better faucet. So, I also racked my brains. How can I buy the most cost-effective faucet with less money?

Basic knowledge of faucet popular science

As the saying goes, a woman who wants to marry the right man must also know how to see him, right?

So before I talk, I would like to ask you, how many types of faucets are there?

Category 3? Category 4? Is it Category 5?

Haha, the answer is: neither is right.
Don’t talk nonsense, let everyone know the basic types of faucets.

In fact, the classification of faucets is quite interesting. It can be classified in the following ways:


Does it feel like this is very general, the mind doesn’t even have a basic appearance, right? Haha, it’s okay, let’s start with:

First of all, let’s talk about the material. The material of the faucet not only has an impact on the service life of the faucet, but is also closely related to our health. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of faucets of various materials:

Distinguish taps by material


Distinguish faucets by structure

Distribute faucets by opening method


Distribute faucets by function


After the above analysis, I believe you should have a clear understanding of the basic concepts of faucets, right?

Let’s get to know some more important concepts about faucets:

1. The most critical part of the faucet: the valve core.

When we comment on a faucet, we often say that the public is justified, and the mother-in-law says that the mother is justified.

But we all understand that, in fact, the layman is watching the excitement, and the insider watching the doorway.

To determine the quality of a faucet, a key factor is to look at its valve core. Why?

The direction of the faucet and the flow control of the water are all realized by controlling the direction of the spool and its pressure control.

The number of times we touch the faucet every day is estimated to be at least dozens of times. To make the faucet durable, we must rely on it.

The following picture shows you three common spools: ceramic disc spool, stainless steel ball and roller spool:


Then how do you actually distinguish whether the spool is good or bad?

Teach you a simple method:

1. Turn on the faucet of your home, and feel attentively when the water volume is increased from small to large, to see if the whole movement is smooth, and there is no need to adjust the water volume more hard than half.

2. Open the handle of the faucet halfway, then turn up and down to increase the amount of water and turn off the water respectively to see if the force used is the same, if the same is better.

3. When the spool is left and right (adjusting cooling and heating). (Use the above method first) Then look at the weight, the good spool is “idling” when left and right, and the hand feels very light.

4. Use your hand to gently boil the handle to the left or right to see if there is any inflexibility, looseness, or heavy feeling. It is better if there is none.

2. Electroplating process

Speaking of electroplating, the faucets in the malls you usually see in hardware stores or shopping malls are sparkling, in fact, this is the effect of electroplating.

What is the quality and strength of a faucet manufacturer, then the quality of electroplating is one of the indicators to measure it.

Good electroplating can make the faucet look better, and at the same time it can enhance the abrasion resistance and abrasion resistance of the faucet.

Excellent faucet products are mainly electroplated on the three layers of semi-gloss nickel, bright nickel and chromium on the refined copper itself. Generally speaking, copper plating is to enhance the repetitive force of electroplating, the nickel layer is for corrosion resistance, and a layer of chromium plating on the surface of the nickel is to increase the hardness on the one hand, and also to increase the brightness on the other hand. We look shiny faucets.

There are also standards for the thickness of electroplating. Too thin is not resistant to oxidation and corrosion. In order to avoid this situation, the international standard sets the thickness to 8μm, and no more than 12μm.

How to distinguish whether electroplating is good or bad?

During the day when the sun is full:

* Carefully observe the surface of the faucet, if there is no trace of oxidation or welding, no small pores or bubbles, the color is uniform;

*Continue to feel it with your hands. If there is no protrusion or grain like sand, the quality of electroplating is better in this case.

If you want to test further, then try to press the faucet with your fingers violently to see if your fingerprints will be scattered quickly, or you can blow a breath to the surface of the faucet. Generally, the faucet will form water vapor. If the water vapor disappears quickly, then the plating quality is good, if it is slower but does not fade, then the quality is very poor.

The function of electroplating is for aesthetics and corrosion resistance. It does not mean that the faucet will never rust, especially in places that people often touch. If you want to maintain the effect of electroplating, you can use some vehicle maintenance wax to wipe it regularly.

3. Aerator

The bubbler can control the water to flow out more evenly and slowly, instead of rushing out instantly, especially at the moment of turning on the faucet.

Secondly, especially after foaming, the contact surface of the water and the object is wider, which can save water resources.

Nowadays, the water outlet with round mouth on the market usually has a bubbler, but the square and flat type are basically not. If you need to remember to buy the round mouth.

4. Faucet logo
When buying a faucet, you should pay attention to the logo. It is recommended to buy a large brand of faucet. When the products of these large manufacturers leave the factory, the general households have the production license, the place of production, the address of the manufacturer, and the specific parameters of the product, so that problems can be timely After-sales processing. And some inferior products only have some vague paper labels, or even the product description, so it is difficult to find them to deal with problems.

How to choose a suitable faucet ?

1. First confirm what you are buying the faucet for, the kitchen faucet should be bought; if it is for bathing, then you should buy a professional bath faucet; if it is for washing and washing, then buy a basin faucet .

In terms of materials: priority is given to stainless steel and ceramics, followed by copper and plastics, and finally alloys.
Pay attention to the surface of the faucet and test it first according to the method of identifying the electroplating process. The one that meets the requirements is harder.
It is necessary to choose a faucet with a bubbler, which saves water, and has an extra layer of function of filtering impurities to improve water quality.
From the point of view of convenience, it is more convenient to use lift-up and induction faucets
2. Look at your own budget and choose the right product from the budget.

3. From several types of products of the same type, compare various indicators, if the indicators are close, choose the most cost-effective product.

In fact, the key to the faucet lies in the material, bubbler, valve core, electroplating process, hot and cold mixed water outlet, and other functions like double outlet, pull-out, stretching, etc. can only be the icing on the cake, so we just Confirm that there are no problems with these, then the choice of faucet depends on your preference for brand and after-sales service.

First of all, think about your own needs and determine your budget. How long will you need to buy this faucet? If you want to use it longer, then you should choose a good one if you can. The resistance of the elderly and children is generally not as good as using them. The best way is to provide them with a quality water environment, which naturally reduces the chance of illness.

The most important thing is to compare and choose the one that suits you best within your budget.


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