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Daily Care Tips to Reduce Lead Exceeding Hazards

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First, Learning To Drink Water To Ensure Healthy Drinking Water

Experts recommend that when you turn on the faucet every morning, you can set it aside and use it to wash the bathroom and mop the floor. This is because the water when you first turn on the faucet tends to carry more harmful substances, such as more lead. By the same token, faucets that have not been turned on for a long time should not be used for drinking right away.


Second, The Longer You Leave It On, The More Lead And The More It Settles, So Replace It Regularly.

Replace faucets regularly. Chlorine is now used as a disinfectant in tap water, and chlorine compounds remaining in the water can increase the precipitation of lead in the faucet. Generally, the precipitation of lead increases significantly when copper alloy faucets are used for more than 5 years. Therefore, it is recommended that residents should not use the faucet at home for too long.


Third, Frequently Clean Up, Remove Impurities In The Filter

If after a period of time, found that the water output decreased, or even the phenomenon of water heater shutdown, may be caused by the water and sand in the filter blockage. At this point, you can gently unscrew the water faucet outlet at the filter cover to remove impurities. In general, regular cleaning of impurities in the filter, up to three months, so that the family’s health is more favorable.


Fourth, Clean The Faucet To Protect The Outer Coating

To protect the faucet coating, clean with a wrung-out soft cotton cloth. Do not wipe with a wet towel to avoid scaling. Do not wipe the coating with burrs. Avoid exposing the faucet to acids and alkalis. Spray neutral detergent on a soft cloth and gently wipe the faucet.


Five, Prevent Aging Of The Coating And Use Protein Safety.

The plated part of the gold-plated product is easy to fall off and lose its luster, using egg white can maintain the luster of the coating. Beat the egg white with a whisk to a micro-foaming state, then clean the faucet with warm water, let it dry, then apply a little egg white and gently wipe the plated part to protect the luster of the plating.

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