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What Is Magnetic Suction Lamp?

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With the rise of minimalism in the design world, the design trend of lighting without main lights has come. Magnetic lights have become a key element of interior lighting design, so what exactly is a magnetic light? What are the uses of magnetic lights and how should they be designed? Today, we will discuss what is magnetic lights from the following aspects.

  1. Advantages and disadvantages of magnetic lights
  2. Types of magnetic lights
  3. The applicable scenes of magnetic lights
  1. Installation method of magnetic lights
  2. Price and brand of magnetic lights



Advantages and disadvantages of magnetic lights

a. Advantages

High flexibility and free adjustment. 

Magnetic suction lamp can be adjusted at any time according to the need, the type of lamps and the number of lamps needed to search. It is flexible to use.

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A wide variety of light source effects. 

The design of the magnetic light adopts the concept of modularity. After presetting the track, you can freely choose the style of light source. You can choose from a very large variety. Downlights, spotlights, grille lights, flood strips, pendant line lights these can be selected, but also a variety of styles with the use. The style of the luminaire determines the effect of the light source is different, suitable for a variety of different scenes needs.

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No ceiling can also be achieved without a main light. 

Combined with the popular minimalist design style, the lighting design without a main light is gradually being more and more popular. But in general, do not main lighting are embedded downlight or strip lighting to achieve, which determines no ceiling can not do no main lighting. The emergence of magnetic suction lamps can be directly pre-installed on the top surface of the track, and then install magnetic suction lamps, so as to achieve the design of no ceiling without the main light.

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Inspection and repair. 

When disassembling and repairing, just disconnect the power supply and take the lamps and lanterns off from the magnetic suction track. It is also very easy to redesign and replace at a later stage. However, although the magnetic light source is easy to remove and replace, but the magnetic light track is fixed. If you encounter poor contact, track damage, maintenance is also very complicated. So this feature is both good and bad, can not be completely called an advantage.

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Installation of embedded magnetic suction lights. First of all, you need to do the ceiling, make a special magnetic suction lamp track slot. This is used to install the magnetic light track, correspondingly increasing the cost of the ceiling construction.

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Workers construction is not professional enough. 

The installation of magnetic lights requires the cooperation of the top surface and circuit design. Carpentry and electrician interface, especially the top surface process requirements more rigorous. So the workers’ unprofessionalism is likely to lead to poor installation and use.

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Types of magnetic lights

a. Track types

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Embedded track 

Embedded track is concealed installed in the ceiling track. Such a track installation must have the cooperation of the ceiling. Here you need to pay attention to the width of the track, there are generally 40MM and 25MM two sizes. 40MM is mostly used for public design, home recommended to choose 25MM.

Ceiling-mounted track 

Ceiling-mounted track is the use of clips fixed in the original ceiling track, no ceiling. The original top surface can be realized magnetic suction light installation.

Pendant line magnetic suction light track

Pendant line magnetic suction track is mostly used in the design of public office space. A track installation method used when the space height is too high.


b.Types of lamps and lanterns

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Meet the basic lighting based on the adjustable angle of the spotlight can achieve precise focus. It is flexible and adjustable, highlighting the focus of lighting.

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Grille light 

Meet the basic lighting, rotatable models can also meet the needs of multi-angle lighting to achieve different types of wall washing effect.

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Floodlight bar 

Floodlight design, uniform light output. It can enhance the brightness of the space and meet the basic lighting. The shape can bring a minimal extended visual experience and enhance the lighting atmosphere.

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Pendant line light 

When the space height is too high and you need to realize the close lighting effect, you can choose the pendant line type magnetic suction lamp.

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Applicable scenes of magnetic suction lamp

a.Home space

Magnetic lights for home space can not only play a basic lighting role, but also meet the needs of local accent lighting. Especially for the minimalist design, magnetic lights do not only play the role of lighting. Sometimes the track + floodlight is also part of the backdrop design.

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b.Office environment

Magnetic lights are also often used in the design of office spaces to enhance the atmosphere without being harsh. The modular design also increases the flexibility of lighting.

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c.Kitchen and bathroom space

In the kitchen and bathroom space, if you use a plasterboard ceiling, you can also use magnetic lights. The overall effect will be more minimalist. The same main lighting can use floodlights or downlights. Focused lighting in front of the mirror can use spotlights or grille lights.

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Installation method of magnetic light

a.Light source

The installation method of magnetic light source is very simple. You just need to attach the selected light source to the laid track, adjust the position and angle. Installation is very convenient.

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Pre-buried embedded (ceiling is not completed)

Install the track pre-set before the ceiling is sealed, and then seal the board with the ceiling for grassroots treatment. This will present a slender track shape with simple modeling.

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Pre-embedded embedded (the ceiling has been completed)

When the ceiling has been completed, still want to install magnetic lights. You can cut a slot in the top surface and install the track. Then the track will be painted, thus enabling the use of magnetic suction lights. This way brings more options for customers who have already done the top surface treatment but still want to use magnetic lights.

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Ceiling Mounted 

When the space height is limited, or budget constraints do not want to ceiling, if you still want to install track lights, you can use the open style. Set a snap at the bottom and install the track on the original top surface. Set the transformer location, the same can be achieved by magnetic light installation.

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Hanging track 

On the basis of the original top surface, if you want to have both the flexible and simple characteristics of the magnetic suction lamp, but also want to reduce the height of the light source. You can consider hanging track, hanging track in the design of public office space is more widely used.

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Since the magnetic suction lamp is a low-voltage track, so you must use a transformer. Convert 220V AC power to 24V and 48V for magnetic suction track to eliminate the risk of electric shock. There are usually 2 types of transformers, one-piece and pre-built. One-piece transformer is more concise, but most of the 25MM track can not be used with the width due to the problem. Pre-buried transformers are generally installed in locations that are easy to access and maintain. Such as the central air conditioning access port, inside the hanging cabinet, inside the household electrical box, and at the light strip recess.

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▲General transformer

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▲Long integral transformer



Price and Brand of Magnetic Light


The price of magnetic light is composed of track, lamps and accessories. The specific price varies according to the materials selected. The price of the track is about 90-150 yuan per meter. Lighting, then 100-300 yuan each. The general purchase of the business will help to plan the required accessories and the number of.





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