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Hot and cold faucet purchase tips

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brushed nickel pull down kitchen faucet

Depending on the current faucet in your home, there are generally two types of faucets, one for the down water and the other for the side water (back water).

Downflow is placed in the basin and the inlet is from the bottom up.

The side water is installed on the wall or open pipe. Downflow water enters through the wall or backwater.

Downflow water loading method. Close the water valve and prepare the water inlet hose. Knock down previous faucets, insert hot and cold water faucets into basin holes and secure so that they do not tilt. The inlet hose is connected to the outlet under the basin and the other end is connected to the inlet of the faucet. Water first.

Side inlet (back inlet) water filling method. Close the water valve and prepare the raw material band. After the previous faucet is smashed down, the side feed will usually have a gift connector and the raw material tape will be wrapped twice with raw material thread. Screw the connector to the wall first. Fasten the faucet inlet and the fitting by screwing on the nut. You can use a wrench if your hands are weak during the nut-tightening process. After the installation, the first thing you need to do is to turn on the water supply.

On the selection technique, choose the regular manufacturers, specializing in hot and cold water leading brands, and be sure to have 3C certification and insurance when buying. How to maintain after-sales is the key. According to your economic situation, choose the appropriate and practical products.

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