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About the environmental protection of stainless steel faucets

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It is very important to choose a good kitchen faucet. First of all, it is the source of the kitchen water. The quality of the water is related to human health and quality of life. Secondly, the kitchen environment is more oily and humid, is a breeding ground for bacteria. A good faucet must have high temperature, moisture, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, not afraid of soot erosion, so that the life of the faucet is longer; and beautiful and faucet style should also match the style of kitchen decoration, so that the overall space is more beautiful and harmonious.

With the continuous evolution of the faucet production process, stainless steel faucet whether in the professional field or in the general consumer, have great corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, easy to clean, antibacterial and heavy water caused by the secondary pollution. In foreign countries, stainless steel faucets are widely used in high-grade star hotels, public places, family and other occasions. It can be durable in the harsh kitchen environment and bring more health protection for the kitchen.

1. Health, environmental protection, lead-free

Stainless steel is internationally recognized as a safe material for implantation into the human body. It is lead-free, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, corrosion-resistant and does not release harmful substances. It will not contaminate the water supply and ensure human health.The manufacturing process of stainless steel faucet is very environmentally friendly, and will not cause serious pollution to the environment because of copper smelting and electroplating in the manufacture of copper faucet.

2. Beautiful and durable, never rust

The surface of the stainless steel faucet is physically treated. It only needs to be polished and honed. The natural color appears, the silver luster never fades, never rusts, elegant and durable, 100 years old. The chrome plating on the surface of the copper faucet is a chemical adhesion layer, depending on the quality and thickness of the plating, there will be oxidation and the phenomenon of falling off. It will take half a year if it is fast, or 3-6 years if it is slow to gradually lose its surface luster and pitting. Finally, the coating peels off, exposing copper rust, affecting the appearance. 3.

3. Higher price

Stainless steel has a melting point of around 1600 degrees and copper has a melting point of around 1000 degrees. Stainless steel is accomplished by precision casting. Copper must be accomplished by die-casting. Stainless steel is more than three times as hard and tough as copper. The wear rate of machining tools is more than one hundred times that of copper. The attrition rate of stainless steel polishing materials is more than ten times that of copper; the total processing cost of stainless steel is also more than ten times that of copper. Therefore, the market price of stainless steel faucets is also slightly more expensive than ordinary copper faucets.

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