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Classification Of Faucets

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Classification Of Faucets


Currently, there are many types of faucets on the market. For the general public, there is often a lack of professional knowledge, so they often feel overwhelmed when buying faucets. In fact, although there are various colors, styles, shapes and varieties of bathroom faucets, but it is also easy to distinguish from two aspects. The first one is the bathtub faucet, the basin faucet, the shower faucet three kinds, generally have uniform style and form.

  1. Bathtub faucet: installed in the side of the bathtub above, used to open the cold and hot water mixture. It can connect the cold and hot two pipes, which is called double pipe type; The structure of opening and closing the water flow has spiral lifting type, metal ball valve type and ceramic valve spool type. At present, the ceramic valve core type single handle bathtub faucet is more in the market. It adopts single handle to adjust water temperature, convenient to use; Ceramic spool makes the faucet more durable, no leakage. The valve body of bathtub faucet is mostly made of brass, with chrome plating, gold plating and all kinds of metal lacquer on the outside.
  2. Washbasin faucet. Installed on the washbasin, used to put cold water, hot water or a mixture of hot and cold water. Its structure includes: screw lift type, metal ball valve type, ceramic spool type, etc. The valve body is made of brass, chrome-plated, gold-plated and various metal lacquers. The shape is various, the handle has a single, double handle of the points. Some basin faucets are equipped with a drop lever, which can be lifted directly to open the washbasin drain and eliminate sewage.
  3. Shower faucet. Mounted above the shower to turn on a mixture of hot and cold water. The valve body is also made of brass and has a chrome and gold plated appearance. The water flow opens and closes in the form of screw lift and ceramic spool type. Shower faucets are divided into hose showers and wall-mounted showers, thermostatic faucets with special features, faucets with filtering devices and faucets with pull-out hoses have different requirements for installation.

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Second, from the structure, generally also three types.

  1. A single handle, this kind of faucet using the current popularity of ceramic valve core as a seal, its advantages are flexible switch, convenient temperature adjustment, long service life.
  2. With 90 ° switch. Usually also sealed with ceramic plates. On the basis of the traditional double handle, the original rubber seal is replaced by a ceramic seal. When opening and closing, the handle can be rotated 90 degrees. Both cold and hot water can be adjusted. Its features It is easy to open, more styles, moderate price.
  3. The traditional spiral stable rubber seal faucet because of the large amount of water, low price, easy maintenance, still by some of the public welcome. In addition, some imported faucets also use stainless steel hollow ball seal and valve stem seal, but also has a full temperature control function. By adjusting the faucet, you can effectively control the water temperature.

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