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Dream Kitchen Feature: Pot Filler Faucet

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Features of the pot filling faucet. The pot filling faucet is a swinging faucet installed on the long arm connecting arm of the stove.


Its advantage: no need to drag heavy water from the sink to the stove. Suitable for filling pots that do not fit the sink. Often folds into the wall when the faucet arm is not in use.

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Disadvantages: still need to haul heavy water back to the sink to drain; prone to bumping and accidental boiling. No clogged drains. Once you consider the extra pipes, it can be costly. Cooking grease can make it difficult to clean the faucet.


Installation. Most pot filler faucets require only an inch and a half of cold water supply pipe, which a plumber can install in less than 30 minutes. The location of the pipe is important; if it is placed in the wrong place, the faucet may be too low or too high and may not fit on the wall. When locating the faucet, be sure to consider the height of the cooktop and the height of the highest pot. It is also recommended to use a faucet with two valves. This will allow for a perfect installation (if the faucet leaks, the second valve will help control and minimize damage).

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