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Dream Kitchen Feature: Pot Filler Faucet

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Features: The pot filling faucet is a swinging faucet mounted on the long arm connecting arm on the stove.

Advantages: Free from dragging heavy water from the sink to the stove; ideal for filling basins that are not suitable for sinks; when the faucet arm is not in use, it is often folded over the wall.

Disadvantages: You still need to drag the heavy water back to the sink to empty it; you can easily collide and accidentally open the water; there is no drain plugging; once you consider the extra pipe, the cost can be high; the grease in cooking can make the tap difficult clean.

Installation: Most pot filling faucets require only one and a half inches of cold water supply line, and plumbers can install it in 30 minutes or less. The location of the pipe is important; if it is misplaced, the faucet may be too low or too high and may not fit against the wall. When determining the position of the faucet, be sure to consider the height of the cooktop and the highest pan. It is also recommended to use a faucet with two valves. This will be perfectly installed (if the faucet leaks, the second valve helps to control and minimize damage.)

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