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Double-Handle Faucet Features

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Double-Handle Faucet Features


The two-handle faucet mainly includes two valve cores, handle, inlet and outlet pipes, and connecting pipe. Inlet and outlet pipe through the connection pipe connected together, the top of the outlet pipe embedded nozzle cover, the valve installed in the inlet pipe, the upper end of the valve core and handle connection, the lower end of the inlet pipe feet and cold and hot water supply pipe connection. By turning the two handles, the water with the right temperature can be made to flow out of the outlet pipe.

In the double handle faucet, the inlet and outlet pipes and connecting pipes are made of copper alloy or zinc alloy respectively. Copper alloy cost high, zinc alloy is relatively cheap, but the lead content is relatively high, when the water flowing through the inner surface of the metal, lead, chromium, magnesium, zinc and other metal precipitates may be carried out by the water flow. When water containing metal precipitates is consumed, it can affect people’s health; if pure plastic is used, there are no metal precipitates in the water flow, but the faucet is not strong enough and has a poor appearance.

Double faucets also take up more space, but are more practical. Cold water and hot water can be used separately and look more aesthetically pleasing. It is divided into two main types. The first type is the tabletop two-handle bathroom faucet. There is also a type of wall-mounted faucet.

There are certain requirements when using the benchtop two-handle faucet. The hole in the kitchen sink is the main condition that determines whether the two-handle faucet can be used or not. It is used in households with small children.

The use of wall-mounted two-handle faucets is suitable for many types of kitchen sinks and allows more use of kitchen space. It not only saves a lot of space, but also is more beautiful. At present, there are many people in the decoration. They will choose to embed the water pipes into the wall, so that if damage occurs, it is more difficult to repair, because the water pipes are buried in the wall.

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