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“Martial Arts Master” Opens Noodle Shop, Natural Chinese Martial Arts Style | Yiding New Works

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Wugong Bull

Brand VIS + Space Design

The case “Wugong Niu” is a brand design project of Yiding Design. Wugong Niu” is positioned as the inheritor and transmitter of Lanzhou beef noodles. It emphasizes both the authentic origin of the brand and the innovation of ramen. Our design will be developed from several dimensions: history, brand logic and story line, business logic, and visual communication.

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From a historical perspective, “Lanzhou Ramen” has blossomed all over the country. But the local Lanzhou, Gansu has never heard of it, and the correct way to open a local noodle shop is – “Lanzhou Beef Noodle Shop”. After a lot of historical information, combined with the theory of communication and modern business, the main story line was finally determined.

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Starting from the brand name Wugong Cow, the background of the story was set to the Wulin Inn. In order to strengthen the impression of “Wugong” to customers and to facilitate the natural association with the brand impression, a martial arts style IP image was created: Jinbao. The story scene should be recognizable in order to have better communication power. It combines the elements of “martial arts, ramen and cattle”, and it is important to give Jinbao a personality and preferences.

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The story is about a warrior, Jinbao, who defeated all the heroes in a tournament at the Three Terrace Pavilion in Lanshan Mountain and won the title of the champion of the martial arts world with his martial arts mastery, the “Seven Styles of the Ox”. Under his leadership, a new climate of prosperity and stability in the Jianghu. After dozens of years, Jinbao retired after his success. He opened a martial arts style noodle shop at the foot of Mount Lan, incorporating his original seven martial arts moves into the noodle making.”


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This case extracts “red, yellow, blue and gray” from the inn of martial arts duel scene as the main color of the space. The traditional elements such as “flying eaves, crossing doors, square tables and benches” are extracted from the ancient architecture to create a Chinese, simple and exquisite beef noodle restaurant. For this martial arts style noodle shop, Jinbao has also done a new round of upgrades. The new image pays more attention to strength and verve, and the illustrated version of the ancient city of Lanzhou together renders the background of the warrior’s story.

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Step into the restaurant, the glazed tile under the flag move fluttering, a martial arts wind pavement. The stage is reserved for the interaction between the martial arts ramen chef and the diners. The ancient style overflowing Chinese window flowers automatically recede as the background version of the plaque. Inside the restaurant, the frames that simplify the architectural pattern are sequentially ordered. The blue porcelain tiles inject a touch of different vitality into the space. The rounded oval-shaped lanterns link the restaurant up and down. The eight immortal tables and benches are the standard for martial arts movies.

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Look around and travel back in time. The red color blocks on the ceiling collide with the lime green of the wall tiles, and the white banner illustration shows the 7 moves of martial arts. The space is tacitly designed to match the characteristics of Lanzhou beef noodle “one clear, two white, three red, four green”.

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The warrior is seated at the table. When you first enter the chivalrous Chinese scene of “Wu Kung Niu”, diners can’t help but take on the role of enjoying the fragrant ramen and recalling the tradition of Lanzhou’s authentic beef noodles. One city, one bowl of noodles. On one side is the multi-layered display of ramen on the taste buds, and on the other side is the chivalrous atmosphere in the Chinese scene. A brand new experience of a bowl of ramen noodles is at Wugong Niu – Beef Ramen Restaurant.


Project name: Wugong Niu

Usable area: 160㎡

Location: No. 68 Tianshui North Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou City (4th floor of Wanda Shopping Mall)

Project materials: green bricks, copper bars, red paint, glazed tiles, etc.

Project photography: Jiangnan

Design company: Shenzhen Yiding Decoration Design Co.

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