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Cement Paint, Plaster Line, Marble, Glass, Multiple Interpretations Of Modern Style!

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Multiple interpretation of modern style

Modern style, the main focus of a relaxed and harmonious home atmosphere. The sense of simple and sharp lines, precise space scale, modern design concept, together with the planning of modern order. What is the most representative of modern style in terms of material?

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The two designers of HD-m2 Studio have 12 years of design experience in interior design. He is good at using various materials to express beauty. Cement paint, plaster line, marble and glass are all excellent design inspirations for them. This time four cases, respectively, interpreted the modern style of four different materials, each of which is super distinctive.




The natural beauty of cement paint

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The common area of this case uses the same color material to match the whole. Cement paint, wood and light gray fabric collide to create different visual sensations. About cement paint, poke here to learn: What is cement paint?

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The magnetic track light on the wall is a highlight of the decoration of this case. It is both a decoration and a necessary element for local lighting. About magnetic suction lights, click here to learn: What is magnetic suction light?

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The dining and kitchen space has multiple functions of cooking, dining and storage. The stone material and cement paint have a natural feel, echoing the theme and blending into the space.

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The walls on both sides of the hallway are integrated with the doors. The smooth magnetic light track extends from the entryway, adding dynamism to the narrow and dark space.

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The interior of the children’s room does not use color to emphasize childishness, and the metal and off-white open up more spatial imagination.

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The clean and pure black and white tones in the bathroom show the artistry of modern style. The tiles in the shape of a grille are paved vertically, giving the closed bathroom a sense of stretching the height of the floor.

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The beauty of gesso line of graceful and restrained

When it comes to gesso line, there is always a stereotypical definition, as if it can only represent European or American style. However, in modern style, it is also a very stylish and elegant way of expression.

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The whole space has abandoned the complicated design, with plaster straight line elements, and then with soft lines of fabric furniture and accessories, which appropriately moderates the regular atmosphere.

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On the large white background wall, the visual golden dividing line is paired with dark glass. The hazy image increases the sense of space hierarchy, and the design ingenuity is evident.

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The restaurant introduces a large amount of natural light, which enriches the texture of the interior space. The shape of the lighting and the shades of the materials are subtly echoed.

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The flexible layout of space in the bedroom makes the experience more comfortable, and the changes of light and shadow form a sense of space where reality meets reality, which is wonderfully interesting.

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The white wall embedded in the wooden dressing table makes the space more visually dynamic and gentle, and the elegant wood color in the space allows people to wander in the natural atmosphere and relax.

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The light pink and the original wood color outline the sweet and gentle outline of the children’s room, and the clever layout releases more space for children to play.

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The lovely floor lamp, light and comfortable, lights up the bedroom space. The wicker hanging chair in front of the window opens up a cozy place.

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The hexagonal mosaic tile in the bathroom is full of interest. The carefully crafted design details and intriguing color scheme restore the comfort of the space.

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Marble boorish and exquisite beauty

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When you look up, you can see that marble is used as the decorative material of the space in many places in this case. The irregular sofa creates an arc in the space, distinguishing two areas. The perfect combination of natural light and lighting creates a space full of mood.

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Irregular marble is full of ideal high class, and the ruggedness of the stone matches the rustic elegance of the overall interior environment. The sensibility and rationality clash visually, showing a beauty of contrasting sense of age and modernity. About Irregular Marble, click here to learn: What is liquid marble?

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The black tones appearing in a small area of the space give a sense of introspection and calmness. Low-key elegance without loss of layers, so that the space temperament more quiet and mild, easier to let people relax.

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From the table top to the corners, the dining table made of pure marble plays the role of a finishing touch. The art installation at the corner is also made of marble as the base. The delicate mood of the space maximizes the satisfaction of the senses.

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A set of marble open grid is embedded in the cabinet, responding to the clues of the space, and the different materials are spliced to create the layers of space.

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The hazy beauty of Changhong glass

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Continuing the modern style of concise and clear hard composition, the use of glass creates a sense of fashion in the space. This modern but not heavy material is the main body of the design atmosphere, with metallic elements as accents, creating a modern space that is stylish but not heavy.

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Changhong glass is the most important decorative element in this case, and the copper-colored stainless steel outlines the hazy aesthetic. About Changhong Glass, click here to learn more: What is Changhong Glass?

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In the construction of the space, it pursues a modern and natural rhythm. The use of glass partitions is trimmed to maximize the natural light into the space. The curved corner design allows occupants to feel the comfort of the space’s dynamic lines.

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The cabinet extending from the wall has both dressing and furnishing functions, and the reticulated glass lightings portray a poetic dressing scene.

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In line with the tone of the space, the terrazzo wall in the bathroom has a very fine texture, and the color is understated but reveals an extraordinary taste. The bronze hardware and mesh glass lighting outline the lazy state of the space.

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