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The difference between a stainless steel faucet and a full copper faucet

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Process. The only surface treatments for copper products are: electroplating nickel and chromium. The plating depends on its quality. From as little as one year to as long as ten years, the surface gloss and pitting gradually disappear. Finally, the plating peels off and copper rust is exposed. The polished stainless steel surface will always be silvery white and will never rust.

When used. Copper products will contain lead and will grow copper rust to varying degrees. Stainless steel products are resistant to acid, alkali and corrosion and do not contain harmful substances.

Durability. Stainless steel products. Stainless steel is more than twice as hard and tough as copper.

Price. The price of stainless steel is generally high.

Environmental health. Traditional copper faucets contain lead. After a long time of use, there will be copper rust and the color will become darker. And stainless steel faucets do not contain lead, resistant to acid, alkali, corrosion, non-toxic, healthier for the human body. Moreover, this material has a long service life and an increasingly new appearance.



Stainless steel faucet and copper faucet, which is better?

In the past, our favorite option for our home was the stainless steel faucet. The biggest advantage of stainless steel faucet is that it won’t rust. As you can imagine, if the water we drink is rusty, it will definitely affect our health over time, so stainless steel taps are the most used in our Chinese families. However, we can easily find that many foreign families have copper faucets, whether on TV or traveling abroad. Copper faucets are more vintage and beautiful, and they will be very high-end too. One big disadvantage of copper faucets is that they are less durable and more prone to rusting.

However, in order to prevent the copper faucets from rusting, manufacturers will perform many processes and add many chemicals during processing. For example, when processing copper faucets, lead is added to ensure physical properties, and in order to prevent rusting, the surface is electroplated. Although it doesn’t look harmful for a short time, it will definitely affect the health of our family. We all know that the higher the lead content, the more it affects the child, and in mild cases, it can cause loss of appetite and diarrhea. Indigestion, etc., can seriously damage the child’s nervous system and affect the child’s intellectual development, so do not install copper materials in the child’s home.

Stainless steel material is an internationally certified environmentally friendly material. It contains absolutely no lead and will not rust. This will not happen over time. Moreover, the stainless steel material is highly hard and resistant to alkali and acid. Therefore, stainless steel faucets are the best choice.


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